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Villain: Ermine


Heavy Hitter (x4)
Move 1 Hero Ongoing or Equipment card from play to the top of the associated Hero's deck. Ermine deals the Hero target with the second lowest HP 3 melee damage.
Art: Ermine appears to be breaking Mr. Fixer's elbow;
Flavor text: "Well, hi there, handsome! I'm new in town. Care to show me around?" - Ermine, Vengeance #4
Long Con (x2)
Each player discards 1 card. Ermine regains 3 HP.
Art: Ermine sitting at the Freedom Five Tower secretary desk;
Flavor text: "Hello, pretties! We've been waiting for you!" - Ermine, Freedom Five Annual #27
Sleight of Hand (x3)
One player must put a card from hand on the top of their deck. Ermine deals each Hero target 1 projectile damage.
Art: Ermine stealing a gun from Expatriette who is busy shooting other targets;
Flavor text: "Don't mind lil' old me... Just your , uh, friendly neighborhood gun inspector?" - Ermine, Vengeance #5


Constant Prattle (x1)
At the end of Ermine's turn, discard the top card of each deck.
Art: Ermine talking incessantly to a tied up and upside down Wraith;
Flavor text: "... and that's when you walked right into my trap as if you didn't realized I'd be here waiting for you which, really, is a shame considering... " - Ermine, Freedom Five Annual #27
Impromptu Heist (x2)
At the end of Ermine's villain turn, destroy 1 Hero Ongoing card and 1 Equipment card. If at least 1 card is destroyed this way, destroy this card.
Art: Ermine stealing a device out of the Bunker suit;
Flavor text: "Gosh, I sure hope this isn't something important. That'd be awful!" - Ermine, Freedom Five Annual #27
Subtle Diversion (x2)
The first time Ermine would be dealt damage each turn, redirect that damage to the Hero target with the highest HP.
Art: Ermine holding up a mirror which reflects a blast towards Legacy;
Flavor text: "Yeah, she's subtle, all right. Subtle like a ton of bricks." - Mr. Fixer, Vengeance #3
Uncatchable (x2)
If Ermine would be dealt damage, prevent that damage and destroy this card.
Art: Ermine swinging handcuffs in her finger as she gets out of a police vehicle;
Flavor text: "Well, boys, I do like jewelry, but I don't care much for these silver bracelets." - Ermine, Vengeful Five One-Shot


Calypso [11] (x1)
At the end of Ermine's turn, move 1 Hero Ongoing card from play to the top of the associated Hero's deck. If Ra is active in this game, reduce all fire damage by 1.
Art: A closeup of Calypso in the ocean;
Flavor text: "If you're looking for a watery grave, you've come to the right place." - Calypso, Exordium #1
Equity [7] (x1)
At the end of Ermine's turn, this card deals the Hero target with the second highest HP 2 melee damage. If the Naturalist is active in this game, increase damage dealt by this card by 2.
Art: A closeup of Equity;
Flavor text: "If there's a price on your head, hope the price doesn't catch his attention." - The Wraith, Exordium #3
The Seer [9] (x1)
At the end of Ermine's turn, this card deals the Hero target with the highest HP 2 infernal damage. If Fanatic is active in this game, all Hero targets are immune to damage from Hero targets.
Art: A closeup of the Seer;
Flavor text: "Is this reality? Concentrate on the pain. Life is pain, hero." - The Seer, Vengeance #4
Tantrum [5] (x1)
At the end of Ermine's turn, destroy 1 Environment card. Then, if Sky-Scraper is active in this game and there are no Environment cards in play, this card deals each Hero target 2 melee damage.
Art: Tantrum stopping a truck with one hand;
Flavor text: "Calm down? Little girl? Oh, now you're gonna pay!" - Tantrum, Vengeance #5

Mini Nemeses


Aliases: Cassandra A. Lilya

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 100lbs

Hair: White
Eye: Amber

Birthplace: Rook City

Power Source: Acrobatics, Training, Stolen Gear

Occupation: Thief, Socialite
First Appearance: Mystery Comics #65

Group: The Vengeful Five

Nemesis: Wraith


Meta: Ermine

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To Other Works

  • As a nimble female cat-burglar who dresses with a feline theme, Ermine draws easy comparisons to Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman. The fact that she is a nemesis of the Wraith, a Batman proxy, furthers the resemblance.
  • The scene pictured on “Constant Prattle” is lifted directly from the Batman story “Mad Love.” "Mad Love" was written by Paul Dini and appeared in a Batman Adventures one-shot in February of 1994. The only differences between the "Constant Prattle" and "Mad Love" depictions are the pictured characters: Ermine takes the place of the Joker’s girlfriend Harley Quinn, and Wraith takes the place of Batman.
  • Tantrum is the first villain to be published with a Nemesis symbol for Skyscraper.
  • Calypso is named after a sea nymph from Greco-Roman mythology. Fittingly, she seems to have the ability to turn into living water. Even more fittingly, she is an enemy of Ra, a hero who uses fire as his primary weapon.
  • The Seer greatly resembles the Marvel hero Danny Rand, aka the Immortal Iron Fist.
  • Equity’s appearance is strongly evocative of the Batman villain Two-Face. While his nemesis symbol is for the Naturalist, his flavor text hints that the Wraith, the Sentinels' Batman analog, has had run-ins with him before


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Fireside Chats

  • If Ermine has “Subtle Diversion” is out, and Guise deals her damage that cannot be redirected, it uses up Subtle Diversion's effect for that turn.
  • Suppose Friction has a target in her trash but Ermine does not. You may select Ermine’s trash for Training Simulator and avoid having a target be moved into play.

Comic Books: Ermine

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Ermine Original Standard Front.png

Cassandra Lilya grew up in the same socialite circles as Maya Montgomery. They both shopped at the same exclusive boutiques, were regularly seen at major fashion weeks, boarded their horses at the same stables, attended the same high class parties, and even sent spies to find out what the other was wearing to said parties, as wearing the same dress would be social suicide.

Maya despised the foolish girl “Cass”, finding her investment in the social scene to be entirely vapid. Maya only engaged in these activities as a cover for her actions as The Wraith - Cass clearly thought that these silly frivolities were the most important parts of life, and Maya could not think less of her.

But Maya was wrong. Cass thought just as little of the bubbly Maya Montgomery. She could not know the thrill of leaping from rooftops and breaking into the most well-guarded vaults in the world. The public life of Cassandra Lilya was merely a cover for Ermine, the greatest thief in the world!

Ermine had stolen most of largest gems and most expensive archaeological finds in the world, selling them at top dollar to private collectors to fund her extravagant lifestyle. However, when a huge diamond was on exhibit at a museum in Rook City, Ermine’s attempted thievery was interrupted by The Wraith, who trivially defeated her and left her tied up in the museum right in front of the diamond. The authorities attempted to arrest her, but without actually catching her in the act of committing a crime, there was nothing for them to prosecute her for. However, her secret identity was revealed publicly, and Cassandra Lilya was ruined.

She continued to act as Ermine, but she quickly found that she actually missed her social outings. She cursed The Wraith with her every waking breath. So, when she received a lovely, handwritten letter from Baron Blade, offering her the chance for vengeance, she readily joined his team.

Now, Ermine, the world’s greatest thief, fights as part of Blade’s Vengeful Five! Ermine will have her revenge on The Wraith!

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