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Environment: Dok'Thorath Capital

Set: Wrath of the Cosmos

After the destruction of the Thorathian conquering fleet and disappearance of Grand Warlord Voss, the Thorathian homeworld of Dok'Thorath was left in a state of turmoil. The powerful Thorathian military was now leaderless, and the constant warring had reduced the planet's population to dangerously low levels. Directionless, in-fighting among the remaining leadership of the Thorathian military left them unable to effectively rebuild their fleet. The Dok'Thorath freedom fighters were greatly outnumbered and outgunned, but - in an odd twist of fate - they were now more organized than their oppressors.

Now, the heroes of earth find themselves on this distant planet, pursuing a deadly foe to stop their dastardly plot. Will they enlist the aid of the local freedom fighters? Or will the Thorathia

Authority Ziggurat (x1)
Villain targets are immune to damage dealt by Thorathian cards. At the end of the environment turn, if there are fewer Thorathians targets than non-Thorathian environment targets, play the top card of the environment deck.
Art: A walled in Ziggurat;
Flavor text: The power vacuum created by the absence of Grand Warlord Voss meant that the thorathian military fortress was patrolled but not under any real leadership.
Orbital Bombardment (x2)
At the start of the environment turn, deal 4 energy damage to each non-Thorathian target. Then, destroy the rebel headquarters and this card.
Art: The rebel headquarters being destroyed by a blast from space;
Flavor text: "We have located the rebel base," the orbital commandant intoned, punching coordinates into the targeting console. "Retribution shall be swift, and final."
Rebel Headquarters (x1)
Hero targets are immune to damage dealt by civilian cards. At the end of the environment turn, if there are fewer civilian targets than non-civilian environment targets, play the top card of the environment deck.
Art: The rebel headquarters;
Flavor text: Just outside the main capital, what began as a hastily thrown together command post has grown and been upgraded as the rebels have taken more ground.


Abject Refugees [2] (x1)
At the start of the environment turn, each player may draw a card. Whenever this card would be dealt damage, a player may discard 1 card to redirect that damage to a hero target.
Art: Captain Cosmic visiting refugees on Dok'Thorath;
Flavor text: Even given the clear differences between human and thorathian physiology, the lack of hope in the refugees' dimly glowing eyes nearly broke Hugh's heart.
Defiant Looters [3] (x1)
At the end of the environment turn, discard the top card of each deck. If an equipment card is discarded this way, move it to its owner's hand.
Art: Dok'Thorath civilians looting a building;
Flavor text: There are many ways the rebels resisted the Thorathian military authority. They took up arms, they sheltered the weak, and they reapproproated military supplies.
Freedom Fighters [4] (x3)
At the end of the environment turn, this card deals each non-civilian target 2 lightning damage.
Art: Dok'Thorath civilians battling in the trenches;
Flavor text: Firing off an arcing blast of electricity, the rebel soldier smiled grimly as a gene-bound monstrosity bit the dust. "We are outnumbered, but there's hope!


Gene-Bound Ravagers [4] (x3)
At the end of the environment turn, this card deals each non-minion target 2 melee damage.
Art: A Gene-Bound Firesworn and Gene-Bound Guard attacking;
Flavor text: With a guttural howl, the gene-bound creatures tore into fray, attacking the Thorathian military platoon and the rebel fighters indiscriminately.


Thorathian Military [4] (x3)
Reduce damage dealt to this card by 1. At the end of the environment turn, this card deals each non-Thorathian target 2 energy damage.
Art: Members of the Thorathian military shooting;
Flavor text: Each authority platoon is made up of a number of "regular" Thorathian soldiers, led and augmented by an empowered Thorathian commandant.

Meta: Dok'Thorath Capital


Main Episode: Episode 48

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  • _"Gene-Bound_Ravagers"_shows_a_Gene-Bound_Firesworn_riding_on_the_shoulder_of_a_Gene-Bound_Guard,_both_from_the_Grand_Warlord_Voss_deck.
  • _"Abject_Refugees"_depicts_Captain_Cosmic_in_his_Prime_Wardens_costume./References&action=edit Edit this Reference]


  • The fighting on Dok'Thorath started because Voss' fleet was destroyed, some rebels seized the opportunity to try to take over. The Prime Wardens ended up in the midst of the fighting because they were in some way helping Sky Scraper. The fighting was occuring before the heroes showed and continued after they left. Gen Con 2016 Q&A

To Other Works

  • The card “Orbital Bombardment” shows the rebel base being destroyed by laser fired from space. This is a reference to Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope, which had the evil Galactic Empire attempting to destroy the base of the heroic Rebel Alliance with their spacefaring superweapon, the Death Star. The composition of the art also calls to mind the alien attack in the film “Independence Day,” specifically the scene where the alien saucer destroys the White House.
  • “Dok’Thorath” may be an anagram for "Dothraki," the name given to the nomadic warrior people of the “Song of Ice and Fire” books by George R.R. Martin.
  • As an oppressed alien planet ruled by an unstable military, particularly one that has recently lost it’s de facto leader (Grand Warlord Voss), Dok’Thorath draws numerous comparisons to Korugar, the chaotic homeworld and ex-dominion of Sinestro.


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Fireside Chats

  • Whenever Defiant Looters discards an equipment card, it immediately moves it to the owner's hand (before discarding the next card).