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Special Icons!

Lots of special icons have been made easier.

The Icon The Wiki Code
(H) {{H}}
(croc) {{Croc}}
(gazelle) {{Gazelle}}
(rhino) {{Rhino}}
(rhino) {{Alien}}
Spell Number 1 {{Spell|#}} where #=1,2,3,4, or 0 for the empty sign
(circle) {{Sunrise}}
(ankh) {{Ankh}}
(hand) {{Hand}}
(Control) {{Control}}
(raven) {{Raven}}
(d4) {{d4}} or {{d6}}, {{d8}}, {{d10}}, {{d12}}
(rpgAttack) {{rpgAttack}}
(rpgBoost) {{rpgBoost}}
(rpgDefend) {{rpgDefend}}
(rpgHinder) {{rpgHinder}}
(rpgOvercome) {{rpgOvercome}}
(rpgRecover) {{rpgRecover}}

See Template:TacticsHit for instructions on how to create the Tactics HitDie charts


The Letter Page is bringing out Spoilers for the RPG. In case people don't want to be spoiled on that, please use the following code:

<div class="toccolours mw-collapsible mw-collapsed">
'''RPG Spoilers within: Read at your own risk!'''
<div class="mw-collapsible-content"> PUT SPOILER INFORMATION HERE </div>

Also, there is a template:

{{Spoilers|Game here|Stuff that should be hidden here}}

Tactics and RPG info

Any section (outside of The References) that is specifically about Sentinel Tactics or Sentinels RPG, please use the following templates

Legacy Wants to Remind You!

This information is from the Miststorm Universe, one of two branching timelines. Products in this timeline are: Sentinel Tactics (and expansions). Prime War (and expansions)



Tachyon Speeds By to Remind You!

This information is from the Sentinel Comics Universe, one of two branching universes. Products in this timeline are: Sentinel Comics RPG.


See more on how to use the Info Template here: Template:Info

General Formatting Guidelines

Please format the wiki parts according to these guidelines. If you don't, oh well. You'll just be making more work for someone (probably Lynkfox) to fix it xD

  • Remember to use Categories for new pages.
  • Preference to .png for Images, not required.
  • Remember to close your Bold and Italic tags (The wiki closes them automatically if you make new lines, but that can cause problems later on. Please always have both sides of your bold and italic tags).

What promotes a character from Minor to Major tables?

The Hero and Villain pages have two separate tables - Major and Minor. What makes a character deserve to be in one or the other?

Major Characters

To be included in the Major Character, the character must have at least one of the following

  • A Sentinels Card Game Deck all their own
  • A Full Sized Sentinel Tactics Character Panel
  • A Prime War Character Panel
  • An RPG Sheet (Villains must be Boss level, not LT or Minion)

If the character has any one of the above, they belong on the Major Characters table. See Template:CharacterTable and Template:VCharacterTable for how to add new characters to that table.

Template Use

  • Template:Character - Use for any character, hero, villain, and Environment pages. Tactics/RPG/SotM all included. Many subpages required. Primary template for most of the wiki
  • Template:References - For References and Clarifications
  • Template:Group - For use on Groups.
  • Template:Edition - for use for new box sets, including RPG books, Sentinel Tactics, and beyond.

Deck List Formatting

Please format the deck lists to the following example

Only link the Keywords to the Glossary page if they are: Limited, One-Shot, Ongoing, Equipment, Relic, Device. All other Keywords leave unlinked.


: '''Title of Card''' [HP] (x number of card)
:: What the card does
::: '''Power''': Power printed in card
:: ''Art'': Artwork description
:: ''Flavor-Text'': Text - Who, ''Where''



Frost-Bound Drain (x3)
Absolute Zero deals 1 non-Hero Target 3 Cold Damage. Absolute Zero deals himself 3 Fire Damage.
Art: A frozen Char behind Absolute Zero
Flavor-text: "Too cold? Welcome to my life." - Absolute Zero, The Ice-Man Cometh #7

See Captain Cosmic for an example.

Cards with Powers, specific Formatting

If a card has a power, it has a slightly different formatting setup, just to keep thing clean.

Card Name
Text in card before power
Power: Power text
Text in card after power

For example, for Captain Cosmic

Cosmic Weapon [4] (x3)
Play this card next to a hero character card. That hero gains the following power:
Power: This hero deals 1 target 3 energy damage.
Art: PW Fanatic wielding a golden blade;
Flavor-text: "This temporary blade will last longer than the foes we face!" - Fanatic, Prime Wardens #41

Sentinel Tactics Power Cards

: '''Name'''
:: ''Action:'' - The Text
:: {{TacticsHit|die=three|one=miss|six=miss}}
:: ''Art:'' Art Description
:: ''Flavor-Text:'' Flavor Text

View Template:TacticsHit for instructions on how to use the template

For Example, Absolute Zero

Impaling Structure
Action: Place three impaling structure markers in adjacent hexes on the map, one of which must be within radius 1 of Absolute Zero. Impaling Structure markers raise a hex's elevation by 1 and generate hazard spaces. Hazard. Attack Radius 0.

Art: Absolute Zero Impaling Omnitron-V with ice structure;
Flavor-Text: "BRRRZZZZZT! Tertiary ocular input feed lost terrain unpredictably hazardous" - Omnitron-V, Freedom Five #16

Incapacitated Powers Formatting

  • The words go here.

Capitalize the following:

  • Card
  • Deck
  • Draw
  • Element type, like Cold, Toxic, ect, and the Damage that follows it (e.g. Cold Damage)
  • Environment
  • Hero
  • Limited
  • Ongoing
  • One-Shot
  • Player
  • Power
  • Target
  • Villain

Always end with a period (.)

Do not capitalize now, start of turn, played, deals, next turn, end of turn.

Innate Power Formatting

Name of Power - Power


Pilot Light - Absolute Zero deals himself 2 Fire Damage. If he takes damage this way, search your deck for an Ongoing Card, and put it into play. Shuffle your Deck

Same Capitalization rules as Incapacitated Formatting

Reference Formatting

Art References

  • These references are for what various pieces of art in a particular deck or cards refer to other, in game cards, characters, events, or decks. So if you see a character on a card in Absolute Zero's deck, and you know who that character is, put it here.
  • This does NOT include art references to real world inspirations. Those go in the final section


  • These are for what could be true, that the community has come up with as generally accepted, but has not yet had a stamp of approval either from one of >G members, or from actual card proof.


  • Put here any facts that have been confirmed by >G members, with a link if possible to the post/podcast/article/whatever. Hearsay from the mouth of >G Members is OK to put here, because they don't say anything they don't want revealed, and can always deny it if it's not true.
  • Most Podcast Story information should NOT end up here - it should go on the relevant name/Comics page tabs.


  • These are the Questions from various podcasts as recorded on the Podcast pages. This category automatically collapses to preserve space.

To Other Works

  • This section is for real world (ie, our real comics of Marvel and DC and others) that the characters are drawn from. Any connection to Real world, either in the art, the backstory, or the events should be placed here.

Category Order

Categories should be ordered in the following order

Hero/Villain/Environment, SotM Edition, Sentinel Tactics, Sentinel Tactics Edition, Any Groups, either member or enemy of, Other