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From the Sentinels of the Multiverse Official Site

The hail of gunfire shook the armored truck Amanda Cohen was crouched behind. "Amateurs," she growled, adjusting her eyepatch as she surveyed what equipment she had left. Assault Rifle? Check. Tactical Shotgun with incendiary rounds? Check. Of course, her custom-built hand guns, Pride and Prejudice, were always at her side, both loaded with hollow points. She sighed to herself. "Guess I'm going in with only half of my usual gear. Well, that's life!" The tell-tale click of a cartridge being replaced echoed from the other side of her impromptu barrier; she moved. Out from behind the car, her assault rifle throwing bursts of suppressive fire towards her attackers, she quickly side-stepped to a nearby building, rolling the last 5 feet to end her move behind cover. Taking stock, the gun-for-hire grinned. She was down a clip - they were down two men. As she loaded a new magazine into the weapon, her guts suddenly twisted and her knees hit the pavement, hard.

"Heh, you waited too long, little girl. Gave me enough time to find you. Now bullets are the least of your worries," the floating figure laughed. He clenched his outstretched hand, racking her body with more pain. A manic smile grew on his face as he heard the sobs coming from the prostrate mercenary. At least, they sounded like sobs. Her hands hit the ground, slowly pushing her body up as she laughed. "Little girl?" she chuckled. "Who do you think I am? I didn't waste my time. I was waiting for you to show up!" The floating figure twisted his hands into fists, focusing his powers on her. To his credit, she faltered a moment before continuing. "Cute. Telekinetics. I bet your mommy's real proud of you." Her attacker's eyes grew wide, then narrowed as he brought the full-force of his mental might to bear- and a CRACK rang out. The floating man's body fell to the ground, collapsing like a bag of bones. Amanda deftly holstered Prejudice, smirking. "Psychics. They're all the same. Get them talking, get them panicked, and that precious brain of theirs jams up like an AR-15 pushing Wolf rounds. Mission accomplished." She stretched, collecting her assault rifle to finish loading the magazine. "Maybe the next powered mark I get will have actually heard of Expatriette!"

From the Rook City Official Rulebook

Growing up without superpowers was hard for Amanda Cohen. As the daughter of Citizen Dawn, leader of the Citizens of the Sun, she was expected to blossom into a leader herself with a vast array of powers. Instead, she spent her childhood scorned for being unworthy and, after a terrible battle that cost Amanda her right eye, she left her mother and the Citizens of the Sun behind.

Hardened against the power-hungry, she hunted tyrants and oppressors. In her crusade, she learned of groups of heroes, such as the Freedom Five, but was skeptical. With time, she grew to appreciate their use of power for good, and not for gain. Taking the name "Expatriette," she strikes out against those who abuse power, using only her wits and an impressive arsenal of firearms.

  • Expert in taking down super-powered people. In her first appearance, she shows up just as somebody who's shooting super-powered people. We don't know her backstory until later.
    • Expatriette comics tend to come in two varieties (as opposed to "older" heroes who have had more time to wind up in different genres): "Dark and Gritty" and "Superhero Comics that are Serious".
    • Citizens of the Sun philosophy is that non-powered people are inherently less important and the failure of Amanda to develop any powers makes her the target of prejudice among them - especially considering how powerful her parents were. Her parents didn't help either as Dawn was very much a helicopter parent who was very impatient for her child to manifest powers.
    • She lost her eye at around age 12 when Dawn was trying to jump-start her power manifesting by blasting her in the face. Amanda's father, Citizen Pain, was not in favor of this method and he and Dawn had a fight resulting in his death.
    • After this incident, she remembers when she was younger and saw poachers on the island (Insula Primalis being the homebase of the Citizens and where she grew up) where their camp got overrun by dinosaurs. She remembered where that happened and went back there to get the guns, stashes them in a cave, and practices.
    • She'd gotten some practice with ranged "combat" against powered people as, when playing games with other children who had powers, she had to use distance to her advantage (and also tactics like using terrain in stuff like tag to make flying kids have to come to ground to get to her, that sort of thing). She understands that people with powers tend to have a blind spot regarding their powers as they have always relied on them.
    • She had gone to her friends to try to get them to help her get off the island due to her injuries and her dad's death, but they ratted her out to Dawn. She was already kind of paranoid at this point and had followed them. Seeing the betrayal, she ambushed her friend Regina later (also known as Citizen Gate) who could teleport over long distances (but can't do so in quick succession) and she gets dropped off in the middle of an Iowa corn field. Amanda shoots and kills Regina after arriving - the first person she kills - so that there's nobody who can disclose where she is. People with powers are pretty much defined as the enemy for her at this point.
    • She takes a variety of mercenary/wet-works kind of jobs and is pretty much on the dark end of the morality spectrum at this point. Basically a villain, although not in the comic-book "villainous plot" kind of way, just in terms of her outlook and "profession". She's not a nice person.
    • She's got her van of equipment and weapons caches in different cities. She develops a reputation in the underworld as a "Super Killer" and takes up the name Expatriette at this time. She'll take the job where other people won't due to the difficulty of taking on people with powers and she sees it as kind of a public service due to her feelings towards powers.
    • She winds up working out of Rook City just because it's easier for her to hide there without getting hassled by the authorities.
    • There's a "super" bar in Rook City known as the Wretched Hive that minor villains would hang out in. She shoots the place up, tosses in a few grenades, etc. This act ups her reputation even more.
    • She works with Ambuscade a few times (also against him a few times). They have kind of a professional rivalry. Ambuscade once bought temporary powers from Revo-Corp.
    • Took a job from a gunsmith to take out 3 targets (she doesn't invent her own weapons) - first time she'd taken a job from a victim to take out the perpetrators of a crime. In addition to the agreed upon fees, he gifted her Pride and Prejudice - he put in the dove detailing because in getting his revenge she had brought him peace. He becomes a side-character in the comics.
    • Later gets approached by a guy in a slick white suit to go take out this auto mechanic. She sets up shop on a roof with a sniper rifle across the way from the garage, thinks it's an easy-peasy job. Just as she's getting set to take the shot, the mechanic looks in her direction, gives a half wave, and steps into the shop out of sight. She figures that he'd been tipped off, but heads into the shop to get him. He gets the drop on her, waiting. He doesn't really fight her, more just disrupting her firing at him by knocking the guns out of the way (or setting the safety, removing the magazine, pulling off the slide, etc.). Once he dismantles the guns she pulls a knife and he disarms her. He's not throwing punches, he's just always in the right place to prevent her from harming him. Once he has her stymied, he asks her a series of cryptic questions ("Who are you?" "Why are you here?" stuff like that) and gets her thinking about her life.
    • This is her first "failure" in a contracted hit, and as a job coming down from the Chairman, this will not stand and he sends goons to take her out as a lesson to others. She survives, but loses her safehouse in Rook City and just starts driving.
    • Shortly after this is the Voss invasion (which as a major comics crossover event makes its way into her title too). She kills a bunch of gene-bound aliens in a town that she just happened to be in, and the townsfolk call her a hero, which again makes her rethink her position in the world.
    • Her opinion of "heroes" was that they're all con-men who are in it for their own good and oppressing people. Still evil, just less obvious about it than her mom. Being called a hero makes her want to investigate to see if her mindset is accurate and so makes Megalopolis her next destination.
    • Sets up a safe-house to use while she's there. Winds up involved in a minor Baron Blade situation, but does make contact with the Freedom Five. Gets all up in their grills about how they operate. Gets some standard Legacy speeches, etc.
    • Her interactions with Felicia Parsons, though, are interesting. Here's somebody whose family also expected her to have powers (and who did get them), but approached it in a vastly different way. Young Legacy is an interesting foil for Expatriette for those reasons. Amanda initially just wrote her off as somebody who had "drunk the Kool-aid" but after the Baron Blade conflict she starts to come around to the idea that the heroes are genuine.
    • Tachyon makes her some "non-bullety bullets" to cut down on the whole murdery aspect of things (the elemental kinds of Ammo are meant to not be, or not immediately, lethal).
    • Then Citizen Dawn attacks Megalopolis. Big crossover between Expatriette comics and Freedom Five. First time that Amanda encounters her mom - Expatriette loses fight hard and is more or less left for dead (likely her original Incap art) as the fight with the FF continues. The Scholar saves her (more details in his own episode - he's an older guy who likes to help and tends to happen to be in places where he needs to be) - he helps her recovery in both her physical injuries, but also helps her work through her mental issues (abused cult member turned murderer for hire has not left her the most well-adjusted person). She claims to be over the whole Citizen Dawn thing and is now "fine".
    • Then Wager Master shows up to mess with the Scholar (as he's got some stuff that's important to the cosmos). As part of that he shows Expatriette what she could have been if she'd gotten powers (Citizen Dusk - darkness/shadow-based debuff powers per Letters Page Interlude 3), but the Scholar makes a deal with him, offering the Philosopher's Stone to him to get him to leave. This isn't a problem as the stone is "inexorably tied" to his being and he can just summon it back to himself. This encounter convinces her that she's not really over the whole Citizens thing she knows that she has to make amends - tries to be the person that the Scholar thinks she should be.
    • Starts being the hero. Non-lethal ammo, helps in a variety of fights (Akash'Bhuta alongside the FF and everybody else), helps a bunch of heroes but spends a lot of time with Legacy as somebody who did what her mom did but right and he takes on somewhat of a mentor role. Good dialog opportunities with Young Legacy - she also has a rough time with the Iron Legacy event as it's everything that she's been talking about regarding how bad things would be if Legacy wasn't the good guy.
Expatriette Dark Watch Standard Front.png

Variant: Originally released during the 2013 Holiday Season

While things deteriorated more and more in Rook City, the heroes who regularly patrolled the failing city grew increasingly concerned about the disappearance of Mr. Fixer. Three of those heroes joined forces: Expatriette, Setback, and Nightmist. They worked together to protect Rook City and to investigate the loss of their friend.

Amanda Cohen fell into her leadership role well. With powerful allies at her side, she was able to take a tactician's approach to combat, laying down heavy fire when necessary. As part of Dark Watch, Expatriette takes a bit more time with her actions, having to consider her moves more carefully as she is now responsible for not just her own life, but for those of her teammates. And with teammates come friendship, and perhaps even more...

  • Dark Watch forms shortly after the 'Return to Insula Primalis' (more in the Mr. Fixer and Dark Watch episodes to come) - short version: MF needed help, she remembered him as the mechanic target she couldn't kill and wants to help, she grabs Setback as somebody who's heart is in the right place, and they recruit Nightmist as they need magic support for whatever is going on and the three of them go and help him out.
    • Dark Watch comics is sort of the "gritty" book of Sentinels Comics - previously this had been Mystery Comics -> Wraith -> Rook City -> Expatriette -> Dark Watch. Dark Magic stories, crime stories, etc. Mainly about the team, but others like the Wraith can show up occasionally.
  • Citizens Hammer and Anvil show up freelance-style, still in their Citizen getups but not really involved with other citizens. Instead they're working with Sergeant Steel and Biomancer (Christopher: "We'll do a whole episode about him some day." Adam: "[sound of disgust] Do we have to?" Because he's "really gross" - this is more likely in an Interlude episode or in one that's about a bunch of minor villains). In this story they're looking for Visionary: Citizens interested in her power, Steel and F.I.L.T.E.R. interested due to her knowledge of future, Biomancer because he's gross, oh and interested in her power too, I guess. Dark Watch and the Prime Wardens are involved in this event. Expatriette takes down Citizen Anvil (a big deal for her as these two are only one step below her mom), Biomancer had made a copy of her at some point, etc. Setback's luck in this conflict kicks in at one point so that he doesn't get shot, but the bullet hits Expatriette instead (Likely her original Dark Watch incap art followed immediately by Setback's original Dark Watch incap art).
    • Her injury there and the time around her recovery is what causes her and Setback to become a couple.

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  • Lots of work with the FF in the Vengeance War, a bunch of stuff against the Revo-Corp aspects of it. Accidentally shoots this guy called Setback (Is he a hero? The stuff he's doing isn't really helping) with lightning rounds when she was trying to hit Revenant. That's when they meet.

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  • After being a supporting cast hero in a lot of books, we get another Expatriette-centric story when she goes to Insula Primalis to take the fight back to the Citizens as heroes. She gets defeated again, is a prisoner about to be executed (alternate art pack Incapacitated image), getting the villain lecture from her mom about how it's the same as always and she's not powerful enough. Amanda has a trick up her sleeve, now she has friends: Cue the other heroes busting in through the wall. Captain Cosmic puts up a shield construct to save her and other cool hero stuff going on. This is the point where Dawn loses the Citadel and is the last big event with her for a while.
  • OblivAeon event happens. Ambuscade shows up as Stuntman and they team up. They remember each other and he's all like "I am a hero now," and she says, "Yeah, I don't really feel that you can just say that," and he retorts that that's pretty much exactly what she did - fun little back-and-forth.
    • We get the name of a Scion: Dark Mind - shows up and fights Setback and Expatriette. He's got mind-altering powers, attacks by erasing her knowledge of Setback and Setback's emotions/compassion. This latter is bad due to him no longer acting to mitigate the collateral damage that his extreme luck causes. Dark Mind pretty much just leaves at this point.
    • Setback goes off on his own, Expatriette goes unarmed to Citizen Dawn (at this point living in a Mobile Defense Platform) and tries to guilt her into helping (more to come in next week's podcast).
    • Dark Watch (or what's left of it at this point: Expatriette, Mr. Fixer, and Harpy) back again to fight another Scion: Faultless - formerly a being of Order, but twisted by OblivAeon. Setback involved in this fight too as they've been dragging him around. They're all pretty much broken in some way: heartless Setback, Expatriette doesn't remember this person who's supposed to be really important to her, Nightmist is busy Being the Gate, Mr. Fixer is this dark and bitter character after his resurrection, and the Harpy was until fairly recently a villain and has her own issues. They manage to break Faultless free from OblivAeon's control, who then corrects the problems with them (memories, emotions, etc.).
    • K.N.Y.F.E. and Sky-Scraper show up following a raid on F.I.L.T.E.R. where they find a "giant glorious gun" and bring it to Expatriette for her to use during the OblivAeon fight.
    • Expatriette doesn't have as many "goofy side stories" as other heroes are likely to have.

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Legacy Wants to Remind You!

This information is from the Miststorm Universe, one of two branching timelines. Products in this timeline are: Sentinel Tactics (and expansions). Prime War (and expansions)

DELAYED: Character is from the now delayed indefinitely Sentinel Tactics: Battle for Broken City

Though she used to be a loose cannon, Expatriette's experience and cool under fire makes her the brain of the team, especially when it comes to strategy and battle plans. Amanda Cohen brings her skill as a marksman and an impressive arsenal to bear against the foes of Dark Watch, but her extensive contingency plans and insistence on team combat training is a large part of why the team has survived as long as they have.

Tachyon Speeds By to Remind You!

This information is from the Sentinel Comics Universe, one of two branching universes. Products in this timeline are: Sentinel Comics RPG.