Crackjaw Crew

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Minor Character: Crackjaw Crew


Name: The Crackjaw Crew
HP: 11
Title: Nemesis
Found in: Fright Train
Nemesis: The Southwest Sentinels

A garage band of middling ability, they gain powers on a lark after Wager Master encounters them. The Bassist, Deep Root, the Guitarist, Blister, the paraplegic Drummer Snare, and the vocalist Screech.

Main Episode: Has not had an episode yet

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  • Per the Nemeses Interlude of The Letters Page:
    • The Crackjaw Crew were a band who were given powers by Wager Master
    • Screech is the vocalist who has given sonic/yelling-based powers.
    • Deep Root is the bass player and is plant-based.
    • Blister is the guitarist who has fire powers.
    • Snare is the drummer, a paraplegic whom Wager Master also gave a hover chair, whose eye-beam is capable of grasping objects/people rather than being a "laser" or other damaging power.
    • Is Screech related to the Shrieker? Nope, they just both have yelling-related powers.