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Villain, Scion

Husk of Order [39]
At the Start of this Villain Turn, each Hero Target deals itself 1 Psychic Damage.
If this card would be dealt an even amount of Damage, reduce it by 1.
If this card would be destroyed, flip it.
At the end of this Villain Turn, This card deals each Hero Target in the player area with the most Rewards 3 Radiant Damage and 1 Infernal Damage.
Increase Damage dealt by this card by 2.
Reduce Damage dealt to this card by 1.
Flavor text: "It's the opposite of everything it was meant to be. And it seeks to twist reality to match!" - Writhe, Scion Strike #5


Terminal Control [10]
When this card flips to this side, restore it to 10 HP. This card is a hero target and is no longer a scion.
At the Start of this Villain Turn, each non-villain target regains 2 HP.
When this card is destroyed, remove it from the game.
At the End of this Villain Turn, each hero may use a power.
Increase damage dealt to this card by 2.
Flavor text: "In this time of war, I have been granted peace. Thank you. Now, to share that peace." - Mister Fixer, Dark Watch #23