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The team is from the late-’90s. A new ongoing series starts up in September 1998, but it doesn’t last long and so winds up little better than a limited series - Fahrenheit X, a team that’s very weather-based. They focus on eco-disasters and eco-terrorists at first. They are: Doppler, Stormchaser, Galeforce, and Tornado and the team is assembled by the Weatherman who also acts as a dispatcher for them. He doesn’t appear to have powers of his own, but by observing weather patterns from his incredibly sensitive weather station/computer he can somehow forecast crime patterns. This book is never popular and only makes it 50 issues, until October ’02. It’s likely got a small cult following and they eventually get into some “thought-crime” stuff as the Weatherman starts predicting crimes before they happen and we get into the ethics of capturing a person before they’ve actually done something wrong and there’s obviously something planned regarding the Weatherman (can we trust him? etc.) but things trail off before they get there. It’s possible that there’s not even something specific planned out ahead of time - it’s a problem for the future to figure out where to go with it, but that future never happens. They still show up occasionally in other books, but are never a major presence.

A major villain is introduced in issue #3, Drought. He’s in a big metal suit with a full face mask and a cape, so it’s not clear how big the person inside even is. His plots center around creating a lack of something, not necessarily just water. In the introductory issue it’s clear that Tornado and Galeforce were already duoing before the Weatherman recruited them. Doppler was brought in separately (possibly before the other two) and Stormchaser was roped in as she was already present at the storm that the others’ first mission took them to. The fact that Stormchaser wasn’t part of the Weatherman’s plans/predictions leads her to be the most suspicious of him.

• Members:

o Stormchaser - Leigh Trevarrow. She was an actual storm chaser and doesn’t have actual powers, but us devices of some sort (like, stuff she can through up into a storm to create an effect). Her devices have more of a support role.She is the audience surrogate for the book. She use rollerblades as a means of keeping up with the rest of the team. She sees herself as still chasing the “storm” that is this team. In addition to the devices, she’s also doing other “mundane” stuff for the team like being their driver or pilot.

o Doppler - Luke Christian. He’s got detection/sensory awareness powers and as the ability to clap to make sonic booms to propel himself (it’s less “flight” and more “flinging himself”), it gives him a more active/combat role than his sensory powers alone.

o Tornado - Judy Frank. She can make and control little wind cyclones, but not by spinning herself or anything. She can make them of different sizes and can use them in relatively targeted ways. She can produce them from her hands, which you might see speedsters do, but she’s just conjuring them rather than moving her arms around really fast. If a room is full of poison gas, she could make a cyclone of just that to remove it from the room, or she can use them as “arms” to manipulate things - she’s got very specific “air” control.

o Galeforce - Brian Brees. The more classic “creating blasts of strong wind” power. He is the “big guy” on the team. He isn’t blown by strong wind and can creates wind to augment big punches.