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  • From Letters Page Interlude 7 - Nemeses
    • So, why did the troll Doc Tusser decide to become a cowpoke? He's not like a "fantasy" troll, he's just kind of troll-ish. He's as close to a "troll" as exist in the setting, though. There's this ancient offshoot of humanity that's kind of gross, but are long-lived and have great regenerative ability, but most of them do what they can to disguise themselves to hide from and/or blend into society. Doc Tusser is dressed up in his "cowpoke" outfit just as his attempt to blend into his time and place. His presence in Vengeance is a result of him being pulled forward in time. He called himself "Doc" Tusser because his explanation of why he could return healed of whatever injuries was because he used to be a doctor and could just treat himself in the interim.