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Fireside Chats

  • When Entry Point is on a card, the text on the card under it has no effect, but it can be targeted by "destroy an environment card" effects. When Entry Point is destroyed, the text on the card under it is in play again.
  • If a room card under Entry Point is destroyed, Entry Point remains in play by itself.
  • The wording on Entry Point is changed to prevent an infinite loop: the “play the top card” and “reshuffle this card” clauses are switched. The damage increase effect from Entry Point cards waiting to get reshuffled is in play until they get reshuffled.
  • Entry Point only cares about room cards when it is entering play, not any other time.
  • Cards under Entry Point do not have keywords. If there are 2 Room cards in play, both covered by Entry Points, and an Entry Point enters play, it sees no room cards and gets reshuffled into the deck.
  • Guise can play Lemme See That on an Ongoing card that has become Equipment due to Caspit's Playground.
  • If Caspit’s Playground is destroyed, Lemme See That stops working, but remains where it is.
  • Suppose Shocking Animation goes next to an Ongoing card due to Caspit’s Playground, then Caspit's Playground leaves play. The effects of Shocking Animation no longer apply to the card, since it's no longer an equipment card. Shocking Animation just hangs out and looks sad.
  • “The Wraith’s Arsenal” only considers active players. It can still be destroyed by just the remaining players drawing cards.
  • Suppose The Wraith’s Arsenal is played, then Entry Point covers it, then Security Station is played. At the start of the environment turn, the players destroy Entry Point using Security Station. The text of The Wraith’s Arsenal does not activate, because the start of turn has already passed for that card.