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Fireside Chats

  • "Unload" dynamically grants powers equal to the number of guns in play. For example, if Expatriette uses her innate power to play a Gun card, it grants her an extra power. If you play Unload with no guns in play, you lose the power that you would normally have.
  • Ruling change: Additional/granted powers work like additional/granted card plays. For example, if you put "Embolden" on Expatriette, and she uses "Pride" and then "Prejudice" (from "Pride"), she still has one power use remaining. This makes additional/granted powers work like the combination of "HUD Goggles" and "Lightning Reflexes", for example.
  • Players can decide the order between Mad Bomber Blade and "Hairtrigger Reflexes" when a villain target enters play. Expatriette can first damage or destroy the target, then it goes under Blade; or it can go under Blade, and nothing else happens.
  • Suppose "Hairtrigger Reflexes" is in play and Matriarch plays a Fowl card. Expatriette may choose to deal damage to the Fowl card before the top card of the villain deck is played. Note: this is not yet fixed in the digital version, but will be in a later update.
  • "Hairtrigger Reflexes" + "Forced Deployment" (or "Darken the Sky") cannot cause an infinite loop. All of the minions are first selected and removed from the trash, and played. New minions entering the trash during "Forced Deployment"'s effect are not returned.
  • When an Ennead character card is moved from under the Shrine of the Ennead, it is a target entering play, but not a card entering play. "Hairtrigger Reflexes" may activate against it.
  • The wording on Heroic Infinitor's card is adjusted to clarify that when a Manifestation would enter play, Infinitor will regain 4 HP. Other cards (such as "Hairtrigger Reflexes") can then react, but cannot prevent the HP gain. If the Manifestation is then fully in play and has not been shot or otherwise destroyed, Infinitor destroys the Manifestation. The new wording is: "Whenever a Manifestation would enter play, Infinitor gains 4 HP. When it enters play, it is destroyed".
  • If you play a card via "Speed Loading", then skip your play and power phases, you do not get to draw an extra card. The rule book says: "If, for any reason, a player neither plays a card nor uses a power on their turn, then they may draw an additional card during their draw phase."
  • Ammo
    • Expatriette's Ammo cards can be played without a gun in play. If that happens, the Ammo card goes to the trash (but is not destroyed).
    • If an Ammo card is flipped face up when "Fixed Point" is in play, and no guns are in play, it just stays where it is, face up in Expatriette's play area. Since it's indestructible it cannot go to the trash.
    • If an Ammo card is next to a Gun card and the Gun card is destroyed, the Ammo card remains in play.
    • "Shock Rounds"' wording is changed to: "Play this Card next to a Gun Card. After that Card's Power is used to Damage a Target, Expatriette deals each non-Hero Target 1 Lightning Damage. Then, Destroy this Card."
    • When "Liquid Nitrogen Rounds" is used to destroy "Sonic Mine", the damage from "Sonic Mine" is reduced by 1.

Spiff's Clarifications

  • Ammunition Cards
    • Ammo cards are played next to a Gun card and activate when the gun's power is activated. You may not choose to not use an Ammo card when activating a gun. If the gun goes off, the ammo gets used.
    • Likewise, Expatriette's two signature guns "Pride" and "Prejudice" can have up to two Ammo cards in play at a time, but firing either will activate all of the Ammo cards that have been played next to the gun. You may not use just one of the Ammo cards.[1]
    • If there are no guns in play to attach an Ammo card to, you may still play an Ammo card, but it will go directly to the trash and isn't considered to have been destroyed to get there.[2]
  • "Pride" and "Prejudice"
    • The power on "Pride" says in part, "if 'Prejudice' is in play, you may use its power". You would think that if you had already used the power on "Prejudice" earlier in the round (if, for example, you had played "Unload" and were activating multiple powers on your turn), then you couldn't use it again because of the general rule stating that you may only use a power once in a turn. However, because the power on "Pride" specifically says you may use the power on "Prejudice", that card wording supersedes the general rule, and you may use the power on "Prejudice" twice in the same turn.[3]
  • RPG Launcher
    • Expatriette's card "RPG Launcher" can destroy an Ongoing or Environment card, and if it does, then Expatriette may deal some damage. If the card she uses "RPG Launcher" on has its own effect which triggers when it's destroyed (such as Grand Warlord Voss' "Forced Deployment"), the timing of effects will happen like this:
      • "RPG Launcher" destroys "Forced Deployment". "Forced Deployment" is immediately removed from play and placed in the Villain trash, and all of the minion cards are immediately put from the Villain trash into play. Then, Expatriette may deal her damage, including to any of the minions who were just put into play by "Forced Deployment".
  • Shock Rounds
    • This card says "Play this Card next to a Gun Card. When that Card's Power is used to Damage a Target, Expatriette deals all non-Hero Targets 1 Lightning Damage. After that Power is used, Destroy this Card". Regardless of the number of targets which are hit by the gun's power, the additional lightning damage is applied just once, when the gun's power is used, not once per target affected.[1]
  • Unload
    • This card reads "This turn, you may use as many Powers as you have Guns in play". however, "Unload" just increases the number of powers you may use on your turn to a certain number (the number of guns you have in play), not increase the number of power usages you have left after you play it. So if you used a power prior to playing "Unload", that counts as one of the powers you get to play that turn. For example, if you have 3 guns in play, you get to use 3 powers. If you play a card, then use Expatriette's "Load" power to play "Unload", you’ve already used a power once that turn and you will only have 2 more power usages left.