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Story Arcs

This page is dedicated to chronologically (to the best of our ability) the story arcs of the Sentinel Comics universe. It will be divided into links for each arc, with a page dedicated to the arc, linking to character pages where appropriate. Each page will contain the cards, flavor text, or other information used to discover the plot-line of that arc.

Also discussed on this page will be attempts to order the stories that occur within the universe, as well as the comic books in which they occur. The primary method for this is to record all references to the individual comic issues, and cross-reference, where possible. A preliminary summary of the current Villain and Hero cards is complete, and will be linked here soon.


There would appear to be some events within the Sentinels universe that occur at discrete points in time, such as the story of The Dreamer, the fight with Iron Legacy, and the recent crossover event witnessed in the ARG, where our heroes combat Progeny. Because these villains are not fought at other times, we can assume that where they appear across different books, those occurrences all happened at the same time, which can aid in lining up other events that happened in those books. While it is certainly true that comic books as a media frequently allow time to run slower or faster in certain titles with respect to each other, it is likely a safe assumption that the same story was told at the same time in different books, as a crossover, rather than telling the same story at different times.

Story Arc: Terra Lunar Beam

This is the story arc of Baron Blade's attempt to crash the moon into the earth.

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Story Arc: The Dreamer

This is the story arc of our heroes' visit to The Dreamer and their efforts to protect her from her own nightmares.

Story Arc: Fanatic and Apostate's First Fight

This is the story arc of the first fight between Fanatic and Apostate.

Story Arc: Invasion Day and Grand Warlord Voss

This is the story arc of Grand Warlord Voss' and The Thorathian Armada's attempts to conquer the Earth.

Story Arc: OblivAeon Cycle

Introduction of Progeny, and ending in the introduction of the OblivAeon cycle.

Through the ARG Event, >G revealed to the players, definitively, that some events crossover across multiple books. These events occur across the following books:

Freedom Five #763-795 Freedom Five Annual #29 Prime Wardens #36-40, 49-60 Dark Watch #4-18 Southwest Sentinels #30-36 Cosmic Concurrence #24

Unknown when they occur in the Timeline

Story Arc: Baptism by Fire

Story Arc: Origin of Citizen Dawn

Story Arc: Haka v Slaughter-House Six

Story Arc: The Trial of Baron Blade

Unknown Comic Covers

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