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You'll find here a list of all challenges and scenarios as proposed in the 'I'm Calling You Out!' thread on the main GtG forums. Feel free to attempt them yourselves!

Want to show off? Make an account, and on your User Page, show off which of these challenges you have completed yourself. Then link your results in the 'Showing Off!' section!


Holy Sh*t! That's some Messed-up Psycho Crap! (aka the Drugged Discord game)

Directed At: Señor Blue Beard (PeterCHayward)
Presented By: Lord Flash Fire
Challenge: Choose 5 heroes, one from the F5, 1 from DW, one from PW, one from Vengeance, and one from the base game*. Shuffle their decks together, then deal each hero 40 cards to make their deck. Treat each card as if it has the name of the hero who is playing it. You will be fighting Citizen Dawn in the Realm of Dicord, but put all of the Evironment Targets in the Villain Deck, and put all of Dawn's One-shots in the Environment deck. There will still be 40-card hero decks, a 25-card Villain deck, and a 15-card Enviro deck, but it'll be screwed up. Also rigged to have That Card come out way too often.

Omnitron, Optimized

Directed At: Arcanist Lupus
Presented By: BlueHairedMeerkat

Omnitron is a robot besmirched, Alongside Blade, he's ranked 'just the worst', But what if he first plays A bomb, Adaptive Plates, And the second applies to the first?

(Take on Advanced Omnitron, with the top two cards of his deck being Electropulse Explosive and Adaptive Plating Subroutine; the effect of (any copy of) Adaptive Plating Subroutine applies to (any copy of) Electropulse Explosive)


I'm Calling You Out!

Directed At: Arcanist Lupus
Presented By: Trajector
Challenge: Baron Blade is threatening Megalopolis with his most devious plan yet, after distracting all the world's super teams to get them out of the way. Defeat Advanced Baron Blade, in Megalopolis, choosing only heroes who are not a member of any usual teams (Ra, KNYFE, etc).
Completed: 1/27/17

Traitor Sentinels: The Traitor Sentinels Game

Directed At: PhantomSkippy
Presented By: PeterCHayward
Challenge: Choose 5 heroes and a villain/environment of your choice. At the start of the game, shuffle the heroes and pick one at random. That hero must spend their turns dealing as much damage to their team as they possibly can. The other heroes play as normal; they can attack that hero or ignore them, they can assist or resist him. That one hero, however, must treat the other members of the team as if they were the enemy (not mechanically; they still have to follow the rules of the game), and cannot deal ANY damage to the villain.
Completed: 1/27/2017

Detective Parse

Directed At: Arenson9
Presented By: Carnilius
Challenge: Parse has discovered an evil plot -- Ambuscade has assisted Baron Blade in boobytrapping Atlantis! Parse, Wraith, and Visionary against Baron Blade in Ruins of Atlantis. First, however, shuffle Ambuscade's traps into Baron Blade's deck face up (and if they are shuffled back in, they return face up).
Completed: 2/12/17

Complete Annihilation

Directed At: Powerhound_2000
Presented By: Arcanist Lupus
Challenge: Choose a villain who has only appeared once in Sentinels (no variants, hero versions, or Tactics version) and wipe them off the Final Wasteland. They must end the game at least 10 hp below 0 or lower. Removal by Unforgiving Wasteland is also acceptable. You may choose any team you like, but you must include their nemesis.
Completed: 1/27/17

Setback's Backset

Directed At: Trajector
Presented By: Phantaskippy
Challenge: Using The Dark Watch (your choice of variants and you may add a 5th of your choice if desired) win a match with the following stipulation: Every targetable damage dealt by a hero must initially target a hero target. (any redirected damage can hit anyone and all target damage is fine to use)
Completed: 1/28/17

Vengeance Prime

Directed At: Blackfang108
Presented By: Powerhoud_2000
Challenge: The Freedom Five have shown they are up for the challenge of the Vengeful Five but how do the Prime Wardens fare against them. Using the Prime Wardens team (your choice on any variants used and order) defeat the Vengeful Five (order of your choosing) in any environment.
Completed: 1/30/17

Don't Shoot the Messengers!

Directed At: Phanton5613
Presented By: Trajector
Challenge: The Cult of Gloom is out proselytizing, but the heroes know that they are being manipulated by their evil god. Surely they are redeemable! Defeat Gloomweaver without dealing damage to his Cultists (except for all-target damage).
Completed: 1/30/17

Rook City Renegades Renovation Reunion!

Directed At: dpt
Presented By: Phantom5613
Challenge: The Wraith, Mr. Fixer and Expatriette have all responded to the same crime alert in Rook City, bringing them face-to-face with the dangerous Deadline! Rook City needs a good renovation, but not like this!
Completed: 2/3/17

Thick as Thieves

Directed At: Open
Presented By: phantaskippy
Challenge: Defeat the Ennead, Advanced on front, in Tomb of Anubis. With special guest Ermine as a second villain deck. (You play ~half the hero turns then have Ermine play a turn)
Special Challenge Rule: Constant Prattle is indestructible.
Completed: 2/18/17 (by TakeWalker)

Letters Page

Directed At: Open
Presented By: Lord Flash Fire
Challenge: Fight Baron Blade using Legacy, Expat, and Wraith** in any environment. Because you're too scared to hit him, you must wait until the 3rd round begins to deal damage to enemy targets. But if a T-rex chomps on an MDP.... that's not your problem.

Discordian Powers

Directed At: agfncaap
Presented By: arenson9
Challenge: Normally, this fight would have been easy. Any four heroes could take down Baron Blade, even on Advanced, w/out batting an eye, right? But there's a catch. If any given hero uses the same power more than two times, that power is gone. It simply can't be used again. Fight him in the Realm of Discord.
Completed: 2/13/17

A K.N.Y.F.E to A Gunfight!

Directed At: BlueHairedMeerkat
Presented By: afgncaap
Challenge: Someone has hired The Operative to change the outcome of the Hayes Brothers shootout, and it is up to K.N.Y.F.E. to stop her. Neither is dumb enough to walk into a shootout without some long range fire power on their side, so they have brought comrades to even the odds. However, while K.N.Y.F.E. fights alongside her friends, The Operative hides behind the cover fire her allies are creating while she gets to work.

Heroes: Expatriette, Chrono Ranger, Bunker, K.N.Y.F.E.

Villians: Ambuscade, Greazer, Sergeant Steel, The Operative

Enviroment: Silver Gultch, 1883

Special Rules:

  • Ambuscade starts with the card "Too Many Guns" in play
  • Greazer starts with the card "Impact Neutralizer" in play
  • The Agents that Sergeant Steel starts with are "Mega-Gunner" and "Sharpshooter"
  • The Operative is immune to damage until all other Villian Character Cards are incapacitated
  • If K.N.Y.F.E. in incapcitated, you lose
Completed: 3/7/17

Realm of Really Rather Random Ridiculousness!

Directed At: Open
Presented By: TakeWalker
Challenge: Villain: The Ennead (what, again?), Advanced Mode on the front side (back side advanced and challenge rules optional)

Special Rule: Set begins the game in play, face-down. He does not count as one of the (H) cards they begin the game with.

Heroes: Choose from any of the following, any team size:

  • Fused Captain Cosmic
  • Prime Wardens Fanatic
  • Santa Guise
  • KNYFE Rogue Agent
  • Fugue State Parse
  • The Scholar (either variant)
  • Base Setback
  • Sky-Scraper Extremist
  • Super-Scientific Tachyon

Special Rule: When you have them available, you must play Dismiss Anything and Syntactic Analysis during your play phase. You must always put at least one card into play when doing so.

Environment: The Realm of Discord

Special Rule: Search the deck for Ghostly Images, then shuffle the deck, placing Ghostly Images on top. Ghostly Images now reads:

"At the end of the environment turn, each Player reveals the top card of their deck. If it is a One-Shot, put it into play. If it is not a One-Shot, discard it and deal that Hero 2 Psychic Damage. This card is indestructible. If this card would be discarded, put it into play instead."

Completed: 3/11/17 )By BlueHairedMeerkat)

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