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  • The card art of Pterodactyl Thief (from the Insula Primalis environment deck) shows a pterodactyl stealing Expatriette's RPG launcher. On her "RPG Launcher" card, Expatriette is seen riding the Pterodactyl to attack a T-Rex.
  • Expatriette features Citizen Dawn on the card "Liquid Nitrogen Rounds".
  • "Shock Rounds" are seen striking both Setback and Revenant.
  • Argentium is being blasted by "Hollow Points".
  • Citizen Slash takes several "Incendiary Rounds" in the back.


  • Expatriette's Father: The identity of Expatriette's father was unknown until Letters Page Episode 4 when he was revealed to be named Citizen Pain. However, very little about him is known in general. It has been stated that he was originally planned to be in Citizen Dawn's deck, but was "cut out in the first round of playtesting". In the story, Citizen Dawn killed Expatriette's father because he did not provide her with powerful offspring.[1] Prior to the revelation made in the Letters Page, he was confirmed to not be Citizen Slash, the Nemesis found in the Vengeance version of Baron Blade's deck, but his grave is featured on Citizen Dawn's "Return with the Dawn" card in Sentinels Tactics (although the tombstone is broken and the name partially obscured).
    • Expatriette's father's identity will be revealed and relevant to the story.[2]
  • On the back of Dark Watch: Setback's card, his incapacitated self involves a picture of him distraught while holding a dead or wounded Expatriette. This seems to imply that Setback and Expatriette have some sort of relationship, which was later confirmed.[3]
  • Glowing Doves - Both Pride and Prejudice have a Dove decorated on the side of them - and in cards like "Flak Jacket", "Hairtrigger Reflexes", "Assault Rifle", and "Quick Draw". What do these mean? Is it possible she has powers of some sort, given she has 2 very powerful super parents, and they just haven't manifested yet? Possible to manifest in a future Promo Version, or possibly related to the mysterious man on "Quick Draw"?... and Christopher just says "Strong Work People"...[4]
    • There is a story reason for the doves on Pride and Prejudice, the rest are just there for style/John Woo reference. They do not indicate a latent super power - her "most super power" is her purple hair. The mysterious man on "Quick Draw" was revealed to be Ambuscade.[5]

To Other Works

  • "Speed Loading" may be a reference to the climactic fight scene of the 2002 action film Equilibrium.
  • Many of her cards are, at least in part, a reference to a certain style of action movie, particularly those by filmmaker John Woo.

Questions Answered on The Letters Page

  • Letters Page Episode 4 Summary:
    • What's her day job? Well, for a while murder was her day job and she was good at it. As a hero she and Setback had a bunch of conflicts about her taking "side jobs" - but later in the SotM timeline she's more likely to either do a lot more vetting on these things or to do things like bounty hunting to track down escaped powered criminals.
    • Does she have the skill to aim to incapacitate or does she shoot to kill? Kind of depends on the era we're talking about, but she generally aims to kill, but later relies on non-lethal ammo to keep her honest when she's trying for non-murder.
    • What's the deal with the white doves on the cards? Already talked about the doves on Pride and Prejudice. They're an artistic motif, there for style. Explicit reference to John Woo and other movies. It's not a "power" or anything, there aren't always doves around when she's around. The birds "don't mean anything."
    • Where does she get her weapons and ammo? A lot of them she just buys, she can modify to some extent, but she's not an inventor or otherwise making her own stuff. Tachyon keeps her stocked in the specialty ammo.
    • Who taught her to shoot? No real mentor. She'd developed an aptitude for ranged combat, starting with a slingshot as a kid. Only real mentor was Scholar, but he's not really involved in any of the gun stuff.
    • Why the names "Pride" and "Prejudice"? Part of it's due to her upbringing around all these people with themed names. It wouldn't have occurred to her to not name the guns. They didn't have a lot of intent behind the names - but they were mentioning personality aspects of Amanda herself (she's prideful and she is prejudiced against people with powers).
    • Who's the blond man on her Quick Draw card? Ambuscade (w/ facial prosthetics) in disguise as a cop. There's some great French accents going on here at around 1:11:11 in the podcast.
    • Relationship with the Scholar? They already discussed a lot of it. She's "one of many" that he found, picked up, and put back together in one way or another. Later it's more like how you would react to running into a fondly-remembered high school teacher years later.
    • How does the flak jacket stop huge amounts of damage? Just an artifact of the game mechanics. They're nice jackets, but it's not realistic.
    • Does she really have no powers at all? What's her most super power? Purple hair. Unless Olympic athletes have "powers" due to the amount of training they've done.
    • Tactics - still tactical leader of Dark Watch (they're not really organized as having a leader, but Setback often takes points and she does the planning). Still set up in what's left of Rook City and this is a darker future, but they're trying to be a source of hope. She's got some new ammo: Gravity Rounds, Concussion Rounds, Biotic Rounds. There had been a time after the loss of Nightmist and the breaking of Rook City when the team disbanded - duo comic from this time "Lucky Shot" about her and Setback before they cycled back around to link back up with Mr. Fixer and Pinion.
    • RPG - Rook City wasn't as demolished. There's various groups doing rebuilding. Dark Watch isn't really just limited to the four of them. She and Setback act as the field operatives, a "fighting duo" and are still active "working" heroes, but the two of them aren't taking on the mentorly role that many other of the canon heroes do at this point.