Citizens Pain and Gain

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Minor Character: Citizens Pain and Gain

Citizen Pain is the father of Expatriette. He was killed by Citizen Dawn while trying to protect his daughter, Amanda Cohen (Expatriette). Citizen Dawn, in a fit of rage and frustration that Amanda had not yet developed powers as the child of two powerful supers, attacked her daughter with a powerful blast of energy. Citizen Pain attempted to mediate, trying to explain that perhaps attacking their daughter outright was not the best of ways to treat her. Citizen Dawn killed him in response.

Originally, Citizen Pain was married to Citizen Gain, a pair of super powered bank robbers. Pain could make anyone feel intense pain, Gain could increase (or decrease) the powers of those she interacted with. Citizen Dawn insisted that Pain father a child with her, without regard to the thoughts of Gain. That child was Expatriette

Main Episode: Has not had an episode yet

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  • Citizen Pain is not a character currently in any of the Sentinel Comics lines. He was mentioned and finally named in the Fourth Letters Page Podcast