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Reconstituted Oppressor [30]
If this card would be Destroyed, Flip it instead.
The first time this Card is dealt Damage each turn, it deals each Target 1 Energy Damage.
At the End of this Villain Turn, select a Player with an Active Hero. That Player may Discard a Card or Destroy one of their Non-Character Cards. If they do neither, this card deals the Hero Target with the Highest HP in that Player's Play area 5 Energy damage.
At the END of this Villain Turn, Add 1 Devastation Token to the Inevitable Destruction Card.
Flavor text: "I shudder to think of the returned oppressor Uko under the power of OblivAeon." - Captain Cosmic, Tome of the Bizarre #82
Manifested Nothingness [15]
When this card flips to this side, restore it to 15 HP.
This card is immune to melee and projectile damage. Whenever this card would be dealt energy damage, it regains that much HP instead.
When this card is destroyed, each player may draw a card and use a power. Then, remove this card from the game.
At the End of this Villain Turn, this card deals each non-villain target 3 energy damage. Then, destroy X hero non-character, non-target cards where X = the number of targets destroyed this turn.
Whenever a card is destroyed, add 1 Devastation token to the Inevitable Destruction card.
Flavor text: "You are an end of things, but you shall be your own fate. Return now to the ether from which you came!" - Tempest, Scion Strike #1