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Minor Character: Cueball


Name: Cueball
HP: 8
Title: Nemesis
Found in: Bugbear
Nemesis: Guise

Cueball is a villain with a unique suit. His helmet contains a wealth of Heads Up information, displaying on a 360 degree view around him inside the helmet. His suit can activate twelve different powers, divided into Stripe and Solid options, and each corresponds to a pool ball. The suit changes color to match the power being used at the time.

Main Episode: Has not had an episode yet

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  • From Letters Page Interlude 7 - Nemeses
    • Is Cueball a pool hustler that Guise interrupted a shot for? Where does one get a mask/helmet like that? He can see out - it's like a one-way mirror. It's also got a lot of heads-up-display stuff that lets him control stuff he's set up (he's a tech-based villain) which includes his suit, which includes the powers of every pool ball (what, you didn't know that each pool ball has a distinct power?). He can shift his suit to use each of them (it'll change color to match whichever one he's using at the time). The pool ball theme is one he came up with after developing this suit with different powers - he liked pool so why not?

To Other Works

  • As a villain with a sphere for a head, he resembles Spider-man foe Mysterio.
  • Conversely, as an antagonist specifically evoking a billiard/pool ball, he's similar to Doc Scratch from the webcomic Homestuck.