Foil Variant Hero Pack

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All Primary Character Cards
All Variant Character Cards

Contains all possible hero character cards, both original and variant. All have new artowrk, and are Foiled.

Legacy: Base (Finest), Newest, Greatest, Freedom Five (4 cards)
Bunker: Base (Indestructible), Engine of War, G. I., Termi-Nation, Freedom Five (5 cards)
Tachyon: Base (Quickest Woman), Super-Scientific, Team Leader, Freedom Five (4 cards)
Wraith: Base (Mystery Comics), Rook City, Price of Freedom, Freedom Five (4 cards)
Absolute Zero: Base, Elemental Wrath, Termi-Nation, Freedom Five (4 cards)
Unity: Base, Golem, Termi-Nation (3 cards)
Omnitron-X: Base, Omnitron-U (2 cards)
Visionary: Base, Dark, Unleashed (3 cards)
Parse: Base, Fugue State (2 cards)
Mister Fixer: Base, Dark Watch (2 cards)
Ex-Patriette: Base, Dark Watch (2 cards)
Setback: Base, Dark Watch (2 cards)
Nightmist: Base, Dark Watch (2 cards)
The Scholar: Base, Infinite (2 cards)
K.N.Y.F.E.: Base (Agent of F.I.L.T.E.R.), Rogue Agent (2 cards)
Argent Adept: Base (Virtuoso of the Void), Prime Wardens, Dark Dynamics, X-treme Prime Wardens (4 cards)
Captain Cosmic: Base, Prime Wardens, Requital, X-treme Prime Wardens (4 cards)
Haka: Base (Savage), Eternal, Prime Wardens, X-treme Prime Wardens (4 cards)
Tempest: Base (Inhuman), Sacrifice, Prime Wardens, X-treme Prime Wardens (4 cards)
Fanatic: Base, Reedemer, Prime Wardens, X-treme Prime Wardens (4 cards)
Ra: Base (Mighty God of the Sun), Horus of Two Horizons, Setting Sun (3 cards)
Chrono-Ranger: Base, Best of Times (2 cards)
Sky-Scraper: Base (Normal/Huge/Tiny), Extremist (Normal/Huge/Tiny) (6 cards)
The Naturalist: Base, Desperate Prey (2 cards)
The Sentinels: Rules, Base (Dr. Medico/Mainstay/Idealist/Writhe), Ft. Adamant (Dr. Medico/Mainstay/Idealist/Writhe) (9 cards)
Luminary: Base, Heroic (2 cards)
The Harpy: Base, Dark Watch (2 cards)
Akash'Thriya: Base, Spirit of the Void (2 cards)
La Comodora: Base, Curse of the Black Spot (2 cards)
Lifeline: Base, Blood Mage (2 cards)
Stuntman: Base, All My Own Stunts (2 cards)
Benchmark: Base, Supply and Demand (2 cards)
Dr. Medico: Base (Void Guard), Malpractice (2 cards)
Mainstay: Base (Void Guard), Road Warrior (2 cards)
The Idealist: Base (Void Guard), Super Sentai (2 cards)
Writhe: Base (Void Guard), Cosmic Inventor (2 cards)
Guise: Base, Santa, Completionist (3 cards)

The characters are organized in a canonical order by Christopher of GtG.

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