Fort Adamant

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Environment: Fort Adamant

Set: OblivAeon
Built: 1975
In use: 1976 to present
Levels: 3 known (6 more: top secret)
Garrison: 2 Infantry divisions, 1 armored division, 3 special forces groups

Deep in the subterranean structure of Fort Adamant lie many secrets. The government enlisted the team known as the Southwest Sentinels to further expand their super-powered agent interactions in dealing with the rising crop of supervillains. However, the base and the Sentinels initiative were cover-ups for their more dangerous projects, such as their experimentation on Choke (who would later become Chokepoint as a result) and their investigation of shards of unknown power.

Now Fort Adamant has become one of the major battle zones of the OblivAeon conflict. Heroes array themselves here, ready to face the cosmic threat, Guy the base promises neither safety nor aid. What is the intent of those behind Fort Adamant? The conspiracy runs deep, and the Southwest Sentinels have not been heard from since Chokepoint’s attack on the military installation. Hopefully, they will reappear soon.

Aggressive Volunteering (x2)
At the end of the Environment turn, discard the top 2 cards of the Environment deck. Put any Subjects discarded this way into play. Then deal each target 1 Lightning Damage. If at least 3 Environment targets are dealt damage this way, destroy this card.
Art: A test subject strapped into a machine with energy piping and electricity arcing through the test subject.
Flavor text: "Oh, our success rate is no better than any other risky scientific endeavor." Dr. Demikahv said as she looked over the latest failure. "But we certainly do get results!"


Doctor Demikahv [4] (x1)
Increase damage dealt by Subjects by 1. If there are any Subjects in play, this card is indestructible. At the end of the Environment turn, if there are no Subjects in play, play the top card of the Environment deck.
Art: Doctor Demikahv admiring a test subject in a stasis tube.
Flavor text: "What beautiful leetle babies they are, yes?" The doctor's grey hair and weathered skin were at odds with her spryness as she darted between tubes, beaming at her work.
General Armstrong [6] (x1)
Reduce damage dealt to this card and Hero targets by Environment targets by 1. Whenever a Subject enters play, each player may draw a card. At the end of the Environment turn, this card deals the Villain target with the lowest HP 2 Projectile Damage.
Art: General Armstrong deleting the files on the Bunker suit from the Fort Adamant mainframe.
Flavor text: "There's no way I'm letting you get your hands on this data. Keep Lieutenant Vance out of this!" The general's shouts sounded over the intercom, followed by a gunshot.


Bionic Patroller [10] (x3)
At the end of the Environment turn, this card deals the non-Environment target with the second highest HP X Energy Damage, where X = the number of Security cards in play plus 1.
Art: A green-hued bipedal humanoid droid with "31" painted across its "face".
Flavor text: "Halt. You have entered a restricted area. You will be punished to the fullest extent of the law." The impassive voice droned on as the robot scanned the area for intruders.
Blast Doors (x2)
At the start of the Environment turn, one player may discard their hand and draw 1 card. If at least 1 card is discarded this way, the Environment deck cannot play cards this turn. If at least 3 cards are discarded this way, also destroy all other Environment cards, then destroy this card.
Art: A pair of heavy metal doors closing.
Flavor text: The piercing klaxons were drowned out by heavy stomps as Mainstay barreled towards the door, slapping the flashing red button right before diving for the shrinking gap.
EMP Cannon [8] (x1)
Each Hero has access to this Power:
Power: Discard a card. If you do, this card deals itself 2 Energy Damage and 1 target 5 Energy Damage.
Art: A massive energy-charged cannon.
Flavor text: "The controls are just a bit fiddly," Writhe said with a shrug. "I had to employ rather unorthodox hacks to bypass the safeguards that prevent it from firing on the base."
The Foundry (x1)
Whenever a Subject is destroyed, restore each other Subject and Researcher to their max HP. The first time a non-Subject Environment card enters play each turn, play the top card of the Environment deck.
Art: A huge mirrored room with someone in the middle of the room strapped to an examination slab.
Flavor text: "How long has he been on the slab?" General Armstrong demanded. "I didn't agree to any of this. We're supposed to be taking care of people. Making the world a safer place!"
Training Facility (x1)
Increase damage dealt by Environment targets by 1. At the end of the Environment turn, each player may discard a card. Any player that discards a card this way may use each Power printed on a Character Card in their play area.
Art: A danger room-like place inside the Fort.
Flavor text: "In a way, I'm going to miss this place," the Idealist said as she directed a giant glowing blue bear to tear the wall panels apart. "I mean, we learned a lot here. Had fun, too!"


Codename: Char [11] (x1)
Whenever a Security card enters play, this card deals each target 1 Infernal Damage. At the end of the Environment turn, this card deals the Hero target with the highest HP 2 Energy Damage. Then, this card deals each target 1 Infernal Damage.
Art: Char standing in a stark research room, admiring his arm which is charged with energy.
Flavor text: The door slid open to reveal a grinning man. "Huh, don't I know you kids from somewhere?" he said as his arm burst into green flame. "No matter. Time to burn."
Codename: Highbrow [7] (x1)
Whenever a non-Subject target is destroyed, this card regains 2 HP. At the end of the Environment turn, this card deals the 3 targets other than itself with the lowest HP 2 Psychic Damage.
Art: Highbrow standing in a stark room with blood smeared on the wall, in scrubs with her head stitched shut and attached to a giant brain floating in a device behind her.
Flavor text: "Do you find my appearance unnerving?" The lips of the figure moved, but the tinny voice came not from its mouth, but from a speaker built into the floating brain chamber.
Codename: Radioactivist [9] (x1)
Whenever this card is dealt damage, increase the next damage dealt by this card by 1. At the end of the Environment turn, this card deals the non-Environment target with the second highest HP 2 Toxic Damage.
Art: Radioactivist with a giant fuel tank strapped to his back.
Flavor text: As the glowing figure took a staggering step forward, the clicking geiger counter warning sound spiked in intensity. "So much... raw power..." the figure groaned.

Meta: Fort Adamant

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Fireside Chats

  • Codename: Char’s text does not trigger when he enters play himself. The Foundry’s text does not trigger when it enters play itself.
  • If Doctor Demikahv is indestructible because a Subject is in play and goes into negative HP, she stays in play. If the Subject then leaves play (causing her to lose her indestructible effect) this causes her to be destroyed as well.
  • The power usages from Training Facility happen immediately when a player discards (not after everyone is finished discarding).