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Deck List Formatting

Please format the deck lists to the following example

Only link the Keywords to the Glossary page if they are: Limited, One-Shot, Ongoing, Equipment, Relic, Device. All other Keywords leave unlinked.


: '''Title of Card''' [HP] (x number of card)
:: What the card does
::: '''Power''': Power printed in card
:: ''Art'': Artwork description
:: ''Flavor-Text'': Text - Who, ''Where''



Frost-Bound Drain (x3)
Absolute Zero deals 1 non-Hero Target 3 Cold Damage. Absolute Zero deals himself 3 Fire Damage.
Art: A frozen Char behind Absolute Zero
Flavor-text: "Too cold? Welcome to my life." - Absolute Zero, The Ice-Man Cometh #7

See Captain Cosmic for an example.

Cards with Powers, specific Formatting

If a card has a power, it has a slightly different formatting setup, just to keep thing clean.

Card Name
Text in card before power
Power: Power text
Text in card after power

For example, for Captain Cosmic

Cosmic Weapon [4] (x3)
Play this card next to a hero character card. That hero gains the following power:
Power: This hero deals 1 target 3 energy damage.
Art: PW Fanatic wielding a golden blade;
Flavor-text: "This temporary blade will last longer than the foes we face!" - Fanatic, Prime Wardens #41

Sentinel Tactics Power Cards

: '''Name'''
:: ''Action:'' - The Text
:: {{TacticsHit|die=three|one=miss|six=miss}}
:: ''Art:'' Art Description
:: ''Flavor-Text:'' Flavor Text

View Template:TacticsHit for instructions on how to use the template

For Example, Absolute Zero

Impaling Structure
Action: Place three impaling structure markers in adjacent hexes on the map, one of which must be within radius 1 of Absolute Zero. Impaling Structure markers raise a hex's elevation by 1 and generate hazard spaces. Hazard. Attack Radius 0.

Art: Absolute Zero Impaling Omnitron-V with ice structure;
Flavor-Text: "BRRRZZZZZT! Tertiary ocular input feed lost terrain unpredictably hazardous" - Omnitron-V, Freedom Five #16