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Aliases: Steven Grave
Height: 8' 3"
Weight: 450 Lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Birthplace: Alexandria, Louisana
Power Source: Unnatural Strength, Genetic Experimentation
Group Affiliation: The Vengeful Five
First Appearance: Freedom Five #290
Difficulty: 3
Set: Vengeance
Nemesis: Bunker

Fright Train

Vengeance Style Deck

HP: 35
Title One-Track Warrior

Freedom Six: Bunker

Hero Variant for Bunker

HP: 27
Innate Power:
Locomotion - Discard a Mode card. If you do, you may destroy an Ongoing card.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Player Draws 1 Card now.
  • Destroy 1 Ongoing Card.
  • One Player puts 1 card from their trash on top of their deck now.


Fright Train Original Standard Front.png

Tyler Vance and Steven Graves enlisted on the same day, and from the first time they met, they knew they would never be friends. The 6'2" Graves towered over the 5'8" Vance, and he never let him live it down. They constantly competed for the top spots and highest accolades in boot camp, and their competive nature often resulted in both of them getting demerits.

After boot camp, Vance and Graves were assigned to the same platoon, and they were ready to continue their ongoing competition. But when Tyler Vance was promoted to Lieutenant and put in charge of the platoon, Corporal Graves resigned himself to respecting his authority, however begrudgingly.

When Lt. Vance's platoon was under heavy fire in the Middle East, Corporal Graves was seriously injured, and Lt. Vance risked his life to get Graves to safety. The two of them were stuck under scant cover for over four hours of heavy fire before they could rejoin the rest of the troops, and in that time, Graves and Vance made a peace, of sorts.

Upon returning to the United States, Graves was honorably discharged due to his injuries after Lt. Vance put in many a good word for Steven Graves. However, Graves still had trouble finding work for years, and ended up working for a South American druglord doing "security". Quickly making a name for himself in the private security sector, Graves became a hot gun and a rather expensive commodity.

Eventually, Graves was hired by a secret security force, but as part of his contract, he was chemically and mechanically enhanced, making him even more of a colossal force to be reckoned with. He was outfitted with a massive helmet resembling the front of a large train, which led to Graves being called "Fright Train". Unfortunately for Fright Train, in the security force's first mission, the team was decimated, and the few remaining members ended up in The Block.

After several years of incarceration, the dastardly Baron Blade managed to get word to several of The Block's inmates, Graves chief among them. "Come work for me," the Baron offered, "and I'll give you the chance for vengeance you so deserve."

Now, Fright Train serves as Baron Blade's body guard and battering ram, and he has a particular vendetta against the hero known as Bunker…

Bunker Freedom Six Standard Front.png

Freedom Six: Bunker

Hero Variant for Bunker

The future in which Iron Legacy ruled the planet brought out the worst in many, but the best in a few. After the death of his former commanding officer and rival, Stephan Graves became a defender of the people. He protected a small neighborhood of people from roving gangs, and word of his valor reached Tachyon. She recovered an experimental Bunker suit that was barely functional, and retrofitted it to work as armor for the massive combatant formerly known as Fright Train. He agreed to work with this newly formed team, knowing that his actions could mean the difference between life and death for countless defenseless people.

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Art References

  • Fright Train’s appearance and fondness for train-based puns make him a dead-ringer for Augustus “Cole-Train” Cole from the Gears of War video game series.
  • Fright Train is unmasked as Knyfe smashes him through a wall on the card "Wrecking Uppercut"




  • Fright Train’s powers greatly resemble those of the Marvel character Juggernaut.
  • Fright Train's incapacitated art is a visual reference to the cover of Uncanny X-Men #322 which asks the question "Who stopped the Juggernaut" (the answer eventually revealed to be Onslaught) - Fright Train, K.N.Y.F.E., Naturalist, and Setback stand in for Juggernaut, Psylocke, Beast, and Bishop respectively.

Incapacitated Images

The Deck

Deck Information

Vengeance Style Deck


Crushing Blow (x2)
Fright Train deals the Hero target with the highest HP 4 melee damage.
Art: Fright Train ramming his arm in the stomach of Legacy;
Flavor text: "Now that's what I call a whistle stop!" - Fright Train, Freedom Five Annual #27
Improbable Grapple (x2)
Fright Train deals the Hero target with the highest HP 2 melee damage. That target's player discards their hand unless each player discards 1 card now.
Art: Fright Train crunching Setback's face into a wall;
Flavor text: "MMMRRPH! Lrrgrrrr!" - Setback, Vengeance #2
Last Stop (x2)
Reveal the top card of the Environment deck. If that card has HP, Fright Train deals the Hero target with the highest HP X projectile damage, where X - the HP of that card divided by 2, rounded down. Then, discard that Environment card.
Art: Fright Train stopping the Mononrail;
Flavor text: "Time to let off a little steam!" - Fright Train, Vengeance #1
Locomotivation (x1)
Reveal the top card of Fright Train's deck. If it is a Nemesis card, discard it and Fright Train regains 5 HP. If it is not a Nemesis card, put it into play.
Art: Fright Train raising his left fist up;
Flavor text: "All aboard! The Fright Train's a comin'!" - Fright Train, Vengeful Five One-Shot
Off the Rails (x3)
Fright Train deals the Hero target with the highest HP 3 projectile damage. Destroy 1 Hero target with 2 or fewer HP.
Art: Fright Train throwing Mr. Chomps through Omnitron-X;
Flavor text: "Noooooo! Don't throw Mr. Chomps! He's not optimized for flight!" - Unity, Vengeance #5
Plow Through (x2)
Fright Train deals the two non-villain targets with the lowest HP 2 melee damage each.
Art: Fright Train coming threw a wall and a Kraken tentacle to attack Tempest;
Flavor text: "Looks like you're on the wrong side of the tracks!" - Fright Train, Vengeance #6
Unstoppable Momentum (x2)
Fright Train deals the Hero character card with the highest HP 2 melee damage. That Hero's player may discard 1 card. If they do not, Fright Train deals that Hero character card 2 more melee damage.
Art: Fright Train almost punching the helmet off Bunker;
Flavor text: "I'm handing out express tickets to the junkyard!" - Fright Train, Freedom Five Annual #27


Engine of Destruction (x1)
Increase damage dealt by Fright Train by 1. Increase the first damage dealt to Fright Train each turn by 1.
Art: Fright Train with the guardrail up over his head;
Flavor text: "A frenzied monster, hell-bend on destruction. He knows no peace." - Haka, Vengeance #1
Rebuilt to Survive (x1)
Whenever 5 or more damage would be dealt to Fright Train, reduce that damage by 2. At the end of the villain turn, Fright Train regains 1 HP.
Art: Fright Train chained to a wall with tubes connected to him;
Flavor text: "You were powerful. But I shall make you unstoppable!" - Baron Blade, Exordium #2


Choke [5] (x1)
At the end of Fright Train's turn, destroy 1 Hero equipment card. If KNYFE is active in this game, reduce damage dealt by Hero targets by 1.
Art: A closeup of Choke;
Flavor text: "Cute Toys. Playtime's over." - Choke, Vengeance #4
Major Flay [7] (x1)
At the end of Fright Train's turn, this card deals the Hero target with the highest HP 2 lightning damage. If the Visionary is active in this tame, Villain Ongoing cards are indestructible.
Art: A closeup of Major Flay;
Flavor text: "Your tricks will not save you. Our might is undeniable!" - Major Flay, Vengeance #5
Man-Grove [9] (x1)
At the end of Fright Train's turn, this card deals each Hero target 1 melee damage. Then, if Nightmist is active in this game, this card regains 1 HP.
Art: A closeup of Man-Grove;
Flavor text: "More than mere trees, now you serve the great Baron Blade in pursuit of revenge!" - Baron Blade, Exordium #3
The Crackjaw Crew [11] (x1)
At the end of Fright Traini's turn, this card deals the 2 Hero targets with the highest HP 1 energy damage each. Increase damage dealt by this card by 1 for each active member of the Sentinels.
Art: A closeup of the members of the Crackjaw Crew;
Flavor text: "Yeah, we could take it easy. But that doesn’t sound fun, does it?" - Ember, Exordium #2
Mini Nemeses


Fireside Chats

  • If a card says “at the end of the villain turn” in a team villain game, it happens on at the end of that villain's turn (not every villain turn). Rebuilt to Survive is changed to say "end of Fright Train’s turn."
  • If Last Stop reveals a Shinobi Assassin, the Assassin jumps into play, deals its damage, then Fright Train deals his damage. The part "discard that environment card" is disregarded because the Assassin is now in play and cannot be discarded.

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