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Sentinels of the Multiverse: Lifeline


Infernal Detonator (x1)
At the end of your turn, put up to 5 cards from your hand under this card. When this card is destroyed, destroy all cards under this card. Lifeline deals 1 target X irreducible Infernal Damage, where X = the number of cards destroyed this way plus 1.
Power: Destroy this card.
Art: Lifeline holding a strange sphere with an arc of energy made of arcane runes snaking from his eye to the artifact;
Flavor-text: "I am holding an artifact of ultimate destruction. Are you listening now, Warfang?: - Lifeline, Deepest Space #4
Orphic Repository (x1)
At the end of your turn, either put the top card of your trash under this card or move all cards under this card to your hand.
Power: Destroy all cards under this card. Lifeline deals X targets 2 Infernal Damage each, where X = the number of cards destroyed this way plus 1.
Art: A strange alien box-like device sitting on a table;
Flavor-text: "I was unable to save their people. But I have this, and they would want you to have it." - Jansa di Vero, Deepest Space #2
Terminarch's Casing (x1)
Reduce damage dealt to Lifeline by 1. At the end of your turn, Lifeline either regains 1 HP or deals 1 target 1 lightning damage.
Art: Lifeline wearing some sort of strange power suit glowing with energy;
Flavor-text: "The Enclave's engineers have crafted this for you. Wear it as a reminder." - Jansa vi Dero, Deepest Space #2
Vitality Battery (x1)
Whenever a non-Hero target is destroyed during your turn, either draw a card or Lifeline regains 2 HP.
Power: Lifeline deals 1 target 3 Fire Damage and 3 Energy Damage. Destroy this card.
Art: Lifeline readying to deal with Borr the Unstable;
Flavor-text: "I will breathe in your essence, and it will fuel the downfall of your allies." - Lifeline, Scion Strike #4

Equipment, Relic

Nordidian Sulph-Axe (x1)
Power: Lifeline deals 1 target 2 Melee Damage and 1 Fire Damage. If that damage destroys a target, Lifeline deals each Villain target 1 Infernal Damage.
Art: Lifeline holding Urdid's glowing energy axe;
Flavor-text: "It is not mine, but I wield it for its owner. In their name, I act this day." - Lifeline, Freedom Five Annual #30


Calculated Action (x3)
Lifeline deals himself 1 Infernal Damage. Either play 2 cards or draw 3 cards.
Art: Lifeline contemplating an arcane symbol glowing on his fist;
Flavor-text: "I take no action lightly. All has a cost, and I am glad to pay the price myself." - Lifeline, Tome of the Bizarre #81
Enclave's Tech (x3)
Reveal cards from the top of your deck until an Equipment card is revealed. Put it into play. Discard the other revealed cards. Shuffle your trash into your deck.
Art: Urdid handing Lifeline an Axe;
Flavor-text: "Not care what you did. Care what you will do. Who you will be." - Urdid, Cosmic Redemption
Harrow (x3)
Lifeline deals himself and up to 3 other targets 3 Infernal Damage each.
Art: Lifeline standing on an asteroid out in space, glowing with energy;
Flavor-text: "This pain you feel? It is the truth of existence. Entropy at an accelerated rate." - Lifeline, Freedom Five Annual #30
Haunting Memories (x3)
Lifeline deals himself 2 Psychic Damage. Move up to 3 cards from your trash to your hand.
Art: Lifeline kneeling in anguish in a grey landscape memory of a place he's destroyed;
Flavor-text: "This goes beyond the natural order. You could be forgiven, but never forgotten." - The Naturalist, Cosmic Redemption
Ley-Line Shift (x3)
Lifeline deals himself 1 Infernal Damage. Discard the top card of each deck. Put the top card of one trash into play.
Art: Lifeline restoring the cracked Xu's Bell;
Flavor-text: "I can restore this, yes. But its spirit has been lost to the Void." - Lifeline, Virtuoso of the Void #68
Repair Ley-Line (x3)
Each Hero target regains 1 HP. Each player may draw a card. Play the top card of the Environment deck. One Hero other than Lifeline may use a Power.
Art: Naturalist and Lifeline working together to restore a leyline;
Flavor-text: "For the many horrors I brought upon this world, upon reality - I must make reparations." - Lifeline, Cosmic Redemption
Unleash Energy (x3)
Lifeline deals himself and each non-Hero target 2 Energy Damage. You may either draw a card or play a card.
Art: Deadline unleashing blood magic energy at a bunch of ninjas;
Flavor-text: "My weapon is my vitality. Your strikes would fall well after you do." - Lifeline, Tome of the Bizarre #79
Unnatural Upheaval (x3)
Destroy up to 3 Ongoing cards. Lifeline deals 1 target X Infernal Damage, where X = the number of cards destroyed this turn plus 1.
Art: Lifeline tearing apart Skinwalker Gloomweaver;
Flavor-text: "You are created of blood magic. But blood magic is not for creating. It is for destroying." - Lifeline, Dark Watch #18


Alien Arcana (x2)
The first time an Ongoing card other than this one enters Lifeline's play area each turn, draw a card. At the end of your turn, Lifeline deals 1 target 1 Infernal Damage.
Art: Lifeline drawing the life energy out of one of the Aeon Men he's holding up in the air;
Flavor-text: "Sing to me of your essense, false being. My power can read the truth." - Lifeline, Scion Strike #1
Cosmic Immolation (x2)
Increase damage dealt by Lifeline by 2. Increase damage dealt to Lifeline by non-Hero targets by 2. At the start of your turn, you may destroy this card. If you do not, you may draw a card.
Art: Lifeline charging around in the Bloodsworn Colosseum while flaring with energy;
Flavor-text: "Be careful not to do yourself in, oh hasty combatant. The hottest fires burn out the quickest." - Kaargra Warfang, Deepest Space #3
Cryptic Alignment (x2)
Power: Discard a card. If you do, Lifeline deals 1 target X Energy Damage, where X = the number of Ongoing cards in Lifeline's play area.
Art: Lifeline casting a beam of energy encircled with arcane runes;
Flavor-text: "Your magic... it is delicious! You could grow with our gifts." - Blood Countess Bathory, Tome of the Bizarre #71
Discharge Lifeforce (x2)
Power: Destroy 1 Environment card. If that card was a target, Lifeline deals up to 3 targets 1 Infernal Damage each.
Art: A Magmarian exploding while Ambuscade and an alarmed Equity look on;
Flavor-text: "Wrong Magman! Though, I will say, that was still spectacular. And painful." - Ambuscade, Mystery Comics #392

Ongoing, Limited

Matter Manipulator (x3)
The first time you would draw a card each turn, you may use a Power instead.
Art: Lifeline using Urdid's axe to imbue fire energy into the ground;
Flavor-text: "All forms of fuel can burn, and my power is making the most of any fire." - Lifeline, Freedom Five #799

Oblivaeonicon.png Complexitytwo.png

Aliases: Tarogath, The Last Procitor

Age: Unknown

Height: 8'

Weight: 380lbs
Hair: None

Eye: Red

Birthplace: Procitron-12

Power Source: Alien Physiology, Terminarch Technology, Stolen Endling Tech
Occupation: Endling, Peacemonger

First Appearance: Cosmic Concurrence #13

Group: None

Nemesis: OblivAeon


Villain: Deadline


Unnatural Disaster (x3)
Reveal the top H-icon.png minus 1 cards of the villain deck. Put all catastrophe cards revealed into play. Discard the other cards revealed this way.
Art: Deadline surrounded by currents of lightning and some floating rocks.
Flavor text: "This turmoil is too great. I will pay for my transgressions. But what's done is done." - Deadline, Cosmic Concurrence #17

Ongoing, Catastrophe

Calculated Orogenesis (x4)
At the start of the villain turn, play the top card of the environment deck. Then, that environment card deals each non-villain target 2 melee damage.
Art: A large “Mountain” in the middle of downtown Megalopolis.
Flavor text: "We're getting reports that a mountain has sprung up downtown! I can't believe what I'm hearing!" - Megalopolis Metro News, Freedom Five #752
Magnetic Pole Shift (x3)
At the start of the villain turn, discard the top H-icon.png minus 2 cards of each non-villain deck and destroy H-icon.png minus 2 hero ongoing and/or equipment cards.
Art: Deadline’s ship outside Earth with the magnetic field visible.
Flavor text: "The suffering I bring to your world is a mere fraction of what I seek to prevent." - Deadline, Freedom Five #756
Severed Ley-Line (x4)
At the start of the villain turn, each player shuffles their trash into their deck and Deadline regains H-icon.png minus 2 hp.
Art: Deadline with the Ataxia Sphere, severing a section of a red line.
Flavor text: "Such a... horrifying act. Like pulling the plug on the world." - The Scholar, Freedom Five #754
Subduction Super-Zone (x4)
At the start of the villain turn, Deadline deals each non-villain target 1 irreducible melee and 1 irreducible fire damage.
Art: Deadline standing in the center of what seems to be a destroyed portion of Megalopolis(?). A small eruption of lava is seen on the right side.
Flavor text: "Humans! You consider me your enemy, but I am your last hope!" - Deadline, Freedom Five #752
Unleashed Hurricane (x3)
At the start of the villain turn, H-icon.png minus 2 players must put 1 card from hand on top of their deck. Then, Deadline deals the H-icon.png minus 2 non-villain targets with the highest hp 1 cold damage each.
Art: A hurricane ravaging the landscape with Deadline and the Ataxia Sphere on the foreground.
Flavor text: "To save the multiverse, I have become my greatest fear." - Deadline, Freedom Five #755


Atomic End-Glaive [10] (x1)
At the end of the villain turn, this card deals the hero target with the highest hp 3 energy damage.
Art: Deadline holding glowing red glaive.
Flavor text: "It is not my way to wield the weapons of war. But it is the only way." - Deadline, Cosmic Concurrence #13
Auto-Armor Caster [10] (x1)
The first time damage would be dealt to Deadline each turn, prevent that damage.
Art: Parse’s arrow shot being deflected by floating metal sheets as Deadline walks by.
Flavor text: "And so we find ourselves here, where my quest began. So be it." - Deadline, Cosmic Concurrence #18

Device, Relic

The Ataxia Sphere [10] (x1)
At the end of the villain turn, this card deals the hero target with the lowest hp 2 infernal damage. If that target is a hero character card, that hero's player must either discard 1 card or shuffle their trash into their deck.
Art: A purple sphere hovering on Deadline’s hand, shooting a laser behind him hitting The Naturalist.
Flavor text: "My strength fades, even as the planet cries out for my aid!" - The Naturalist, Virtuoso of the Void #50
Pandemonium Key [10] (x1)
The first time an environment target enters play each turn, play the top card of the villain deck.
Art: A hexagonal device covered with different symbols on one side.
Flavor text: "The Truths seen in the key are not yet fully true... " - Jansa Vi Dero, Cosmic Concurrence #13


Aliases: Tarogath, The Last Procitor

Age: Unknown

Height: 8'

Weight: 380lbs
Hair: None

Eye: Red

Birthplace: Procitron-12

Power Source: Alien Physiology, Terminarch Technology, Stolen Endling Tech
Occupation: Endling, Peacemonger

First Appearance: Cosmic Concurrence #13

Group: Endlings

Nemesis: Naturalist


Meta: Lifeline

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  • Using Blood Magic Lifeline was able to take out the intial form of Skinwalker Gloomweaver Letters Page Episode 13. This occurred at the same time as Nightmist was opening the gates.

To Other Works

  • As a sympathetic villain who feels the need to destroy worlds in order to save others, Deadline draws comparisons to the Marvel villain Galactus. His motivation is also similar to the DC villain Relic and the Marvel anti-hero Black Swan.
  • Deadline’s costume design and body coloring are both evocative of Beta Ray Bill, a Marvel superhero who is in turn evocative of Thor.
  • Deadline’s “head-fin” is similar to that of the DC villain Despero.
  • Deadline’s overall design, including the “hover disk” he rides, evoke the character designs of Jack Kirby.
  • The red beam being fired into the Earth on Deadline’s “Remorseful Eco Vandal” side is similar to the “Red Matter” doomsday weapon employed by Nero, the Romulan villain of the Star Trek 2011 reboot movie.

Questions Answered on The Letters Page

  • From Letters Page Episode 24 Deadline/Lifeline
    • Where does he appear in regards to the comic publication history (while he's in the Silver Age Enclave, he himself doesn't seem particularly Silver Age appropriate)? Was he introduced early, but later given motivation? How was that motivation received by the audience? Did different writers show him as more or less sympathetic? What's his relationship with other Endlings like (incap art shows him with Bloogo for example)? There's only one, fairly recent, "Deadline" event, that includes several fights with different heroes. Tarogath as a character predates this by a little, but not back into the Silver Age. He was a background filler character in the Silver Age (as were some of the other aliens), but didn't have any dialog or anything - they were only fleshed out my later writers. Tarogath just turned out to be the most important such character. He was introduced to push that feeling of "everything is going wrong" that was the run-up to the OblivAeon reveal and so there weren't "different writers'" take on him. He was also introduced knowing that he'd become a hero after the horrible actions of his introductory story. As mentioned up top, he's kind of an outsider within the Endling community, but he does have a friendship with Bloogo, who does die when the Enclave is damaged leading up to his becoming Lifeline (there will be an Enclave of the Endlings Episode).
    • What does he know about OblivAeon? Initially, nothing. It's only after Jansa retrieves him after his villain arc that he's told about him (Jansa knows a lot).
    • Was it actually OblivAeon who destroyed his people? It was an ancient entity who has not had a name for the majority of its existence, but is known as Faultless (as it is not at fault for its actions). It used to be the personification of Order, but has been (to simplify) been twisted into a being of Chaos and is eventually a Scion of OblivAeon. It destroyed the Procitors due to their manipulation of ley lines to almost perfectly order their planet and so Faultless was drawn there to destroy them.
    • How did Jansa know this was going to happen, did she warn anybody, why did she allow it? The "early warning" systems in the Enclave kind of gave her a heads-up. Tarogath was a fairly young Procitor (which partly explains his impulsiveness) but was also pretty introspective and just happened to be the one she picked - she has her reasons for who she picks, but it's not necessarily logical from our human perspective. She allowed it because she's not a fighter and can't prevent destruction, she just has her duty to preserve a selected representative.
    • We know that Deadline precedes Progeny, how much damage had Deadline done and what was left for Progeny to really destroy? Was the Chairman concerned about the damage Deadline was doing? As stated, lots of people died and Deadline caused a lot of damage, but he didn't really destroy anything completely. He did damage Rook City, but nothing too far out of what the Chairman would put up with as acceptable collateral from any other super-powered fight and figured he'd still manage to profit from it in the end. If Deadline shows up and you see it on the news you'd think, something like a distant terrorist attack ("that's terrible, those poor people") whereas Progeny is more like discovering that a series of nukes have been set off all over the country - its a bit different of a scale.
    • After Deadline was defeated did he retreat to the Enclave or did Jansa come get him? Jansa, as mentioned in the overview.
    • Did F.I.L.T.E.R. try to intervene? No, they wouldn't go after something as major as Deadline seemed to be. There would be a bunch of cost-benefit analysis before they'd commit.
    • What did the Endlings think of his actions? There are a lot of them, and they have their own reactions, but most probably think it was an awful thing to have done (although some Endlings aren't nice people to begin with and were probably fine with it, but not for his actual reasons). Why he did what he did was hard for anybody to understand.
    • Can we take a moment to recognize that Tarogath is adorable? Sure, why not, I guess.
    • What kind of planet did the Procitors inhabit? Very similar to Earth before all of the ley line manipulation to give it the orderliness that eventually brought Faultless to them. The similarity is part of what made him think that he knew how to save humanity (by killing a bunch of them).
    • What was he like, personality wise? Different as Lifeline? Pretty similar, but as Lifeline who has more information, he's a bit less sad but more arrogant.
    • Did he get any friends as Lifeline? He teams up with Void Guard, and is allies with some others, but he's always standoffish. Might change a bit in the future. Nobody's really had time to get over his villain turn.
    • Why didn't he skip straight to "help fight OblivAeon" instead of trying to kill a bunch of us for our own good? Did he and K.N.Y.F.E. discuss the terrible future they both saw? He didn't know the actual threat - he assumed it would be more like what happened on his world and is "super misguided". Even after he knows what's happening, he still tries to do everything himself rather than working with others and didn't even really meet K.N.Y.F.E. until they're already on the battlefield.
    • Does he see himself as a hero, or does he recognize that he's "sacrificing his soul" as it were? Deadline is one of the few villains who knows that what he's doing is evil (and not "for the sake of evil" like Gloomweaver or Spite). The Chairman and Baron Blade act selfishly, and know that what they're doing will be bad for others, but it's not just mustache-twirling villainy. Deadline isn't out for himself and recognizes that the heroes are right to try to fight him, but he needs to to it anyway.
    • We've been told that the Naturalist is his nemesis due to the thematic relationship to the Earth as a system, but what did the other heroes think about Deadline's reasons for his actions? Who are the other heroes most involved in the Deadline event? Naturalist is a nemesis, in addition to the theme reasons, they have a big scene together in one of the comics during the fight to point out their relationship specifically. Scholar and Visionary have strong reactions too (Scholar regarding ley lines, Visionary on the theme of trying to stop a bad future). Since there were many fights that were part of the event, most heroes were involved in one way or another (all of the major teams are namechecked), but since there wasn't one climactic fight scene ending of the event, there wasn't anything as meaty as the Naturalist's scene to vie for the "nemesis" title. Later, as Lifeline, there's a lot of reticence to accept him, but also not much time for them to come around. Seeing his actions working alongside them during OblivAeon goes a long way, even if they don't actually forgive him.
    • How was his reception by Jansa after his defeat? As stated, he was in a lot of trouble - she considered locking him up like one of the dangerous Endlings. "His story is one of no forgiveness." Given his willingness to act, she allowed him to go out to help during OblivAeon, though.
    • What does the Pandemonium Key do? It shows potential futures - it's part of the "early warning" systems of the Enclave. It's very powerful, but dangerous tool to use - the Varusiod who created it went insane pretty quickly afterwards.
    • When trying to destroy the Earth, did he make efforts to avoid destroying the Maerynian Refuge? He doesn't really know about them at this point. Their homeworld showed up briefly on the Enclave's systems, but since some managed to escape they fell off their radar. His methods of finding important points to destroy never would have brought him to the Refuge as they're not important to the survival of the planet.
    • Did he make any apologies to heroes as Lifeline? Any offer to have one of the heroes to become an Endling if things go wrong? He shows contrition and accepts all blame placed on him by others, but since he still thinks he was acting correctly given the information he had, he offers no apologies and expects no forgiveness. Has has not and cannot forgive himself, so why would anyone else do so? He can't make any offers regarding Endlings - there is a separate story involving a human Endling (Interlude fodder - my guess is Eternal Haka).
    • How does he feel about Tempest? He's not an Endling, but they're still a race that's almost been wiped out. How does Tempest feel about him? Lifeline learns about Tempest's people later. Tempest sees how Tarogath got to where he is and how he made the decisions he did. Lifeline sees Tempest as "not strong enough" to do what it takes to save his people. This came up in the Empyreon fight and culminated in the "teamwork" lesson.
    • Is Lifeline a Vampire (given the Blood Mage connection)? What's the difference if not? Vampires are "creatures of blood magic", but he "uses blood magic". Vampires have gone through specific rituals to basically "become" blood magic. Lifeline is kind of an "energy vampire" in that he can draw energy from others, but he doesn't need to do so to live/doesn't drink blood, etc.
    • One of the preview Lifeline cards shows him fighting Skinwalker Gloomweaver in Dark Watch #18, which is also when Nightmist becomes the gate - how long was Skinwalker around that he's still around in the middle of the OblivAeon events? What are the similarities and differences in the types of blood magic involved? First off (as has been mentioned previously, but possibly after the question was submitted), the ARG events are not during the OblivAeon events, but lead up to it. Skinwalker, Void Guard in the Colosseum, and other events all happen in this lead-in time. The blood magic for Gloomweaver here has more to do with the reanimation of tissue - not keeping things "alive" for an unnatural time (like the vampires). It's a pretty broad category of power and could also have just been called "gross magic" considering that it pretty much covers all of the gross magical stuff that goes on.
    • Deadline's species looks familiar, is this a crossover with the Reptilian Sulph-Orcs from Galactic Strike Force? No, the Sulph-Orcs are not Procitors. That being said, the GSF setting is the same setting, only very far in the future (and shouldn't be seen as the "ending" of either the Tactics or RPG timeline - it's its own thing).


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Fireside Chats


  • Severed Ley-Line does not make the villain nor environment shuffle their trash into their deck.
  • The secondary effect on “The Ataxia Sphere” is tied to the target actually dealt damage. The wording is updated to read: “At the end of the villain turn, this card deals the hero target with the lowest HP 2 infernal damage. If a hero character card is dealt damage this way, that hero’s player must either discard 1 card or shuffle their trash into their deck.”
  • Deadline's Calculated Orogenesis plays the top card of the environment deck, then has "that environment card" deal damage. If it plays a Primordial Seed, it's not an environment card, so the damage fizzles.


  • For Lifeline’s third incapacitated ability, the check for maximum HP happens after the HP gain.
  • Alien Arcana does not ignore the plays of the other copy of Alien Arcana; only its own play.
  • Suppose Lifeline uses Nordidian Sulph-Axe to deal damage and destroy one of Akash'Bhuta's limbs when she's on her flip side. Upon the destruction, you can choose between Akash'Bhuta and the limb, and then the Sulph-Axe acts.

Comic Books: Lifeline

Small note: Items that are in bullets are from the Podcasts, so their form may not make sense, or feel like they are missing a part - its probably on another tab

Spoilers May Be Ahead - SCU and Miststorm Universe Tabs may contain spoilers for future products.

Tarogath watched as the last of his people were wiped from existence. Jansa Vi Dero, the Terminarch, had offered Tarogath the chance to preserve the memory of his race, the Procitors, and he had taken it. But that meant he would be the last of his kind. He suffered the awful fate of knowing he was the last Procitor.

That was over 700 years ago.

Now, from his eternal home in the Enclave of the Endlings, Tarogath watches the galaxy. Most of the Endlings were content to distract themselves with their new life in the Enclave, but Tarogath cared not for their company. He spent his time, absorbed in observing the rest of the galaxy. He wept for the Mubbloxians and the Piunites as Grand Warlord Voss destroyed their civilizations, unsurprised when Jansa added one from each of their ranks to the roster of the Endlings. But then, he saw something horrible and familiar. He watched as cosmic events circled around a distant star-system in the Milky Way galaxy. The cosmic concurrences there could not be random. He was witnessing the beginning of another extinction event! And perhaps, just perhaps, he could be in time to stop it!

Stealing tech from many lost races and a ship from the Enclave, Tarogath made his way to the planet Earth. There, he brought his wisdom of centuries, his mourning for so many lost races, and his fury against the capricious forces which would bring about such catastrophes. Then, he became the embodiment of destruction. He knew that destroying enough of this foreign planet and killing enough of its inhabitants would slow if not stop entirely the cosmic events which threatened their very existence. With a heavy heart, Tarogath took the mantle of Deadline and sought to leave a scar which humanity may never fully recover from.

He will bring peace to the Earth… by plunging it into the dark ages!

  • First appears fairly late in the card game timeline - fairly shortly after Vengeance where the Endlings observe the various goings-on on Earth. The Enclave has been a feature in the setting since the Silver Age. They talk about the Terminarch and her mission a bit, but it's more or less the info we have in the Environment description. Worth mentioning, though, that it's explicitly not like a zoo or museum. The Endlings are not put in exhibits, but are being "preserved for all eternity" as residents of the Enclave. There are some beasts there too, which are more like a zoo, but the sapient beings are free to move about.
    • Tarogath didn't settle in and socialize with the other Endlings as well as most. He instead used his time to use the Enclave's technology to observe the universe, much like the Terminarch does. He's been there over 700 (Earth) years and has watched many species' ends. This gets to you after a while. Then he sees what he interprets as the beginning of a new extinction event on Earth, corroborated by more of the Enclave's own "early warning" systems. He feels that he can stop this and so steals a bunch of tech from the Enclave (like a ship and the Zenith Gauge as mentioned in the Chokepoint episode).
    • His plan hinges on the fact that he sees Earth's situation as one where one race is becoming too strong/important and is drawing the attention of other beings that will wipe them out. He wants to prevent this by knocking this upstart race back into the dark ages, and therefore off the radar of the larger threat. Killing 2/3 of them will allow the other 1/3 to survive. He recognizes that nobody is going to like him for this and that every part of this will be distasteful, but it needs to be done for their own good.
    • He meets more resistance than he'd anticipated. This is par for the course for Earth's heroes - they seem to consistently bring more firepower to bear than the relative unimportance of the planet on the cosmic stage would indicate. The average Human isn't particularly powerful, and we're generally outmatched in terms of technological advancement, but our heroes are so much above the average that they're still able to pull off some big upsets.
    • Deadline is traveling the world, popping up here and there in major population centers to cause havoc. The unique ability of the Prociters was an ability to see and manipulate ley lines, which allows him to find and destroy a few of them without too much trouble. He's doing a lot of damage in the process.
    • Ultimately, the heroes manage to stymie his efforts (but still hundreds if not thousands of people die). He's not actually defeated by the heroes, however. Eventually Jansa shows up (unhappy that he 1. Left, 2. stole a bunch of stuff, and 3. is killing all of these people) and takes him back to the Enclave. He's then not seen in comics for a while. During this time, Jansa explains some of the mysteries of the cosmos to him and that this wasn't an extinction event, but something else.
Aliases: Tarogath, the last Procitor
Height: 8’
Weight: 380 lbs
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Red
Birthplace: Procitor-12
Power Source: Alien physiology, Termiarch Technology, Stolen Endlings Tech
Occupation: Endling, Peacemaker
First Appearance: Cosmic Redemption one-shot

When Tarogath - the would-be decimator of planet Earth - was reclaimed by the Terminarch Jansa Vi Dero, he wept. He knew that the destruction of Earth was now unavoidable. All of his magical power and Endling Technology could not prevent the future.

What he did not know was that the planet he tried to save was to be a nexus of all reality. Jansa observed the ripples in spacetime and read the ending of all. She could not interfere - that was not her way. But Tarogath had already proved a willingness to bend the ways of the Endlings.

Now Tarogath has returned to Earth with Jansa’s blessing. Lifeline joins his formidable command of mystical energy and ley-lines with power from the Enclave of the Endlings in order to oppose OblivAeon and prevent the destruction of all that is.

Lifeline: Bloodmage

Variant: Originally revealed during the OblivAeon Kickstarter as the $400k stretch reward.

The villain-turned-hero Lifeline is the last surviving member of a race of ley-line manipulators. Like the rest of his people, he can detect and pull on the ley-lines of reality, producing impressive magical effects. However, this power is not enough in the face of ultimate destruction. Tarogath must find a more primal source of power…

Harnessing the life energy of living creatures and binding it to the power of elemental ley-lines, Lifeline steps purposefully into his role as blood mage and savior. Hopefully, the power will be enough.

Now, Tarogath has returned to Earth with Jansa’s blessing. Lifeline joins his formidable command of mystical energy and ley-lines with power from the Enclave of the Endlings in order to oppose OblivAeon and prevent the destruction of all that is.

  • Back on Earth, the Progeny event happens (there will be a full episode just on this stuff eventually). Shortly afterwards, the Void Guard are in space and are fighting in the Bloodsworn Colosseum. (aside for newbies: the Colosseum is a cosmic arena that teleports from planet to planet and makes inhabitants of the planet fight the gladiators - think a traveling circus, but instead of fun for the whole family, it's more about blood sport. If the natives win the fight, the Colosseum leaves, but otherwise it just hangs around and can just wreck the population as people continue to fight until nobody's left. Sometimes they'll also capture people as a new gladiator - Sky-Scraper is one such example.) The Void Guard were captured to be new gladiators, but a new challenger appears - Lifeline (this would be the source for the art on the preview card we got from his deck, "Cosmic Immolation", although the issue number on that can't be from the same issue given that it's #714 when cards from his villain deck are in the 750s).
    • There had been clues for some time that something big was coming (OblivAeon) - Captain Cosmic and Infinitor, Deadline himself, Progeny, etc. - and Jansa explained this to Tarogath. She's not a fighter and so can't really help directly, but he can and she gives him the opportunity to go and help. She gives him some new gear (and he gets a weapon from another of the Endlings - an axe) and off he goes.
    • He heads to the Colosseum, which has been the end of a few races over the centuries, to fight through the gladiators and gain power by absorbing their essence (plus, it's a good gauge of how strong he is). Once there, he notices the human Void Guard and they recognize him. In the end he helps the Void Guard escape (the implication is that they fight first, but it's not said outright) and they all have space adventures together for a while before returning to Earth. More finger-pointing regarding what he'd done previously, but he's vouched for by the Void Guard at this point. He's still not terribly welcome anywhere, but he doesn't have time to worry about that as he still needs to train up/prepare for the fight to come.
    • First up, a trip to the Temple of Zhu Long where he fights some ninjas (his general modus operandi is to find a source of power and then "fight it") and then hangs out for a while. He doesn't really get much out of his time there other than learning that blood magic is a thing that exists. Blood magic is not entirely different from his natural ley line manipulation, only dealing with living creatures instead of planetary systems.
    • He goes off to find a nexus of blood magic, the most powerful he could find. This turns out to be the Court of Blood - which is full of the stuff. It sounds like they're doing their standard exaggerate for comedic effect thing (blood running over the floor, through the walls, there's probably some in the ceiling, etc.), but this is literally the case. Vampires are a particular variety of blood mages, and there are plenty of them here. They fight (of course), and he also learns how to draw on the power here. This makes him a darker character (I mean, he's already killed thousands of people, but this willingness/ability to use the life force of his opponents, and himself, to attack them is a bit more visceral), but also gives him an additional edge.
    • This leads into the Skinwalker Gloomweaver event in short order. As mentioned in the Gloomweaver episode, Lifeline manages to wreck Gloomy's day at first given that the body he's using is made out of blood magic. The Rotting God form was a different matter, though, and Lifeline was knocked out quickly once that got going. Void Guard (the human heroes he works with the most and who are the most comfortable with working with him - they're a team of misfits, but have a generally positive/idealistic outlook and are a good foil for Lifeline's "negative Nancy" outlook - they work together well, but probably aren't necessarily friends) helps out, though, and eventually Dr. Medico traps Gloomweaver's essence within his OblivAeon Shard.
  • OblivAeon happens. Early on, Lifeline, Tempest, and Visionary are fighting in the Maerynian Refuge (the island where Tempest's people live on Earth) against Empyreon (pronunciation! it's not Em-Pyre-on, it's more like "imperial" only with the -on instead of -al) - a minor "energy dude" villain from Vengeance, and recurring Captain Cosmic enemy, now a Scion of OblivAeon with a significant power boost. Empyreon (who will get more explanation later) is basically a hollow shell full of energy and during this fight he's just blasting Lifeline with it. Lifeline can absorb it, however, and thinks he can take whatever can be thrown at him to win on his own. He's on track to be overloaded, though, and Tempest and Visionary try to get him to work with them. He ignores them and is about to die when Tempest (being shielded by Visionary) interposes himself to take the energy blast instead and the two of them manage to beat Empyreon. They try to turn this into a "teachable moment" about teamwork.
    • Later, Jansa contacts Lifeline to inform him that OblivAeon is actually present there on Earth and warns him that she's not convinced that anything can be done to stop him. She's taking the Enclave with her into a pocket dimension outside of reality that she's set up in the hopes that they can ride things out there. She wants him to come with, but he refuses [the "conversation" at around 30:55 is pretty hilarious - especially Adam's Lifeline voice].
    • He heads to Fort Adamant, which is under siege by Aeon Master and the Aeon Men (who are made of the energy of OblivAeon himself - they're the manifestation of his own essence that he can commit to perform an action). Lifeline shows up to help the heroes, including the Void Guard, already there and starts absorbing the energy of the Aeon Men, which he can do easily but only one at a time. He meets up with the VG and talks about needing to use teamwork (which they're already well aware of, but are glad that he's finally come around). The plan is to get to Aeon Master to pull the same absorbing trick, which might kill him, but with teamwork it just might work. They manage to pull it off and Dr. Medico is able to stabilize Lifeline so he doesn't explode or anything after taking in that much energy. Once Aeon Master is taken care of, the Aeon Men go down too. Woo! Teamwork!
    • Still not giving us the full story with OblivAeon himself until we get to that specific episode (although, like in the ARG, they call out Ra as the start of the actual fight with him directly), but will continue with hints as we talk about heroes directly involved.
    • In the second main phase of the fight with OblivAeon himself (where he's this impossibly tall giant of an enemy), Lifeline manages to do some massive amounts of damage to him due to the power boost he had from absorbing Aeon Master and cracks the form of OblivAeon. This also causes a backlash of energy, though, which takes Lifeline out of the fight. That being said, being part of 2 Scion fights and landing a big hit on the Big Bad himself is nothing to sneeze at.

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Legacy Wants to Remind You!

This information is from the Miststorm Universe, one of two branching timelines. Products in this timeline are: Sentinel Tactics (and expansions). Prime War (and expansions)

Tactics - The main difference between the two futures is that in this one he joined Jansa to return to the Enclave before it went into the pocket dimension. So, he's still there. The Enclave is outside of reality for the time being in both settings, and could possibly make a reappearance, but leaving the way it did isn't something that's easy to reverse.
Tachyon Speeds By to Remind You!

This information is from the Sentinel Comics Universe, one of two branching universes. Products in this timeline are: Sentinel Comics RPG.

RPG - He got hit with a giant influx of energy when OblivAeon hit him, but there's not really a safe way to output it. So, he decides to form something out of it and basically allows the energy to form itself in this process. He creates some living entity out of it, but this is apparently a big reveal and so we don't get to know what/who it is at this point and have to wait (we'll be told "within a few months"). Since he can't return to the Enclave, but isn't particularly wanted on Earth, he goes and has space adventures. He works with Void Guard and other heroes occasionally, but he's out there trying to find his own place in the cosmos. He's not looking for redemption, but could find it nevertheless.