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Fireside Chats

  • With Dr. Medico - Malpractice’s power, if a card would increase the HP gain (e.g. Phosphorescent Chamber), the HP gain increase occurs before the HP gain is cancelled and turned into damage.
  • The HP recovery increase from Experimental Medicine works with Idol of Anput if Dr. Medico uses it.
  • Dr. Medico’s power does not get used up if the target attempts to gain HP while at maximum HP, because the target did not regain any HP.
  • The order of the effects of Dr. Medico’s power, Experimental Medicine, and the Operative’s incapacitated side are determined by player choice.
  • Suppose Second Opinion and Prescription Strength are in play. When Prescription Strength is destroyed, if the hero opts to use a power instead of gaining HP, they do not get the damage increase from Prescription Strength during the power use (because it is not yet in effect).
  • Void Guard Dr. Medico - Malpractice’s power text is updated to read: “Until the end of your next turn, the first time each hero target would regain HP each turn, Dr. Medico deals 1 target that amount of energy damage instead.”
  • Void Guard Dr. Medico - Malpractice’s power does not do anything differently if it's used multiple times in a round, i.e. it does not stack. It’s either on or off.