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Destroy: When a card is destroyed, it is removed from play and placed in the appropriate trash.


Device: A keyword appearing on Villain cards. Device cards remain in play after being played and can generally be destroyed. They are the Villains Equipment, named with a different keyword so as to prevent interaction between 'paying Equipment' costs of sacrificing equipment taking advantage of the villains.


Equipment: A keyword appearing on Hero cards. Equipment remains in play after being played and can only be destroyed by cards which specifically target equipment cards.


HP stands for "Hit Points" and represents the amount of damage that a target can take before it is destroyed. Only certain cards have HP. All cards with HP are targets.


Incapacitated: A Hero is incapacitated when reduced to 0 or fewer HP. When this occurs, immediately remove all of that Hero's cards from the game and flip the Hero character card. On the back, the Hero has incapacitated abilities, one of which can be used on each of that Hero's subsequent turns. Incapacitated Heroes cannot regain HP as they no longer have HP.

Innate Power

Innate Power: Powers printed on the front of the Hero character card.


Keyword: The words in the rectangular box at the top of any game text section. Any keywords not defined in the glossary will make sense circumstantially.

The keywords currently in the game are:

  • Equipment
  • Limited
  • One-Shot
  • Ongoing
  • Device
No special rules are innate to these keywords; they exist only so that cards can make reference to them, or simply for thematic purposes.
  • Acrobat, Agent, Amazon, Ammo, Anomaly, Appendage, Bounty, Burst, Cavalier, Citizen, Clue, Cohort, Component, Cover, Crew, Cryptid, Cultist, Demon, Dinosaur, Distortion, Diversion, Dreadnaught, Drone, Drug, Elemental, Flagship, Flying Ace, Forensic Scientist, Fowl, Gun, Gunman, Harmony, Inmate, Instrument, Jinx, The Law, Lord of the Underworld, Lucky, Mechanical Golem, Melody, Minion, Mode, Module, Mummy, Musketeer, Nest, Plating, Primeval Limb, Private Eye, Projection, Rat, Relic, Rhythm, Ronin, Spell, Style, Thorathian, Thug, Timeship, Time Portal, Tool, Train, Trap, Treasure, Trial, Underboss, Vat, Victim, Viking, Voodoo Pin, Zombie -


Limited: A keyword appearing on Hero cards. Limited cards are unique, in that only one card of that name can be in play at one time. If a limited card with the same name as a limited card already in play would come into play, the second card is put into the appropriate trash instead.


Module: A keyword, Modules are special cards found in Absolute Zero's deck, as a specific type of Limited Equipment. There are two of them, Null-Point Calibration Unit and the Isothermic Transducer. They are essential for the operation of his deck, allowing him to convert the Fire and Cold damage he does to himself. It can be searched for by the card Onboard Module Installation


Nemesis - A Nemesis shares an icon with another card in the game. These icons are located in the lower right corner of character cards (and a few other cards as well). When cards that share their nemesis icon face each other in a game, they deal an extra damage to each other.

For example, Legacy and Baron Blade are Nemesis to one another. Any time they specifically deal damage to each other, it is increased by 1

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One-Shot: A keyword appearing on Hero and Villain cards. The effects of a One-Shot card happen immediately upon being played, after which the One-Shot card is moved to the appropriate trash.


Ongoing: A keyword appearing on Hero and Villain cards. Ongoing cards remain in play after being played and can only be destroyed by cards which specifically target ongoing cards or destroy all cards in play.


Trash: Each deck in the game has a trash into which cards from that deck are placed when they are destroyed, discarded, or otherwise moved there.