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Environment: Freedom Tower

Set: Vengeance

During the Vengeful Five’s campaign against the Freedom Five, Baron Blade destroyed the original Freedom Five headquarters. The heroes narrowly escaped, but when it came time to construct a new HQ, the team decided to upgrade their base of operations significantly. After obtaining private funding from Montgomery Industries, the Freedom Tower was constructed in the heart of downtown Megalopolis, standing as a symbol of the protection the heroes offered the city, the world, and the entire Multiverse. It also acts as a villain lightning rod - any attacks that would have previously targeted the city were naturally drawn to the giant tower, as taking down the Freedom Five would be the crowning achievement of any ambitious villain.

The Freedom Tower makes an excellent home turf for many heroes, but if it were to be overrun by villains and their minions, the results would be devastating.

Entry Point (x4)
Play this card on a Room card. If there are no Room cards in play, reshuffle this card into the Environment deck and play the top card of the Environment deck. A card under this card has no game text. Increase damage dealt by Villain targets by 1.
Art: Fright Train breaking down the wall to the Freedom Tower;
Flavor text: The rumbling grew louder. Suddenly, with a horrendous crash, a huge metal wedge burst through the wall, followed by a roar of, "All aboard!"


Caspit's "Playground" (x1)
All Hero Ongoing cards are also Equipment cards.
Art: Unity and her bots in a pose similar to the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel;
Flavor text: Tachyon stopped dead in the doorway. "Uh, Devra. What are you doing?" Without looking away from her work, the intern whispered gravely, "Creating."
Dr. Stinson's Secondary Lab (x1)
At the end of the Environment turn, reveal the top card of each Hero deck and either discard it or replace it.
Art: A laboratory with a racetrack;
Flavor text: Surpassing subsonic speeds and even reaching hypersonic speeds requires care and precision. Measuring those speeds requires expensive equipment.
Frost's Cryo Chamber (x1)
Increase all cold damage by 1. Reduce all fire damage by 1. At the end of the environment turn, deal each target 1 cold damage.
Art: A warning sign above a door with frosty air coming out;
Flavor text: Unity peered through the observation window. "What are you doing, Ryan? Just chillin'? Is it pretty cool in there? Come on, don't give me the cold shoulder!"
Ironclad Maintenance Bay (x1)
At the end of the Environment turn, put the top card of each trash pile under its associated deck.
Art: Tyler Vance looking over various Bunker suits;
Flavor text: "Everything is in working order, sir." The mechanic saluted sharply as Lt. Tyler Vance entered the bay. "Good, Good. I'm just here to check on my baby."
Legacy's Landing Pad (x1)
Increase damage dealt by the target with the highest HP by 1. Reduce damage dealt to the target with the lowest HP by 1.
Art: The roof of the building showing a landing pad with Legacy's symbol;
Flavor text: A red and yellow light flashed once in the front office. "Ah, Legacy has landed," Ms. Twain noted, looking up from her crossword puzzle. "He'll be right down."
Medical Ward (x1)
At the start of the Environment turn, each target regains 1 HP.
Art: The Wraith having a wound stitched up by a robot;
Flavor text: "These medical bots are great and all, but did they have to be so… pink?" The Wraith winced. At least the bots were good at what they were built to do.
Mission Control (x1)
At the end of the Environment turn, reveal the top card of each Hero deck in turn order. If the revealed card is a one-shot or a Limited card already in play, discard that card. Otherwise, put the revealed card into play.
Art: A room with a table that has a screen popping up on it;
Flavor text: "Good morning, heroes!" Legacy said with a grin, raising his coffee mug in greeting to the three new members of the team. "Ready to get started?"
Security Station (x1)
At the start of the Environment turn, a player may discard their hand to destroy an Environment card.
Art: An empty security chair in front of eight monitors showing the other rooms;
Flavor text: "Seriously," the security guard griped, yawning. "Why does this place even need security? It's a building full of heroes! I'm taking the rest of the night off."
The Front Desk (x1)
At the end of the Environment turn, play the top card of the Environment deck.
Art: An empty front desk of the Freedom Tower;
Flavor text: "And here is where the world's greatest assistant ever works!" Legacy was giving another tour of Freedom Tower. Aminia Twain smiled demurely at the guests.
The Wraith's Arsenal (x1) : At the start of the Environment turn, each player may draw 1 card. If all players draw a card this way, destroy this card.
Art: A room filled with Razor Ordnances, Grappling Hooks, bracers, and other devices;
Flavor text: "That's the issue with projectiles," the Wraith explained as she restocked her gear. "I'm constantly throwing away all my best stuff. I carry lots of extras."
Training Simulator (x1)
At the start of the Environment turn, move a Villain target from the Villain trash into play.
Art: A beat up Legacy in a room with a holographic Grand Warlord Voss and Apostate;
Flavor text: "OK, who thought this would be a good idea?!" Tachyon shouted as some of their worst enemies materialized. "Training is key, right?" the Wraith said, shrugging.

Meta: Freedom Tower

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  • "Caspit's Playground", being Unity's workshop, shows her creating Mechanical Golem versions of several members of The Ennead, specifically Atum, Isis, Osiris, Geb, and Nephthys.
  • "Frost's Cryo Chamber" is a repeat of Absolute Zero's "Cryo Chamber", although now effecting more than just AZ himself.
  • "Ironclad Maintenance Bay" is similar to the site shown on Bunker's "Decommissioned Hardware". Tyler Vance is shown inspecting his suits.



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Fireside Chats

  • When Entry Point is on a card, the text on the card under it has no effect, but it can be targeted by "destroy an environment card" effects. When Entry Point is destroyed, the text on the card under it is in play again.
  • If a room card under Entry Point is destroyed, Entry Point remains in play by itself.
  • The wording on Entry Point is changed to prevent an infinite loop: the “play the top card” and “reshuffle this card” clauses are switched. The damage increase effect from Entry Point cards waiting to get reshuffled is in play until they get reshuffled.
  • Entry Point only cares about room cards when it is entering play, not any other time.
  • Cards under Entry Point do not have keywords. If there are 2 Room cards in play, both covered by Entry Points, and an Entry Point enters play, it sees no room cards and gets reshuffled into the deck.
  • Guise can play Lemme See That on an Ongoing card that has become Equipment due to Caspit's Playground.
  • If Caspit’s Playground is destroyed, Lemme See That stops working, but remains where it is.
  • Suppose Shocking Animation goes next to an Ongoing card due to Caspit’s Playground, then Caspit's Playground leaves play. The effects of Shocking Animation no longer apply to the card, since it's no longer an equipment card. Shocking Animation just hangs out and looks sad.
  • “The Wraith’s Arsenal” only considers active players. It can still be destroyed by just the remaining players drawing cards.
  • Suppose The Wraith’s Arsenal is played, then Entry Point covers it, then Security Station is played. At the start of the environment turn, the players destroy Entry Point using Security Station. The text of The Wraith’s Arsenal does not activate, because the start of turn has already passed for that card.