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  • From Letter Page Episode 14
    • Tachyon loves dealing with Glamour since she is a big fan of magicians and being tricked. Often this irritates Glamour who is trying to get rid of her.
  • From Letter Page Episode 19
    • The Shrieker an original Freedom Four/Five member in golden age Sentinels Comics becomes the four incarnation of the villain and the one we see in Ambuscade's VotM deck
    • In the Tactics timeline Miss Information is the current Glamour
    • As Glamour Miss Information manages to kill Tachyon in the Tactics Timeline

To Other Works

  • The Sentinels Tactics bio implies that multiple people have been behind the mask at different times. This is similar to DC's Red Hood, which was initially used to make several accomplices to crimes look like the work of a single mastermind.
  • A reflective-masked villain focusing on misdirection and tricks is strongly evocative of Spider-man villain Mysterio.