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Sentinels of the Multiverse: Doctor Medico

The Southwest Sentinels

This deck is the same for Dr. Medico, Mainstay, The Idealist, and Writhe

Setup Card:

At the start of the game, put the Character cards for Dr. Medico, Mainstay, The Idealist,and Writhe into play, active side up.
If you have no Hero Targets in play, flip this card.


Blackout (x2)
One of your Heroes deals 1 Target 2 Melee Damage. If Writhe deals Damage this way, the Damaged Target then deals each non-Hero Target 2 Infernal Damage.
Art: Writhe sneaking up on a villain in the darkness while Highbrow watches.
Flavor text: "Welcome to my darkness. Infectious, isn't it?" - Writhe, Vengeance #5
Coordinated Assault (x3)
One of your Hero Targets deals 1 Target X Melee Damage, where X = the number of your active Hero Character cards plus 1.
Art: Mainstay punches Borr the Unstable using a fist that is augmented by the rest of his team.
Flavor text: "Ok, team! Just like we practiced. Knock him down!" - Dr. Medico, Southwest Sentinels #4
Dark Delusions (x3)
If Writhe is active, he deals each Villain Target 2 Infernal Damage. If the Idealist is active, she deals 1 Target 3 Psychic Damage.
Art: Idealist's projection of a giant robot punches Skinwalker Gloomweaver while Writhe watches.
Flavor text: "Take that! And that! Hii-yahh! Way to go, karate robot!" - The Idealist, Tome of the Bizarre #34
Fling Into Darkness (x2)
One of your Heroes deals 1 Target 3 Melee Damage. If that Target now has 4 or fewer HP and Writhe is active, destroy that Target.
Art: Mainstay hurls the Contract into Writhe's outstretched arms.
Flavor text: "Hey, Eugene! Catch!" - Mainstay, Southwest Sentinels #11
Good Hero - Bad Hero (x2)
Your Hero Target with the lowest HP regains 3 HP. If Mainstay is active, he may deal 1 Target 3 Melee Damage.
Art: Mainstay grapples with the Omniblade while Dr. Medico fires a beam of energy.
Flavor text: "Hey, uh, Mainstay? You gonna keep hitting that robot?" - Dr. Medico, Vengeance #5
Horrifying Dichotomy (x3)
If Dr. Medico is active, he deals 1 Target 3 Energy Damage. If Writhe is active, he deals 1 Target 3 Infernal Damage.
Art: The Hermetic finds himself captured by Writhe and Dr. Medico. An eerie skull looms in the background.
Flavor text: "Gah! Unhand me! Don't you know who I am?!" - Hermetic, Vengeance #5
Positive Energy (x3)
Each Hero Target regains 1 HP. If the Idealist is active, she deals each Villain Target 2 Psychic Damage.
Art: The Idealist conjures various weapons while Dr. Medico stands behind her.
Flavor text: "I am feeling positive! Positively stabby!" - The Idealist, Southwest Sentinels #8
Restorative Burst (x3)
If Dr. Medico is active, you may flip one of your incapacitated Heroes and restore it to 3 HP. Each Hero Target regains 1 HP.
Art: Dr. Medico tends to an incapacitated Writhe.
Flavor text: "Man down! Give me a moment to focus... " - Dr. Medico, Southwest Sentinels #11'
Second Chance (x3)
Flip one of your Character cards from its incapacitated side to its active side. Restore it to 6 HP.
Art: Dr. Medico helps Writhe to his feet.
Flavor text: "Most deserve another chance. Few make the most of it." - Dr. Medico, Southwest Sentinels #3
Team Communication (x3)
Draw 4 cards. You may play a card.
Art: Dr. Medico, Mainstay, and Writhe are joined by the projected overeager head of the Idealist.
Flavor text: "Hey, guys! Whatcha doin'? Gonna fight crime? Can I come? I did all my homework!" - The Idealist, Southwest Sentinels #8
Telekinetic Wallop (x2)
One of your Heroes deals up to 3 Targets 1 Melee Damage each. If the Idealist deals this Damage, change the type to Psychic and increase it by 2.
Art: The Idealist conjures a fist to punch Spite, Agent of Gloom, in the chest.
Flavor text: "Heh, POW. Sound effects are the best!" - The Idealist, Tome of the Bizarre #34
Unique Capabilities (x3)
Search your deck for a Signature card and put it into play. Shuffle your deck. You may draw a card. You may play a card.
Art: Set shoots lightning at one of the Idealist's projections.
Flavor text: "You each have your powers. I have my invention gone wrong. Really, we're quite the team." - Writhe, Southwest Sentinels #3

Ongoing, Signature

Aura of Vision (x1)
At the start of your turn, if the Idealist is active, select 1 Player. That Player may draw 1 card.
Art: The Idealist conjures a light bulb over Dark Watch Expatriette's head.
Flavor text: "Looks like someone's got a bright idea!" - The Idealist, Southwest Sentinels #16
Caliginous Form (x1)
The first time Writhe would be dealt Damage each turn, reduce that Damage by 2 and redirect it to the Villain Target with the highest HP.
Art: Writhe avoids an attack from L'Epeiste, and counters by knocking off L'Epeiste's hat.
Flavor text: "Sacre bleu! What is this madness?!" - L' Epeiste, Tides of Time #4
Hippocratic Oath (x1)
Whenever Dr. Medico would deal Damage, prevent that Damage and instead 1 Hero Target regains that much HP. At the end of your turn, if Dr. Medico is active, up to 3 Targets regain 1 HP each.
Art: Dr. Medico stands between Chrono-Ranger and Expatriette as they glare at each other.
Flavor text: "So, now that's over. Let's all just get along, ok?" - Dr. Medico, Cosmic Challenge

Ongoing, Limited

Sentinel Tactics (x2)
The first time one of the Sentinels deals Damage each turn you may use a Power.
Art: Mainstay and the Idealist attack two members of the Crackjaw Crew.
Flavor text: "I'm going to assume you're taking care of what's going on over there, young lady." - Mainstay, Vengeance #4


Human Shield (x2)
If Mainstay is active, you may redirect any Damage that would be dealt to a Hero Target to Mainstay. At the start of your turn, either discard 2 cards or destroy this card.
Art: Mainstay shields a child in a Legacy costume from several gunman.
Flavor text: "It's ok, kid. Stay down. Today's not your day to be a hero." - Mainstay, Southwest Sentinels #11

Equipment, Signature

Durasteel Chains (x1)
Increase Damage dealt by Mainstay by 1. Reduce Damage dealt to Mainstay by 1.
Art: Mainstay wears his chain over his back.
Flavor text: "I had to trade in two of my favorite bikes just to get this chain." - Mainstay, Southwest Sentinels #1

Void Guard: Dr. Medico


Doctor's Orders (x3)
Dr. Medico deals himself 1 Energy Damage. One Hero Character Card other than Dr. Medico regains 2 HP. That Hero may use a Power.
Art: Dr. Medico embuing Tempest with healing energy;
Flavor-text: "I feel positively energized! This is hardly typical Earth medicine." - Tempest, Prime Wardens #39
Flare Up (x4)
Dr. Medico deals 1 target 3 Energy Damage. Dr. Medico and 1 other Hero target each regain 1 HP.
Art: Dr. Medico attacking Sanction by sending a pulse of energy through her;
Flavor-text: "You're going to feel a little, uh, living energy leaving your mortal form?" - Dr. Medico, Scion Strike #2
Immunization (x2)
Dr. Medico deals each Hero Character Card other than himself 1 irreducible Energy Damage. Targets dealt damage this way are immune to damage until the start of your turn.
Art: Haka fighting against Aeon Men while imbued with Medico's yellow energy;
Flavor-text: "This feeling, it is a strange one. I did not even know about the one on my arm until I saw it!" - Haka, Prime Wardens #63
Intensive Care (x3)
Dr. Medico deals himself 2 Energy Damage. A Hero target other than Dr. Medico regains 2 HP. Reduce the next damage dealt to that target by 2. Draw up to 2 cards.
Art: Dr. Medico shielding Idealist from an attack with an energy shield;
Flavor-text: "Miranda! Oh! Um, apparently, I can stop bullets now. That's new. Let's go." - Dr. Medico, Southwest Sentinels #36
Lifeforce Of Will (x2)
Dr. Medico deals himself 2 Energy Damage. Each Hero Character Card other than Dr. Medico may either regain 2 HP or use a Power.
Art: Dr. Medico flying through the air alongside Visionary;
Flavor-text: "You are looking different as well, Doctor. It is good to see you and your friends." - The Visionary, Prime Wardens #62
Positive Prognosis (x3)
Dr. Medico deals himself 1 Energy Damage. Each player may draw a card. Each Hero Character Card regains 1 HP.
Art: Dr. Medico helping a frazzled Tachyon to her feet while Absolute Zero looks on;
Flavor-text: "Take a moment and breathe. I know it's hard to slow down, but this won't be a short fight." - Dr. Medico, Freedom Five Annual #30
Preventative Care (x2)
Select a target other than Dr. Medico. Prevent the next damage that would be dealt to that target. You may draw a card. You may play a card.
Art: Dr. Medico shielding Sky-Scraper from getting hit by an energy blast;
Flavor-text: "¡Cuidado! Careful! Uh, I really have no idea what language you speak." - Dr. Medico, Void Guard #4
Triage (x2)
Dr. Medico deals himself 2 Energy Damage. Discard a card. Either restore 1 active Hero Character Card to 10 HP, or 1 target regains 4 HP.
Art: Dr. Medico treating the torn wing of an angry Fanatic;
Flavor-text: "I know, but that beast really did a number on your wing. Hold still, ma'am. Please." - Dr. Medico, Prime Wardens #46


From The Brink (x2)
When damage would reduce a Hero to 0 or fewer HP, you may prevent that damage. When damage is prevented this way, each Hero target regains 2 HP. Then, remove this card from the game.
Art: Dr. Medico healing a badly injured Expatriette while Setback looks on worriedly;
Flavor-text: "Stay back, Mr. Riske! I need space to work, and you need to not trip over anything." - Dr. Medico, Dark Watch #14
Prescription Strength (x3)
At the start of each Hero's turn, you may destroy this card. When this card is destroyed, select a Hero target. That target regains 3 HP. Increase damage dealt by that target this turn by 1.
Art: Dr. Medico handing Writhe some sort of strange energy ball;
Flavor-text: "No, I'm not certain what it is or how I did it. But I know it will work, and that you'll need it." - Dr. Medico, Void Guard #5

Ongoing, Limited

Experimental Medicine (x3)
At the start of your turn, Dr. Medico may deal himself 2 Toxic Damage. If he does not take damage this way, destroy this card. Damage dealt by Dr. Medico is irreducible and cannot be increased. Increase HP recovery caused by your cards and Powers by 1.
Art: Dr. Medico alongside Bunker and Captain Cosmic holding a giant energy sword, all preparing to attack Apostate;
Flavor-text: "Fear not, friends. This corruptor and our dangerous surroundings can be overcome." - Dr. Medico, Tome of the Bizarre #77
Healing Pulse (x3)
At the end of your turn, up to 3 targets regain 1 HP each.
Power: Dr. Medico deals himself 2 Energy Damage. Each Hero Character Card other than Dr. Medico regains 2 HP.
Art: Dr. Medico shielding and healing a civilian in the middle of some carnage;
Flavor-text: "I've got you. I've got you. We're good here. Your leg is already fixed. Breathe." - Dr. Medico, Void Guard #1
Regeneration (x3)
At the start of your turn, draw 2 cards, use a Power, and destroy this card. At the end of each turn, Dr. Medico regains 2 HP.
Art: Dr. Medico reconstituting himself from being squished;
Flavor-text: "Nope! Still here! Oh, wow, that is not fun. I don't recommend it. Not at all." - Dr. Medico, Prime Wardens #62
Second Opinion (x3)
At the start of your turn, Dr. Medico may deal 1 target 3 Energy Damage. If he deals damage this way, destroy this card. Whenever a Hero would regain 3 or more HP, they may use a Power instead.
Art: Malpractice Dr. Medico angrily holding Re-Volt against a wall with a hand around his neck;
Flavor-text: >cough cough< "Doc. You gotta--" >cough< "--work on your bedside manner." - Re-Volt, Void Guard #10
Universal Donor (x2)
Whenever Dr. Medico is dealt damage, a Hero target other than Dr. Medico regains 1 HP.
Power: One target regains 2 HP.
Art: Dr. Medico getting stabbed by Spite's claws while trying to help Mr. Fixer;
Flavor-text: "I don't think I can fix what's really wrong with you. But-- augh! Ow!" - Dr. Medico, Dark Watch #17

Sentinelsicon.png Complexitythree.png

Aliases: Nick Hernandez

Age: 32

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 7oz
Hair: None

Eye: White

Birthplace: Wintersburg, Arizona

Power Source: Isoflex Alpha
Occupation: Adventurer, Doctor

First Appearance: Southwest Sentinels #1

Group: The Southwest Sentinels

Nemesis: La Capitan
Nemesis: The Crackjaw Crew

Nemesis: Quetzalcoatl

Nemesis: Judge Mental

Mini Expansion

Meta: Doctor Medico


Main Episode: Episode 35

General Sentinels References

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  • The Idealist's "Incapacitated" side shows her disintegrating into small square pieces. This is a reference to Marvel's 2005 "House of M" crossover event, in which the insane ex-heroine Scarlet Witch rewrote reality to serve her desires. Whenever the Scarlet Witch "unmade" something in her created world it disintegrated in the same way.
  • Mainstay's "Incapacitated" side shows him being held prisoner in The Block (the pink energy "bars" are similar to the ones seen on The Block cards "Lock Down" and "Defensive Displacement").
  • Writhe's "Incapacitated" side is an homage to a famous Spider-Man cover which shows Venom besieged in a church bell tower. It is also possible that the Venom-like creature shown attacking Setback on "Cause and Effect" is actually a berserk Writhe, and that these pictures come from the same story arc.
  • The boy pictured on "Human Shield" may be Thiago from the Spite card "Potential Sidekick." He and Mainstay appear to be under fire from some of the Chairman's hit-men.
  • The female villain of the Crackjaw Crew (pictured on "Sentinels Tactics") is in a wheelchair almost identical to both Charles Xavier's (aka Professor X) in the 90's X-Men cartoon. It is also similar to the one driven by Alistaire Smythe in the Spider-Man cartoon from the same decade.
  • The card "Sentinels Tactics" is likely a reference to the strategy game of the same name published by Greater Than Games.
  • As a symbol for medicine and healing, the Caduceus emblazoned on Dr. Medico's chest is actually incorrect. The Caduceus, representing the staff of the Greco-Roman messenger god Hermes, is a symbol for commerce and trade, not healing. The Caduceus is often confused with the Rod of Asclepius, an actual medical symbol which features a single snake coiling around a wooden rod.
  • The giant robot projection pictured on "Dark Delusions" is a parody of the Megazord from the 1993 Americanized Super Sentai show "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers".
  • The Idealist is standing next to the Dark Watch version of Expatriette on "Aura of Vision".


  • Dr. Medico is one of two openly known LGBT heroes in the Multiverse. The other is Tachyon.
  • The Sentinels are the only SotM heroes to have a Setup card.
  • Dr. Medico absorbed the second form of Skinwalker Gloomweaver[1] into his OblivAeon Shard and it was a major factor leading into his Malpractice variant. In the Tactics timeline this lead to Gloomweaver taking over his body. In the RPG timeline Gloomweaver was exorcised from Dr Medico early on but his fate was left unknown.

To Other Works

  • As a quartet of superheroes, the Sentinels draw easy comparisons to Marvel's Fantastic Four. However, as a team composed of people from disparate walks of life who are pulled together by circumstance, they draw more comparisons to the Avengers, another Marvel staple.
  • The individual Sentinels seem to embody the popular characteristics of comic book characters from different decades:
    • As an energy being with a simple design and a domino mask, Dr. Medico evokes the Silver Age Green Lantern, aka Hal Jordan. Hal Jordan was introduced in the 50's and became increasingly popular in the sixties and seventies.
    • The burly, biker-grunge styled Mainstay recalls numerous anti-heroes from the 80’s, most notably DC's Lobo.
    • The young, plucky Idealist is reminiscent of the Power Pack, a team of child superheroes who also hailed from the 80's. They are a part of the Marvel universe.
    • Writhe, with his spectral appearance, fedora, and shadow powers, is similar to numerous characters from the nineties and early 2000's, most notably DC's The Shade, an enemy of the hero Starman.
  • Dr. Medico is the adoptive father of The Idealist along with his husband Caleb.
  • As a hero made of pure power and energy that can heal people, Dr. Medico is similar to the New 52 version of DC's Captain Atom.
  • Dr. Medico seems to change color when he uses his healing powers. On "Restorative Burst", which pictures him healing Writhe, he is dark orange rather than his usual bright yellow.
  • Mainstay has a heart shaped tattoo on his right shoulder with the word "Ma" written inside, a stereotype of the "tough guy with a heart of gold" character archetype.
  • The Idealist's ability to create mental energy projections is evocative of DC's Green Lantern.
  • The Idealist is the youngest hero in the Sentinels universe.
  • Power wise and character wise, Writhe is an amalgamation of many different famous comic characters:
    • As a thief who gained shadow powers from technology, he is similar to the DC villain Shadow Thief.
    • As a shadowy ex-villain who gave up crime thanks to the intervention of a hero with light-based powers, Writhe is similar to the Shade, one of Starman's former foes.
    • His ability to entrap enemies in the shadows of his trench coat calls to mind Cloak from the Marvel duo of Cloak and Dagger.
    • Writhe's fedora, jacket, and shadowy presence evoke the classic comic/radio character The Shadow.
  • The card "Good Hero – Bad Hero" is a parody of the classic "Good Cop – Bad Cop" dichotomy.


Character Specific References

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General Sentinels Clarifications

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Fireside Chats

  • The Sentinels' setup card works like the Ennead setup card in that it is a ghost card; it does not count as a card in play and nothing else can affect it.
  • When a card like "Entomb" says "if all active heroes are dealt damage this way", it means ALL active Sentinels hero character cards have to have been dealt damage. They are each individually active heroes.
  • Similarly, when a card deals damage to "all heroes that...", such as Primordial Plant Life, it deals damage to all members of the Sentinels.
  • PL626 deals damage to the exact hero character card that used the power when The Sentinels use a power.
  • "Rites of Revival" can be used with the Sentinels when they are all incapacitated. You choose only one to flip up, which also flips up the setup card.
  • When Guise copies Mainstay's power "Reduce Damage dealt to The Sentinels by 1" it results in reducing damage dealt to Guise.
  • When Guise copies cards from The Sentinels in general, he replaces "The Sentinels" with "Guise" as well as each individual hero's name. He's greedy.
  • When "Isolated Hero" is on a Sentinel, it does not isolate that Sentinel from the other Sentinels. But it does isolate the Sentinels as a whole from the other heroes. The Sentinels are a team, through and through.
  • If "Imbued Vitality" is out, and thus the Sentinels have target equipment/ongoing cards, but then the last Sentinel is dealt damage such that all Sentinels are incapacitated, you still flip the setup card even though they technically have a hero target in play. This is a change from an earlier ruling.
  • "Drum of Despair"'s effect only causes one of The Sentinels' character cards to take damage (player's choice).
  • Rules of thumb when deciding how a card would damage The Sentinels:
    • "Deal each hero" => Hits all the Sentinels' character cards
    • "Deal the hero with X, where X is a 'player thing'" (e.g. most cards in play) => Hits one The Sentinels character card of their choice
    • "Deal the hero with X, where X is a 'card thing'" (e.g. highest HP) => Hits The Sentinels character card that matches the requirement
  • If you would play the bottom card of your deck but the deck is empty, you reshuffle the trash to make a new deck first (just like playing the top card).
  • If Adamant Writhe uses his power then decides not to move the next non-hero target destroyed, that "uses up" the effect.
  • If "Caliginous Form" is in play and damage to Writhe is reduced to 0 or fewer damage, it is not redirected. It only gets redirected if there’s any damage left over after the reduction.
  • If a Voodoo Pin is next to a Sentinel, the end of turn Gloomweaver damage is dealt to that specific Sentinel. If that Sentinel is incapacitated, the pin just hangs around doing nothing, but if that Sentinel comes back, the pin is still there doing stuff. In the case of the Sable Pin, the player can choose to destroy a card if they want.
  • With America's Greatest Legacy's innate power and The Sentinels, he picks a specific Sentinel. They gain the 1 HP and may either use their power or an auxiliary power, such as the Rod of Anubis. They could not choose to use the power printed on a different member of The Sentinels.
  • If "Unforgiving Wasteland" is in play and an environment target causes a Sentinels member to become incapacitated, they are removed from the game. However, the game goes on as normal for the rest of the Sentinels, minus that member. If they are all incapacitated the regular way, they just flip (along with the setup card) and they still have incapacitated abilities. However, if "Unforgiving Wasteland" ends up removing ALL Sentinels members from the game, then the setup card is also removed from the game and they have no incapacitated abilities anymore.
  • Cards that revive a Sentinels member cannot revive a Sentinels member that has been removed from the game.
  • With Fling into Darkness, damage does not need to be dealt to trigger the destruction.
  • Suppose Sentinel Tactics is in play and a Sentinel deals damage to Sonic Mine. Sonic Mine's reaction occurs, and then you may use a power.
  • When multiple members of The Sentinels are dealt damage by Viperous Cloud, their player discards 1 card in total.
  • The Sentinels’ setup card Game Play text is changed from “If you have no hero targets in play, flip this card.” to “If you have no active heroes in play, flip this card.”

Spiff's Clarifications

  • Restorative Burst and Second Chance
    • These cards allow you to flip one of our incapacitated heroes and restore some of their HP. The cards may only ever be used on a member of the Sentinels team not any other hero.[1]


Character Specific Clarifications

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Fireside Chats

  • With Dr. Medico - Malpractice’s power, if a card would increase the HP gain (e.g. Phosphorescent Chamber), the HP gain increase occurs before the HP gain is cancelled and turned into damage.
  • The HP recovery increase from Experimental Medicine works with Idol of Anput if Dr. Medico uses it.
  • Dr. Medico’s power does not get used up if the target attempts to gain HP while at maximum HP, because the target did not regain any HP.
  • The order of the effects of Dr. Medico’s power, Experimental Medicine, and the Operative’s incapacitated side are determined by player choice.
  • Suppose Second Opinion and Prescription Strength are in play. When Prescription Strength is destroyed, if the hero opts to use a power instead of gaining HP, they do not get the damage increase from Prescription Strength during the power use (because it is not yet in effect).
  • Void Guard Dr. Medico - Malpractice’s power text is updated to read: “Until the end of your next turn, the first time each hero target would regain HP each turn, Dr. Medico deals 1 target that amount of energy damage instead.”
  • Void Guard Dr. Medico - Malpractice’s power does not do anything differently if it's used multiple times in a round, i.e. it does not stack. It’s either on or off.

Comic Books: Doctor Medico

Small note: Items that are in bullets are from the Podcasts, so their form may not make sense, or feel like they are missing a part - its probably on another tab

Spoilers May Be Ahead - SCU and Miststorm Universe Tabs may contain spoilers for future products.



Same for all four Sentinel Character pages

Nick Hernandez and Jackson Bognetti were roommates in college. At first, Nick couldn't stand the meathead football player, and Jackson thought the pre-med twerp spent too much time studying. However, given time and forced proximity, they overcame their differences to become the best of friends. Jackson helped Nick learn how not to get too caught up in his books to enjoy life, and Nick used his medical training to help Jackson out when he got hurt. Jackson was always huge, and he just seemed to get even bigger and stronger throughout college, but he was training a lot, so that made sense. But when Nick began transforming from a normal human being to a form composed of living energy... well, those were challenging times. However, Nick stuck with it and dealt with the strange looks. He made it through all of med school and got his MD degree. Meanwhile, Jackson had slacked off a bit after college, spending a lot of time on his motorcycle and in bars. But the two friends still hung out regularly. To get away from his college football days, Jackson changed his last name to Bravo, which Nick thought was a dumb name.

After college, both Nick and Jackson ended up Phoenix, Arizona. Nick worked at a local hospital and Jackson taught guitar lessons out of his studio apartment. So, when a crazed time traveling pirate appeared outside a restaurant they were at on a double-date, the giant of a man and the man made of living energy were the ones to stop her and toss her into her own time portal.

Stopping paranormal events and fighting crime became something of a hobby for the two. They made a good team. Jackson could take just about any punch thrown, and what he couldn't take, Nick could heal. They mostly stopped small crimes and acted as an overly strong neighborhood watch. Jackson called himself "Mainstay", as he was the rock that made the team possible, and Nick called himself "Dr. Medico", which Jackson thought was a dumb name.

Across town, young Miranda Fischer's mother was conducting experiments, using her daughter's developing telekinetic abilities to power an infernal device she had built in hopes of bringing Miranda's father back from beyond the grave. His death had left the widow despondent, but her daughter's power gave the scientist a horrifying hope. However, the negative energy accumulated by the machine she locked her 8-year-old daughter into was diametrically opposed to the energy that made up Nick Hernandez, and when the machine was powered up, his howl of pain echoed the one made by Miranda. Working backwards through the pain, Dr. Medico directed the furious Mainstay to the house where the infernal contraption slowly drained Miranda's powers. With one brutal sweep of his arm, Jackson knocked the crazed Mrs. Fischer through a wall and shattered the machine. The psychic backlash caused by the destruction wiped Miranda's memory completely, leaving her mentally little more than a toddler.

After a couple years of caring for her, Nick and his partner Caleb legally adopted the young girl, who already thought of them as her parents. She progressed quickly, showing no memory of her previous life, and having a overly positive attitude about everything in life. However, her fathers were concerned when she began displaying signs of mental powers once again.

One day, Nick and Uncle Jackson took Miranda to the Arizona Science Center. In the main lobby, a bizarre portal opened to another time, and a rakish woman stepped through, proclaiming herself to be Maria Helena Teresa Fafila Servanda Jimena Mansuara Paterna Domenga Gelvira Placia Sendina Belita Eufemia Columba Gontina Aldonza Mafalda Cristina Tegrida de Falcon and demanding the secrets of the science of the future! Dr. Medico shielded Miranda and Mainstay lept into action, fighting off the mighty, halberd-wielding first mate. However, it was Miranda who stood up, with a tiny balled fist, flung the pirate woman backwards through her own portal. Nick and Jackson were worried about the ten year old, but she just laughed at the silly pirate lady and asked to get ice cream.

Within a year, Miranda occasionally joined her father and uncle in protecting those around them. Caleb expressed his concerns, but she always asked nicely and promised to be careful and do all of her homework on time. Still, when The Idealist joins Dr. Medico and Mainstay, they're both overly protective of her.

Just outside town, Eugene Wilkenson was at his wits end. The funding for his inventions had dried up. He could theoretically harness shadowy energy and wrap it around an object, which should be invaluable to defense contractors, but no one was willing to provide financial support for his work. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Eugene was a desperate man. Using the largely untested tech on himself, he projected a dark, amorphous cloak which should allow him to rob a bank without any difficulty. However, the cloak bonded to his flesh, giving him the very properties the energy was supposed to impart. Even more desperate than before, he followed through with his bank robbing plan, only to be confronted by a giant of a man, a glowing yellow figure, and a little girl who picked him up with an invisible hand and stuffed his now morphic form into one of the canvas bags he tried to steal. The apprehended criminal was put in a solid cell in the local jail, but the energy could not be separated from the man.

Later that week, a much more prepared La Capitan appeared not far from that jail with a team of powerful crew members, demanding the heads of Dr. Medico, Mainstay, and the little girl who stopped her just a few days ago. The three arrived on the scene, and were fought to a standstill, until the crew member known as Siege-Breaker threw Mainstay through a wall - the very wall that Eugene Wilkenson was on the other side of. Given time to consider his actions and his new life, Eugene made a quick decision and allied with his captors against the temporal thieves.

After the battle, the four reconvened and considered their options. They made a good team, and all four just wanted to help take care of those around them. Eugene called himself Writhe, and promised to serve his time for attempted bank robbery, but afterwards, The Sentinels joined together to protect those who needed it most. And they still had not seen the last of La Capitan...


Variant: Originally revealed during the Villains of the Multiverse preorder event.

After acting independently for years, The Sentinels were recently offered a chance to train under the Hero Project in Fort Adamant. There, they honed their skills and have become an even stronger team. In their new base in the military facility, they learn much about themselves, their opponents, and more than a few concerning things about their military contacts. The last few years have been difficult, but those hardships have brought them together. Nick, Jackson, Miranda, and Eugene are the heroes of the future!


The team known as the Southwest Sentinels were in trouble. Chokepoint had blindsided them in their headquarters in Fort Adamant. It was a rough fight. The fact that the heroes were getting no military support in this fight, and that no alarms had been set off by Chokepoint’s entirely unstealthy arrival was not immediately concerning to them, but the Southwest Sentinels began to realize things were not quite what they had assumed.

They fled through the military installation, narrowly dodging the attacks from Chokepoint. As they entered the lower levels, Chokepoint tore through a wall before them, and then was incapacitated by a blast of power. The wall she had just destroyed housed a secret room the heroes had never seen before. In that room were four large glowing crystals, each radiating a different spectrum of energy.

Behind them, Chokepoint groaned and began struggling to her feet. She would be back at full power in no time - the heroes had a choice to make. And they choose survival.

Now, Doctor Medico, Mainstay, The Idealist, and Writhe harness the power of Oblivion Shards and fight against the end of all things. They hold back the Void when no one else can.

Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Southwest Sentinels

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