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  • As a nimble female cat-burglar who dresses with a feline theme, Ermine draws easy comparisons to Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman. The fact that she is a nemesis of the Wraith, a Batman proxy, furthers the resemblance.
  • The scene pictured on “Constant Prattle” is lifted directly from the Batman story “Mad Love.” "Mad Love" was written by Paul Dini and appeared in a Batman Adventures one-shot in February of 1994. The only differences between the "Constant Prattle" and "Mad Love" depictions are the pictured characters: Ermine takes the place of the Joker’s girlfriend Harley Quinn, and Wraith takes the place of Batman.
  • Tantrum is the first villain to be published with a Nemesis symbol for Skyscraper.
  • Calypso is named after a sea nymph from Greco-Roman mythology. Fittingly, she seems to have the ability to turn into living water. Even more fittingly, she is an enemy of Ra, a hero who uses fire as his primary weapon.
  • The Seer greatly resembles the Marvel hero Danny Rand, aka the Immortal Iron Fist.
  • Equity’s appearance is strongly evocative of the Batman villain Two-Face. While his nemesis symbol is for the Naturalist, his flavor text hints that the Wraith, the Sentinels' Batman analog, has had run-ins with him before