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There are two types of Event cards: Events and Critical Events. Both showcase stories from Sentinel Comics, a cover of a key comic book from that event, and the date that comic book was released, so the events can be played through in chronological order as a campaign. Events are each focused on a Villain and can be taken on in any Environment, and with any set of Heroes. As you play through the scenarios set up by Events, you’ll collect rewards that you can use in future Events, up to the Collection Limit stated on the front of the Event card.


When you defeat a regular Event, flip that card over and add it to your Collection. During any Event game, the Heroes have a number of Collections they can bring into that Event, indicated by the front of the Event card. You must choose which Collections you bring with you into an Event game before the game begins, though each Collection provides two different rewards. One of the two rewards listed on the back of the Event card can be activated once per game at any time during a Hero’s turn, though not in the middle of other actions. So, you can use a Collection reward before or after playing a card or using a power, but not while a card, power, or other effect is still in the process of resolving. After a Collection reward has been used, remove that card from the game. It’s still in your Collection and can be used in a future Event game, but it’s expended for the rest of this game.

Critical Events

Critical Events are set up much like regular events, except that they replace the Villain character card with a variant character card, showcasing a different, more challenging story involving that Villain (or a foe that has enough in common with that Villain to use the same deck). Like regular Villains, Critical Events can be played in normal or advanced mode, but be careful! Critical Events can be quite challenging and require more strategic thinking than most regular Villains. Critical Events have Collection Limits and you’ll want to bring your best Collections to take on these scenarios. However, defeating Critical Events does not provide Collection rewards — saving the day is reward enough for true Heroes!