Grand Warlord Voss

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Aliases: Rainek Kel-Voss
Age: 92
Height: 6’ 7”
Weight: 280 lbs.
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Purple
Birthplace: Dok’Thorath
Power Source: Alien Military and Physiology
Group Affiliation: The Thorathian Armada
Occupation: Nyxian Scourge, Admiral, Ruler
First Appearance: Freedom Five #504
Difficulty: 3
Set: Enhanced Edition

Grand Warlord Voss

HP: 90
Title: Conquering Alien Warlord / Super-Thorathian Warrior


Grand Warlord Voss Original Standard Front.png

The Thorathian Rainek Kel-Voss was unique amongst his people. The second son of the Thorathian Sovereign, he could have easily secured a powerful diplomatic role and lived a life of luxury on the Thorathian homeworld, Dok’Thorath. To his family’s chagrin, he opted for a military career instead.

His high birth meant that he would never be allowed to serve as a common soldier. He would, however, work his way into commanding an elite strike force: the Nyxian Scourges. Their actions were similar to those of black ops groups on Earth. Their operations took place outside of legal constraints. Their methods were ruthless. And their loyalty to each other was unyielding. While his military career was certainly illustrious, most of it was never officially recognized. But it was his strong predisposition towards genetics that made him truly stand out.

Voss’s official military activity placed him within the Thorathian Ministry of Science. His experiments fostered many advantages for the Thorathian military. He created injectable nanomachines that sped coagulation. He found ways for soldiers to go weeks without sleeping. Ingestible compounds were formulated to increase the rate of muscular growth.

Despite his contributions to the Thorathian military’s might, Voss eventually went too far in his experiments. The Voss family quickly stopped details of Rainek’s transgressions from spreading amongst the general public, but the rumors suggested that he had used live Thorathians for his tests. It was decided that public execution was too great a dishonor for a Thorathian of noble blood, so the decision was made to quietly exile Rainek to Gadrion Delta, a nearby ice planet.

For six years, Voss fought to survive in his icy prison, but using salvaged parts from his transport pod, he managed to continue his experiments. The Feethsmar, a quadrupedal race, native to Gadrion Delta, were his subjects, and eventually Voss’s efforts paid off, leaving him with great legions of the subjugated “frost hounds” fully at his disposal and mindlessly devoted to him.

Over the course of his exile, the soldiers who had served directly under Voss had managed to place themselves within the highest echelons of the Thorathian Ministries. When they finally received an encoded communication from their former leader, they were ready. The Thorathians who had exiled Rainek Kel-Voss, however, were not so ready when he returned to Dok’Thorath with dropships full of Gene-Bound FrostHounds.

Already familiar with the machinations of the Thorathian military, Voss used surprise to his advantage, quickly and systematically taking down major military targets and carving a swath through the Thorathian leaders. Ultimately, he declared himself the new sovereign, Grand Warlord Voss, with the Nyxian Scourges as the base of his power. Grand Warlord Voss was not content to stop with the conquering of his own homeworld. Finally understanding how to bend entire races to his will, he set his course for the stars, taking down planets one by one and adding their inhabitants to his swiftly growing intergalactic army.

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Art References

  • Voss' Gene-Bound Psi-Weavers are genetically modified Piunites, the last non-modified one is found in the Enclave of the Endlings, Phrentat.
  • Voss' Gene-Bound Bionauts are genetically modified Mubbloxians, the last non-modified one is found in the Enclave of the Endlings, Venox.


  • Voss' Gene-Bound Shock Infantry are genetically modified Maerynians.



  • Grand Warlord Voss bears a strong resemblance to the Marvel villain Thanos, who in turn resembles the DC villain Darkseid.
  • The "Gene-Bound" soldier looks exactly like the "Grays" of UFO pop-culture.
  • Voss' emblem looks stylistically similar to the symbol of the Irken Empire from Johnan Vasquez's Invader Zim cartoon.
  • The "Quark-Drive Translocator" resembles the "Boom Tube" portals used in the DC Universe.

Incapacitated Images

The Deck

Villain Deck


Forced Deployment (x3)
When this card is destroyed, take all of the Minion cards from the Villain trash and put them into play. At the start of the Villain turn, destroy this card.
Art: Silhouettes of the Gene-Bound Guard, Gene-Bound Soldier and Gene-Bound Shock Infantry, possibly coming out of the Quark-Drive Tanslocator.
Flavor text: "These people are engineered to live and die at my command!" - Grand Warlord Voss, Freedom Five #507


Quark-Drive Translocator [10] (x2)
The first time a Minion enters play each turn, play the top card of the Villain deck.
Art: A Circular device with a green passageway in the middle.
Flavor text: "I can safely say that the Thorathians understand quantum mechanics." - Tachyon, Science and Progress One-Shot


Gene-Bound Banshee [3] (x1)
This card is immune to Sonic Damage. At the end of the Villain turn, this card deals the Hero with the most Ongoing cards 3 Sonic Damage.
Art: A thin grey alien creating a shock wave by yelling.
Flavor text: The harsh atmosphere of Vdronix resulted in powerful lungs and vocal chords, attributes the Thorathians capitalized on. - Narrator
Gene-Bound Bionaut [3] (x1)
This card is immune to Toxic Damage. At the end of the Villain turn, this card deals the Hero Target with the lowest HP 2 Toxic Damage.
Art: A black silhouette with glowing green lights, green smoke coming from both hands.
Flavor text: The potential implications of the Mubbloxians' naturally toxic blood delighted Voss's genetic scientists. - Narrator
Gene-Bound Firesworn [3] (x2)
This card is immune to Fire Damage. At the end of the Villain turn, this card deals the Hero Target with the highest HP 2 Fire Damage.
Art: An alien with craters in its skin a large mouth and glowing red hands.
Flavor text: The Trodcullons were a race of barely sentient volcano dwellers before Voss turned them into his pyrotechnics squad. - Narrator
Gene-Bound Frosthound [3] (x2)
This card is immune to Cold Damage. At the end of the Villain turn, this card deals each Hero Target 2 Cold Damage.
Art: A white four-legged creature with at least five blue eyes, sharp teeth and long tongue and spike on its shoulders.
Flavor text: The Feethsmar of Gadrion Delta flourished in the frigid temperatures of their homeworld. Then Voss found them. - Narrator
Gene-Bound Guard [3] (x2) : Reduce Damage dealt to Villain Targets by 1.
Art: A bald humanoid alien with glowing blue stripes.
Flavor text: The self-repairing flesh of the Ruoenf people make them ideal front line protectors for Voss's troops. - Narrator
Gene-Bound Ion-Lancer [3] (x2) : This card is immune to Energy Damage. At the end of the Villain turn, this card deals the Hero Target with the lowest HP 2 Energy Damage.
Art: A glowing skeleton wearing armor with a large energy blade on one arm.
Flavor text: The peaceful, agricultural Henathians were massacred by the Thorathian army. The strongest of them twisted into horrid reapers. - Narrator
Gene-Bound Psi-Weaver [3] (x2)
This card is immune to Psychic Damage. At the end of the Villain turn, this card deals each Hero Target 2 Psychic Damage.
Art: A brain inside what would be the head of a giant mechanical insect, its spinning a web around an unknown humanoid figure.
Flavor text: After the advanced intellectual meritocracy of Piune Prime was utterly obliterated, cerebral matter was recovered to produce powerful psychic exterminators. - Narrator
Gene-Bound Shock Infantry [3] (x2)
This card is immune to Lightning Damage. At the end of the Villain turn, this card deals the Hero Target with the highest HP 3 Lightning Damage.
Art: A mutated Maerynian with sharp teeth and a purple tentacle in place of one arm, with lightning charging in both arms.
Flavor text: "I shall see Voss's hideous work undone or perish in the process!" - Tempest, Freedom Five #517
Gene-Bound Soldier [3] (x2)
This card is immune to Projectile Damage. At the end of the Villain turn, this card deals the Hero Target with the highest HP 2 Projectile Damage.
Art: A grey alien with a large head wielding two handguns and being protected by a pick energy shield.
Flavor text: The natural hand-eye coordination of the Qubrin made them exceptional marksmen. Voss took what he wanted, destroying the rest. - Narrator


First Lieutenant Tamar [5] (x1)
Reduce Damage dealt to Thorathians and Minions by 1.
Art: A Thorathian Soldier holding a flag with grand Warlord Voss' Symbol on it.
Flavor text: "The valiant never taste of death but once." - Tamar, Freedom Five #509
First Lieutenant Vyktor [5] (x1)
Increase Damage dealt to Hero Targets by 1.
Art: A Thorathian Soldier holding a pistol, on a ship in space.
Flavor text: "Agony is much too time consuming. My primary objective is to kill you quickly." - Vyktor, Freedom Five #512


TCF Conqueror [15] (x1)
This card is immune to Melee Damage. At the start of the Villain turn, destroy 1 Hero Ongoing card. At the end of the Villain turn, this card deals each Hero Target 3 Fire Damage.
Art: A spaceship flying through purple and black clouds over a blue and black planet.
Flavor text: "What I cannot have, I will destroy." - Grand Warlord Voss, Freedom Five #510


TCF Stalwart [18] (x1)
This card is immune to Melee Damage. At the start of the Villain turn, this card deals each Hero Target 3 Energy Damage. At the end of the Villain turn, shuffle the Villain trash and reveal cards until a Minion is revealed. Put it into play. Put the other revealed cards back in the trash.
Art: A massive ship with many smaller spaceships approaching earth.
Flavor text: "You shall witness the destruction of your wretched little planet!" - Grand Warlord Voss, Freedom Five #512


Fireside Chats

  • When Forced Deployment triggers, the cards enter play from the trash in order from the top of the trash to the bottom.
  • Cards like Combat Stance and Quark Drive (that say “the first time X”) have an implicit “since this card entered play”. This also applies to Omnitron's components and Rooftop Combat.
  • Hairtrigger Reflexes + Forced Deployment (or Darken the Sky) cannot cause an infinite loop. All of the minions are first selected and removed from the trash, and played. New minions entering the trash during Forced Deployment’s effect are not returned.

Spiff's SotM Rules and Clarifications

Advanced Mode

  • On Voss’ front side, his Advanced mode rules say to reduce damage dealt by heroes by 1. This doesn’t only apply to damage heroes do to villain cards, but all damage dealt by heroes. For example, damage that Absolute Zero does to himself is also reduced by 1 when fighting Voss on his front side in Advanced mode.

Flipping Grand Warlord Voss

  • The back of Voss’ character card has an ability that reads “at the start of the villain turn, if there are 2 or more minions in play, flip grand warlord voss’ villain card.” On the front of his character card is an ability that reads “at the start of the villain turn, if there are 10 or more minions in play, the planet has been overrun by the Thorathian army. Game over”. What happens if there are 10 or more minions in play when Voss is

showing the back of his card at the start of the villain turn? Because there are 2 or more minion cards in play, Voss will flip to his front side, then because there are 10 or more minion cards in play, the players will lose.

Forced Deployment

  • If “Forced Deployment” is destroyed before the start of the villain turn, The minions are deployed as soon as it is destroyed, giving the players whatever is left of that round to try to take them out before they’ll start doing stuff on Voss’ turn. The minions are brought out in whatever order the players choose. Further, if “Forced Deployment” is in play at the start of Voss’ turn and there are over 10 minions in the trash, it doesn’t mean the game is automatically over. this is because you check start-of-turn effects in the order the cards came into play. Grand Warlord Voss’ villain card was in play before “Forced Deployment”, so you’d check Voss’ start-of-turn effect to see if there are over 10 minions in play. If not, the game continues. when you get to “Forced Deployment”, it will be destroyed and the minions will come into play. if there are still 10 or more minions in play by the next time you check Voss’ start-of-turn effects, the game will be over, but you’ll still have a full round to try to deal with the horde of game-ending minions before then. See also “Forced Deployment + End of Days” in Fanatic rules clarifications. Minions are put back into play in the order they are in Voss’ villain trash, top (first) to bottom (last). Forced Deployment, Forced Order?

Oversized card errata

  • Grand Warlord Voss’ oversized card is missing the keyword “Thorathian”. Voss is considered both a villain and a Thorathian, which is printed correctly on his normal-sized card.