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Minor Character: Fashion

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  • She predates most of Sentinel Comics, back into the '20s and '30s - they were essentially romance comics aimed at young girls used mostly as marketing tools. Several publishers of these got bought up by the company that would eventually be Sentinel Comics (this is similar to how Sheriff Jim Brooks appeared in Western comics before being brought back in the superhero era, although without the successful arc that he had). There was a book titled Stylin' Shirley starring Shirley Shane who was a model, the most popular girl with all the best clothes and boy trouble. Once she got rolled into Sentinel Comics, she'd been reintroduced a few years before Kaargra's first appearance. Now she's also an inventor in addition to a model, now called "Fashion" - she's got all these great clothes that also can turn into whatever she happens to need in her crimefighting ("her inventions are also her outfits"). She's not a bad character - the more the guys talked about her and how stupid the setup was the more they decided they liked her (Adam then explains the joke about why "fashion" is a good name for an inventor/model, much to Christopher's exasperation). Unfortunately, the readers didn't like her as much as C&A do. They used the Bloodsworn Colosseum as an excuse to write her out of the comics - she's forced to fight, she loses, and when it leaves Earth it takes her with it. She's not seen again until the next major Colosseum event where she's now barely recognizable (and is a deep cut for careful readers) - she's S'Sdari the Bloody and has developed a much different personality.