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Argent Adept/Comics

Variant: Originally received from the Wrath of the Cosmos preorder event for 100 copies preordered.

A team that was formed to aid a neophyte Virtuoso of the Void against Akash'Bhuta, the Prime Wardens were led by The Argent Adept in that conflict.

After a terrible loss to Akash'Bhuta - nemesis of all Virtuosos of the Void - Anthony Drake knew that he was not prepared to take on the force of Nature's Chaos. Without allies, Akash'Bhuta would end the line of Virtuosos with the death of Drake, and the world would be in great peril.

Calling out to those heroes he'd fought alongside, the Argent Adept assembled a team to face Akash'Bhuta. Each who joined him in the fight brought their own skills, abilities, and considerable powers to bear, but without the entire team, they would not have defeated the Avatar of Creation and Destruction. The Argent Adept, Captain Cosmic, Tempest, Haka, and Fanatic joined in battle, though even they would been lost if not for the momentary appearance of an unknown figure with a broad-brimmed hat and a six-shooter.

Now, that team still stands firm against threats from this world and others. Known as the Prime Wardens, the five heroes protect our world from otherworldly opponents and beings from beyond the known cosmos. However, their greatest challenge is still yet to come...

Captain Cosmic/Comics

Variant: Originally revealed from the Wrath of the Cosmos preorder event for 100 copies preordered.

First Appearance: Freedom Five Annual #10

A defender of his homeland and of the entire world, Captain Cosmic was a natural addition to the Prime Wardens. He both protects and arms his allies with his constructs, and his innate connection to the cosmos rounds out well this team of powerful heroes.

Hugh Lowsley had only recently gained powers and taken the name Captain Cosmic when a terrible being of ancient power laid waste to the countryside near his hometown. There, a lone magical minstrel stood against the Force of Nature, but was laid low. Captain Cosmic helped the Argent Adept to safety after his defeat, and was the first to join the team to take the fight back to Akash'Bhuta before it was too late.

In that fateful fight, Captain Cosmic made new friends and allies. Over much time and many conflicts, he grew to consider his fellow Prime Wardens as not just allies in battle, but as true friends. Thus, it was these same heroes who he would later call on in a quest to find and save his brother, long lost to the Madness of the Infinite.

As a member of the Prime Wardens, Captain Cosmic has fought the good fight across the planet and even on the very foreign soil of far-flung worlds. He knows that when they finally do find his brother Nigel, his friends will help him do what must be done.


Fanatic Enhanced Prime Wardens Standard Front.png

Variant: Originally revealed from Wrath of the Cosmos preorder event for 100 copies preordered.

After years of going from extreme to extreme, Fanatic finally found some moderation, and her allies in the Prime Wardens had no small part in helping the avenging angel center herself. Now, she stands more resolute than ever - not for vengeance or for zealotry, but for the defense of the innocent and the advancement of the greater good.

The last hero to join the ranks of the Prime Wardens, Fanatic had been witnessed most recently fighting a dark-winged Deceiver. As a result, the Avenging Angel had donned more protective armor and a face-plate that obscured her vision. So, when Fanatic joined the fray against Akash'Bhuta wearing armor that allowed greater mobility and freedom of movement, half her face-plate torn off, and a her sword a jagged shard, the other heroes were as taken aback as they were pleased to see her.

Her faith stronger than ever, Fanatic as a member of the Prime Wardens is a resolute opponent of evil in its many forms. She fought against demons and deceivers, and takes the fight to the Court of Blood against blood mages and vampires. The hero called Fanatic does not fully know her role in this world, but she knows one thing: she is Justice.

  • Some time later, Argent Adept gets defeated by Akash'Bhuta and is putting together a team to defeat her. Fanatic winds up on that team along with Haka, Tempest, and Captain Cosmic. The Prime Wardens weren't formed as an intentional organization, they (along with the other heroes present for that fight) were just there to defeat Akash'Bhuta and happened to keep working together afterward. Their bailiwick tends to be major worldwide threats - ancient magical beings like Gloomweaver, alien threats like Voss, the Ennead, Balarian, and the initial Progeny events.
  • One of these is a fight involving the Citizens of the Sun. Parse is also there and she claims that there's some weakness involving Citizen Truth whose shields nobody can break. She points out to Fanatic that if she attacks the shield something will break - unfortunately, that something is Fanatic's sword rather than the shield (see Parse's "Critical Modifier"). This doesn't put Fanatic too out of sorts - it was a huge sword and even the piece remaining is a serviceable chopping implement like a hand axe. She's got this broken sword from shortly after the formation of the Prime Wardens up through the middle of the OblivAeon event (more on that later).


Variant: Originally revealed from Wrath of the Cosmos preorder event for 100 copies preordered.'

A stalwart companion and a fierce defender, Haka was quick to take up the mantle of Prime Warden. He saw the team as a chance to help protect even more people. Haka has seen more than his fair share of years and experienced more loss than most could comprehend, but among his powerful allies, he finds a sort of peace in fighting to save the world.


Haka lived a life of joy. He found the joy in the simplest things in life, and took great pleasure in protecting those around him. He taught the young and cared for the old. He was Guardian and Mentor of humankind - all people were his people, and he fought for the good of all.

Akash'Bhuta threatened not just his friends, but the existence of humans on Earth, so Haka naturally joined the fight against her most eagerly. A great challenge was always appreciated, and Haka could really let loose against mountainous form of the destructive Nature Spirit.

Having a team of allies helped Haka face greater challenges, and the Prime Wardens could do more to protect their world - and reality - than Haka could on his own. He found joy in his allies and friends, but more than just joy, he found pride. Both pride in his comrades, and in himself.

  • Then he joins the Prime Wardens following FFA #10 where, in Akash'Bhuta, he's got a villain he can really let loose on. He's sort of got a "tanky" role on the team, doing a lot of interposing himself between a teammate and a threat to take a hit for them (well, that's kind of his whole shtick in general, for teammates or bystanders, really).


Tempest Prime Wardens Standard Front.png

Variant: Originally revealed from Wrath of the Cosmos preorder event for 100 copies preordered.

The alien who is a stranger in a land which offers unfamiliarity and persecution, Tempest has gone from a creature on the run to a well-respected hero and savior for both the Maerynian people and the human race. As a member of the Prime Wardens, Tempest seeks to save all those who would stand for what is right, and fights those who would oppress and destroy.


The Maerynian hero Tempest knows loss all too well. Most of Tempest's kinfolk were subjugated in Grand Warlord Voss's attack on their homeworld. The planet Vognild Prime itself was lost to the Maerynian people, Tempest included. Even the loss of self control in the face of a terrible nemesis is a loss felt well by Tempest.

However, with all that loss came some gain. A new world. A new home. Allies and friends, as well as a new beginning. And while working with those new allies, in an expedition to the Lost City of Atlantis, Tempest recovered an artifact that would become an extension of the Maerynian's power and will: an ancient sword. M'kk Dall'ton could channel command of the elements and ionized air along the length of the blade, and felt a deep connection to the blade.

So, when this world was faced with the potential loss of a magical musician, Tempest readily answered the call to face Akash'Bhuta. Now, as a member of the Prime Wardens, Tempest pushes for protection of the innocent and the destruction of those who visit loss on others. Tempest has experience great loss, but has found great purpose.