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Set: Vengeance
Nemesis: Naturalist


HP: 7
Title: Nemesis
Found In: Ermine


Nobody knows where Equity comes from. He is an assassin of renowned ability, but of a strict code. If you have a grievance he can be brought in to balance the scales. Unknown to the world at large, he is Andrew Jones living in suburban middle-America with a wife and three kids, where he works as an insurance auditor. He has the ability to change his form into the form seen on the card art, from a normal human looking person. He can destabilize objects on a molecular level so he can pass through them, slowly. He has a power known as 'Unsettling Gaze' - if he has eye-contact with you you cannot see him. As long as he is meeting your eyes you cannot see him.

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  • Equity was an early Wraith villain who was an Assassin Letters Page Episode 2 - Wraith
  • From Letters Page Interlude 7 - Nemeses
    • What's the deal with Equity? He's an assassin for hire. Nobody really knows where he came from, he's very enigmatic. If you have a grievance, he can be brought in to balance the scales. He's got a really rigid code, but not really a villainous outlook. He's just a normal guy named Andrew Jones living in suburban middle-America with a wife and three kids where he works as an insurance auditor (providing a handy reason to go on business trips all over). One power is to change form into the look he has in the card-game appearance. He can also destabilize things on a molecular level so that he can then pass through it (not like at a full run - I'm thinking more of the speed that the T-1000 walked through the bars in Terminator 2 only the environment is moving around him instead of the reverse). His other power is his "Unsettling Gaze" - if he has eye-contact with you, you cannot see him (you might look away and see him in the corner of your eye and look back, but won't be able to see him - then he slits your throat; he's very hard to fight).


  • Equity’s appearance is strongly evocative of the Batman villain Two-Face. While his nemesis symbol is for the Naturalist, his flavor text hints that the Wraith, the Sentinels Batman analog, has had run-ins with him before.