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Aliases: Helena
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 190lbs. (290 lbs in armor)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Birthplace: Unknown
Power Source: Divine
Group Affiliation: Prime Wardens
Occupation: Adventurer, Angel of Vengeance
First Appearance: Mystery Comics #368
Complexity: 2
Set: Enhanced Edition
Nemesis: Apostate, The Seer, The Idolater, Balarian, and Blood Countess Bathory


HP: 30
Innate Power:
Exorcism - Fanatic deals 1 Target 1 Melee Damage and 1 Radiant Damage.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Player may play a Card.
  • One Hero regains 2 HP.
  • Select a Hero. Increase the next Damage dealt by that Hero by 2.

Redeemer Fanatic

HP: 31
Innate Power:
Redeem - Fanatic regains 1 HP. Draw a Card.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Player may Draw a Card.
  • Each Hero regains 1 HP.
  • Select a Hero. Reduce the next Damage dealt to that Hero by 2.

Prime Wardens: Fanatic

HP: 29
Innate Power:
Resolute - Fanatic deals herself 3 Radiant Damage. Play the top Card of your Deck. One Hero may use a Power.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Player may Draw a Card.
  • One Hero may use a Power.
  • Discard the top Card of each Deck.

XTREME Prime Wardens: Fanatic

HP: 28
Innate Power:
Kill the Spirit - Fanatic deals 1 Target 1 Radiant Damage. Until the end of your next turn, redirect all Damage dealt by Fanatic to that Target.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • Select a Target. Until the start of your turn, all Hero Damage is redirected to that Target.
  • Destroy a Target with 1 HP.
  • Destroy an Ongoing Card.

Prime Wardens: Fanatic

Sentinel Tactics Character Panel

Innate Power:


Fanatic Original Standard Front.png

Tens of thousands of children die everyday worldwide; Helena should have been one of them. Like many children in Lima, she was most likely born into a poor family. Her father may have worked at the bottling factory. Statistically, her mother probably sewed pants for a living. And growing up in a large family, it seems likely that no one had time to look after the young girl, Helena. At least, that's the best guess the doctors could offer when she came through their emergency room.

At around age 6, Helena was playing in the streets of her city, as is common of the unattended children there, when she was hit by a city bus. Anyone who had been with her had fled, not wanting to draw attention to themselves. The fact that she survived the ambulance ride to the hospital was miraculous in and of itself. However, when Helena was pronounced dead only to suddenly spring back to life on the operating table exactly three minutes later, the nurses began crossing themselves frantically, claiming that she had been spared from death by the hand of God.

Indeed, once the girl had regained consciousness, she spoke adamantly of visions of Heaven and claimed that God had sent her back for a purpose beyond her understanding. While some remained skeptical, the hospital staff couldn't deny the amazing speed with which she recovered. While she apparently suffered severe nerve damage, which left most of her body entirely numb, she had almost no physical scarring. The only other effect of the accident was total memory loss. She had no idea who she was, and no family ever came to claim her. It was an old nun visiting the hospital who named her Helena.

As the time came near to release the girl from the hospital, she demanded that she be placed under the care of the convent. Over the course of her stay there, she had grown fixated on her vision of the afterlife. The doctors considered her troubled, but they deemed her to be neither a harm to herself nor to others. With few other options, they decided to honor her request, sending her to be raised by the nuns.

Most of her adolescence was spent training to become a nun herself. Helena was a pious girl, heralded as an example to the rest of the convent. When she hit puberty, she was startled to discover that great, angelic wings had begun growing from her back, but was unsurprised - they felt familiar. She kept these hidden from the rest of the world, but their appearance had altered her sense of purpose irrevocably. The wings which had sprouted from her back finally helped to reveal the meaning of the words she had heard in her vision so many years ago. She knew that her role was not meant to be a passive one.

Over the next few years, she began to grow weary of the system of the convent, urging them to be more involved in stopping the evils going on outside their walls. Finally fed up, she decided that she would reveal her secret during the next day's church services. When, after a rousing speech condemning their inaction, she revealed her wings to the congregation and claimed herself to be an angel of the Lord, she was met with only silence and horrified stares. Disgusted, she stormed out of the convent and never returned.

Concerned that she would be pursued once the initial shock wore off, Helena sought refuge in the catacombs under the city. While exploring the tunnels, she stumbled upon an ancient cache of Templar arms and armor. With a determination bordering on fanaticism, she trained herself in the use of it. A year passed in solitude, during which she fasted and claims to have been sustained by faith alone. She awoke one morning morning with her fingertips bloodied and her sword lying nearby. Smelling the acrid scent of smoldering metal, she picked up the sword and found that runes had been carved into its blade. She realized that she could read the angelic runes - they read "Absolution". The sword became a focus for her prayers, manifesting radiant flames along its blade. Taking up "Absolution", she emerged from her tomb. It was time for her to fulfill her purpose: to purge the world of evil.

Fanatic Redeemer Standard Front.png

Redeemer Fanatic

Variant: Originally revealed during the Infernal Relics Kickstarter as the $34K stretch reward.

After Fanatic was confronted by the deceiver, Apostate, she had to regroup. She spent three entire days sequestered in the bell tower of a monastery in prayer and meditation, not stopping to eat or sleep. Finally, she emerged from her requiescence, refreshed in the knowledge of her steadfast righteousness.

Fanatic has armed herself against the lies and corruption of Apostate. She stands prepared to fight by faith alone - not allowing herself to be distracted by the clamor and deceit of the world and her enemies!

Prime Wardens: Fanatic

Variant: Originally revealed from Wrath of the Cosmos preorder event for 100 copies preordered.

After years of going from extreme to extreme, Fanatic finally found some moderation, and her allies in the Prime Wardens had no small part in helping the avenging angel center herself. Now, she stands more resolute than ever - not for vengeance or for zealotry, but for the defense of the innocent and the advancement of the greater good.

The last hero to join the ranks of the Prime Wardens, Fanatic had been witnessed most recently fighting a dark-winged Deceiver. As a result, the Avenging Angel had donned more protective armor and a face-plate that obscured her vision. So, when Fanatic joined the fray against Akash'Bhuta wearing armor that allowed greater mobility and freedom of movement, half her face-plate torn off, and a her sword a jagged shard, the other heroes were as taken aback as they were pleased to see her.

Her faith stronger than ever, Fanatic as a member of the Prime Wardens is a resolute opponent of evil in its many forms. She fought against demons and deceivers, and takes the fight to the Court of Blood against blood mages and vampires. The hero called Fanatic does not fully know her role in this world, but she knows one thing: she is Justice.

Fanatic Prime Wardens Standard Front.png
Fanatic XTREME Prime Wardens Foil Front.png

XTREME Prime Wardens: Fanatic

Variant: Originally revealed during the OblivAeon Kickstarter as the $450k stretch reward.

The XTREME Prime Wardens were first revealed during the ARG Event in the Time vs. Time comic.



  • Apostate is seen blocking a strike on "Smite the Transgressor", and is also being stabbed by Fanatic on "Zealous Offense".
  • The demon that Fanatic is fighting on "Sacrosanct Martyr" is the Illusory Demon, one of The Dreamer's projections. Curiously, it is much smaller in comparison to Fanatic than it is to Chrono-Ranger on the card "Sudden Contract."
  • "Brutal Censure" shows Fanatic blasting the face of The Idolater.
  • "Chastise" reveals Fanatic using her powers to neutralize the "Fiendish Pugilist" demon from Apostate's deck.
  • "Divine Focus" portrays Fanatic hovering over and blasting Grand Warlord Voss.


  • To add to the conversation on Fanatic's personality, she doesn't call herself "Fanatic". That's her hero name, sure, and it's definitely the name of her comic book, but she never refers to herself as that. Imagine the sort of person it would take to call themselves "Fanatic". She isn't that person. She calls herself "Angel of the Lord", "The Lord's Agent", and even "Judgement", but not Fanatic. That is what other people call her.[1]
  • Fanatics's Aegis and Sword have power because Fanatic believes they should have power. We did not learn the source of Fanatic's power and whether or not she is "divine".[2]

To Other Works

  • The flavor text of the card "Holy Nova" is the lyrics to Dio's song Holy Diver - Similarly Apostate's Fallen Angel is from Fallen Angels
  • The flavor text on "Undaunted" is a reference to the famous Black Knight scene in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail".
  • Though the images aren't complete matches, the art on Fanatic's incapacitated side may be an homage to this image of Angel from the X-Men pinned to the wall by the Morlock Harpoon's energy weapons in X-Factor #10 ("Falling Angel").
  • As a winged female superhero armed with superpowered melee weapons, Fanatic bears a notable resemblance to Hawkgirl, a DC comics superhero. This comparison is somewhat ironic though, as Hawkgirl and her species, the Thanagarians, are devoutly atheist.
  • XTREME Prime Wardens Fanatic's outfit is very similar to the one worn by Psylocke of the X-Men, though the way she wears her sash is more similar to Phoenix (Jean Grey) or Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers). The flare of light coming from her left eye resembles the flares depicted when the X-Men Cable and Longshot use their powers.


  1. Christopher comments in GTG forum thread "Hero Personalities"
  2. GTG forum user Arenson9 transcribes a Q&A Christopher & Adam gave at GenCon 2016 in a post in GTG forum thread "GenCon 2016"

Incapacitated Images

Variant Pack New Artwork

The All Heroes Variant Pack released with OblivAeon contains new artwork for the heroes and their variant cards.

Fanatic Hero Deck

Errata/Special Rules

Fanatic's card "Chastise" has the following text:

Play this card next to a target other than a character card. That card is immune to damage and cannot deal damage.

This is now officially changed to:

Play this card next to a non-hero target other than a character card. That card is immune to damage and cannot deal damage.

  • This is a change by adding 'Non Hero' target, removing the possible combo with Unity and Stealth Bot for infinite damage immunity. See the official Errata:


Cards that previously required you to take damage to keep them in play (Such as Ra Solar Flare or Tachyon Pushing the Limits) are now clarified to be destroyed if this damage is not taken. Cards officially reprinted are:

  • Fanatic: Chastise
  • Fanatic: Embolden
  • Tachyon: Pushing the Limits
  • Ra: Solar Flare.

The text of these all these cards now reads "If [He/She/They] take no damage this way, destroy this card"

This Ruling is not limited to these cards, simply these were the ones that were reprinted. Any other card that requires its user to take damage to keep it in play is affected as well

(Known as Rule 15 because it was the 15'th point on a list of rules questions posted on the forums that were posed to Christopher during KantCon)


Incapacitated - Fanatic's wings pinned to a wall with green light coming up from below


Brutal Censure (x3)
Fanatic deals 1 Target 2 Radiant Damage. You may draw a card.
Art: A man in shock as Fanatic is bathing his face in a cross shaped light from her hand;
Flavor-text: "Know the error of thine ways." - Fanatic, Fanatic #2
Consecrated Ground (x2)
Destroy an ongoing card or an Environment card. Fanatic deals up to 3 Targets 1 Radiant Damage each.
Art: Fanatic covered in radiant light holding her sword to the ground with light coming out from cracks in the ground;
Flavor-text: When Fanatic sets out to cleanse the land, none can bar her progress. - Unattributed
Divine Sacrifice (x2)
Fanatic deals up to 3 Targets 1 Irreducible Radiant Damage each. Damage dealt by those Targets is redirected to Fanatic until the start of your next turn.
Art: Fanatic standing in the way of multiple Blade Battalion members;
Flavor-text: "Face me and tremble!" - Fanatic, Baptism by Fire #6
Final Dive (x3)
Destroy a Target with 4 or fewer HP, other than a Character card. Fanatic deals 1 Target X Projectile Damage, where X = the destroyed Target's current HP before it was destroyed.
Art: Fanatic carrying a man up into the sky;
Flavor-text: "Meet thy maker." - Fanatic, Absolution #12
Holy Nova (x3)
Fanatic deals each non-Hero Target 1 Radiant Damage. Each Hero Target regains 1 HP.
Art: Fanatic in the sky in front the sun with radiant light beaming down;
Flavor-text: "You can hide in the sun 'til you see the light." - Apostate, Mystery Comics #367
Prayer of Desperation (x2)
Draw cards until you have 6 cards in your hand. Immediately end your turn.
Art: A beaten Fanatic kneeling in prayer;
Flavor-text: "Let this not be the last breath your servant draws." - Fanatic, A Day in the LIfe: Fanatic
Sanctifying Strike (x2)
Fanatic deals 1 Target 1 Melee Damage. You may draw a card. Fanatic regains 1 HP.
Art: Fanatic stabbing forward with her sword radaint light coming from the impact;
Flavor-text: "The team was killed by an angry human with wings and a sword! It was terrible!" - Gene-Bound Soldier, Freedom Five #536
Smite the Transgressor (x3)
Fanatic deals 1 Target 2 Melee Damage. You may use an additional power this turn.
Art': Fanatic furiously swinging her sword at Apostate;
Flavor-text: "I swear on all that is holy, you shall fall." - Fanatic, Mystery Comics #368
Wrathful Retribution (x1)
Discard 3 cards. If you do, Fanatic deals 1 Target X Radiant Damage, where X = Fanatic's maximum HP minus her current HP.
Art: Fanatic standing on a cliff as beams of light come crashing into the ground in front of her;
Flavor-text: "You have been judged and found sorely wanting. Perish!" - Fanatic, Absolution #19


Chastise (x2)
Play next to a non-Hero Target other than a Character card. That Target is Immune to Damage and cannot deal Damage. At the start of your turn, Fanatic may deal herself 2 Psychic Damage. If she takes no Damage this way, this card is destroyed.
Art: Fanatic binding a Fiendish Pugilist;
Flavor-text: "Be still." - Fanatic, Mystery Comics #369
Embolden (x2)
Play this card next to a Hero Character card. That Hero may use an additional Power during their power phase. At the end of that Hero's turn, Fanatic may deal them 2 Radiant Damage. If they take no Damage this way, destroy this card.
Art: Fanatic, Legacy, and Visionary looking like they are about to charge in;
Flavor-text: "Go, therefore, and do better." - Fanatic, Freedom Five Annual #9
End of Days (x2)
At the start of the Environment turn, destroy all cards in play, other than this card, Character cards, and Relics. Then, destroy this card.
Art: Bodies that are decaying bathed in light from above;
Flavor-text: "The blight upon this land be cleansed!" - Fanatic, Absolution #9

Ongoing, Limited

Divine Focus (x2)
At the start of every turn, you may discard a card. If you do, Fanatic deals the Villain Target with the highest HP 2 Radiant Damage. At the start of your turn, either Fanatic deals herself 4 Fire Damage or this card is destroyed.
Art: Fanatic blasting radiant light from her hands at Grand Warlord Voss;
Flavor-text: "Feel the undying wrath of the Lord!" - Fanatic, Stranger in a Strange World #8
Sacrosanct Martyr (x2)
Power: Fanatic deals herself up to 5 Radiant Damage. Fanatic deals 1 Target X Radiant Damage, where X = the amount of Radiant Damage dealt to Fanatic this turn.
Art: Fanatic bathed in radiant light grappling with the Illusory Demon;
Flavor-text: "What you call a sacrifice, I consider a necessity." - Fanatic, Fanatic #14
Undaunted (x2)
Whenever exactly 1 Damage would be dealt to Fanatic, prevent that Damage. Whenever, Fanatic would be dealt 5 or more Damage from a single source, reduce that Damage by 2.
Art: Fanatic with her arrows in her wing and armor tattered getting ready for a fight;
Flavor-text: Fanatic: "I am invincible!" -- Ra: "You're a lunatic." - Fanatic, Ra, Baptism by Fire #1
Zealous Offense (x2)
At the start of your turn, select up to 2 non-Character card targets. Those Targets cannot deal Damage until the start of your next turn. At the end of your turn, if you have not dealt at least 3 Damage this turn, destroy this card.
Art: Fanatic stabbing Apostate with her sword. She has a cut before her left eye;
Flavor-text: "Repent!" - Fanatic, Fanatic #27

Equipment, Relic, Limited

"Absolution" (x3)
When this card enters play, Fanatic regains 1 HP.
Power: Select Melee, Fire, or Radiant as this card's Damage type. Fanatic deals 1 Target 3 Damage of that type.
Art: Absolution planted in the ground with light coming down through the clouds;
Flavor-text: "Absolution you are called, and absolution you shall deliver." - Fanatic, Absolution #1
Aegis of Resurrection (x2)
When Fanatic drops to 0 or fewer HP, restore Fanatic to 10 HP, then, destroy this card.
Art: A close up showing the breastplate of Fanatic's armor;
Flavor-text: "Thine armor, it sustaineth me." - Fanatic, Fanatic #19

Sentinel Tactics: Fanatic Power Cards

Not Yet Released


Fireside Chats

  • If "Embolden" is next to Haka, and Haka or Fanatic becomes an Isolated Hero, then "Embolden" remains where it is. However, it no longer confers a benefit to Haka. At the end of Haka's turn, Fanatic cannot deal damage to Haka so "Embolden" is destroyed.
  • Fanatic must choose a positive integer for "Sacrosanct Martyr".
  • While "Fixed Point" is in play, "Aegis of Resurrection" still takes effect immediately when Fanatic is reduced to <= 0 HP. Same thing with Apostate on his back side, or any other cards that still have "reduced to 0 or less HP".
  • Cards that restore HP are unaffected by effects that increase/decrease HP gain. For example, "Aegis of Resurrection" is unaffected by "Phosphorescent Chamber".
  • If "Embolden" is on a hero and that hero becomes incapacitated, "Embolden" stays there until the end of that hero's next turn.
  • Ruling change: Additional/granted powers work like additional/granted card plays. For example, if you put "Embolden" on Expatriette, and she uses "Pride" and then "Prejudice" (from "Pride"), she still has one power use remaining. This makes additional/granted powers work like the combination of "HUD Goggles and Lightning Reflexes", for example.
  • "Divine Sacrifice" and "Stun Bolt" do not require the target to take damage in order to get the extra effect. If the damage is redirected, the ultimate target gets the extra effect.
  • If Fanatic is incapacitated after playing "Divine Sacrifice", its redirection effect goes away. Damage dealt by those targets is no longer affected.
  • If Fanatic has less than 3 cards left and plays "Wrathful Retribution", she still has to discard the cards but does not get to deal damage.
  • If you choose an indestructible target for "Final Dive", nothing is destroyed, and then no damage is dealt.

Spiff's SotM Rules and Clarifications

  • "Chastise" errata
    • The text on this card is officially changed to read: "Play next to a non-Hero Target other than a Character Card. That Target is immune to Damage and cannot deal Damage. At the start of your turn, either Fanatic deals herself 2 Psychic Damage or this Card is Destroyed." The addition of "non-hero" to the wording is meant to preclude situations where, for example, "Chastise" could have been played on Unity's "Stealth Bot", which would allow the bot to redirect damage from heroes to itself while being immune to damage thanks to "Chastise".
  • Divine Sacrifice
    • This card deals some damage then says, "Damage dealt by those Targets is redirected to Fanatic until the start of your next turn". The damage described in the first paragraph and the redirection effect in the second paragraph are not connected, so the targets are not required to take Fanatic's damage in order to get the extra effect. If Fanatic's damage is redirected by some effect, it is the final target whose damage will be redirected, not the initial target. If Fanatic is incapacitated after playing "Divine Sacrifice", its redirection effect goes away immediately and damage dealt by those targets is no longer affected. (See Fireside Chats above.)
  • "Exorcism" damage
    • This power deals 1 point of melee damage and 1 point of radiant damage. These are separate instances of damage, and effects which increase damage will increase each instance separately. For example, if Fanatic gets +1 damage on her turn and she activates "Exorcism", she will do 1+1 melee damage and 1+1 radiant damage. Even in a case where, for example, Ra's "Imbue Fire" (changes all damage dealt by heroes to fire damage and increases it by 1) is in play, each damage instance will be affected individually. That means that the melee damage will change to fire damage and increase by 1, and the radiant damage will change to fire damage and increase by 1, still doing a total of 4 fire damage.
  • "End of Days" and "Forced Deployment"
    • "End of Days" destroys all cards in play except the hero and villain character cards and relics. Grand Warlord Voss' card "Forced Deployment" brings all the minion cards from the villain trash back into play when destroyed. How does the timing of these events interact? When "Forced Deployment" is destroyed, it immediately puts all of the minions from Voss' discard pile into play, but they are then in turn destroyed by the (still ongoing) "End of Days" effect. This is because of two universal principles of the game: "Simultaneous" actions do not actually occur simultaneously, but rather occur in the order of the players' choosing; thus, the players choose the order in which cards are destroyed by End of Days. Further, "triggered effects" from cards (e.g. "when this card is destroyed", "whenever this card takes damage", etc.) are processed immediately upon the fulfillment of the trigger condition. Consequently, when "End of Days" is triggered, it immediately begins destroying all cards in play in the order of the players' choosing. This effect continues until there are no more cards in play. When "Forced Deployment" is destroyed, all of the minions are immediately put into play. As there are still cards in play after the destruction of "Forced Deployment", the "End of Days" effect continues destroying cards until there are not. Note that, with "End of Days", it is in fact impossible for the players to choose a destruction order in which any minions are left in play by "Forced Deployment".[1]
  • End of Days and Lady Luck
    • Kismet's "Lady Luck" says "Whenever a Villain Card would be destroyed, reveal the top Card of the Villain Deck. If it is not a Lucky Card, Discard it and prevent the Card Destruction. If it is a Lucky Card, put it into play". This may seem to indicate that "Lady Luck" could save a card or cards from destruction by "End of Days", but that's not true. "End of Days" will not destroy itself until there are no cards left in play other than itself, character cards, and relics. The most "Lady Luck" can do is postpone a card's destruction each time a non-lucky card is drawn.[2]
  • Prayer of Desperation
    • The last line of rules for this card reads, "immediately end your turn". This means to proceed immediately to Fanatic's end-of-turn phase, which is not the same as skipping the rest of her turn entirely. She may still take any end-of-turn actions she may have.
  • Undaunted
    • This card reads "Whenever Fanatic would be dealt 5 or more Damage from a single source, reduce that Damage by 2". Each instance of damage is a separate source, so if a single target (a villain, for example) dealt three different instances of damage to a character in a single round, each instance would be evaluated by "Undaunted" separately. The fact that all three came from the same "source" (the villain) isn't relevant.
  • Wrathful Retribution
    • This card says, "Discard 3 Cards. if you do, Fanatic deals 1 Target X Radiant Damage, where X = Fanatic's maximum HP minus her current HP." If Fanatic has less than 3 cards left in her hand when this card is played, she still has to discard all of her cards, but she does not get to deal the damage. (See Fireside Chats above.)
  • Zealous Offense
    • The card reads in part, "At the start of your turn, select up to 2 non-Character Card Targets. Those Targets cannot deal Damage until the start of your next turn". The cards chosen must be cards which are already in play at the time "Zealous Offense" is activated. The effect of not being able to deal damage applies to the chosen cards only, not to other copies of those cards which are in play or may be played later.


  1. Paul comments in GTG forum thread "Forced Deployment + End of Days"
  2. GTG forum users broccoli and Foote explain and Christopher confirms in GTG forum thread "Fanatic's 'End of Days' vs Kismet's 'Lady Luck'"