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Fireside Chats

  • Drum of Despair's effect only causes one of The Sentinels' character cards to take damage (player's choice).
  • If a voodoo pin is next to a Sentinel, the end of turn GloomWeaver damage is dealt to that specific Sentinel. If that Sentinel is incapacitated, the pin just hangs around doing nothing, but if that Sentinel comes back, the pin is still there doing stuff. In the case of the Sable Pin, the player can choose to destroy a card if they want.
  • Skinwalker GloomWeaver Challenge Mode: Once Spite is defeated, everything stops and then goes to the “start of game” phase. All temporary effects go away.
  • Skinwalker GloomWeaver Challenge Mode: If Surprise Shopping Trip is in play, it does not trigger on Skinwalker GloomWeaver entering play, because GloomWeaver is just replacing Spite. It does trigger on Pouch of Bones entering play. Similarly, Buffer Overflow cannot prevent GloomWeaver from entering play, but it can prevent the Pouch of Bones from entering play. Any cards next to Spite (e.g. bounty cards) get transferred to GloomWeaver.