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Fireside Chats

  • When Forced Deployment triggers, the cards enter play from the trash in order from the top of the trash to the bottom.
  • Cards like Combat Stance and Quark Drive (that say “the first time X”) have an implicit “since this card entered play”. This also applies to Omnitron's components and Rooftop Combat.
  • Hairtrigger Reflexes + Forced Deployment (or Darken the Sky) cannot cause an infinite loop. All of the minions are first selected and removed from the trash, and played. New minions entering the trash during Forced Deployment’s effect are not returned.

Spiff's Clarifications

Advanced Mode

  • On Voss’ front side, his Advanced mode rules say to reduce damage dealt by heroes by 1. This doesn’t only apply to damage heroes do to villain cards, but all damage dealt by heroes. For example, damage that Absolute Zero does to himself is also reduced by 1 when fighting Voss on his front side in Advanced mode.

Flipping Grand Warlord Voss

  • The back of Voss’ character card has an ability that reads “at the start of the villain turn, if there are 2 or more minions in play, flip grand warlord voss’ villain card.” On the front of his character card is an ability that reads “at the start of the villain turn, if there are 10 or more minions in play, the planet has been overrun by the Thorathian army. Game over”. What happens if there are 10 or more minions in play when Voss is

showing the back of his card at the start of the villain turn? Because there are 2 or more minion cards in play, Voss will flip to his front side, then because there are 10 or more minion cards in play, the players will lose.

Forced Deployment

  • If “Forced Deployment” is destroyed before the start of the villain turn, The minions are deployed as soon as it is destroyed, giving the players whatever is left of that round to try to take them out before they’ll start doing stuff on Voss’ turn. The minions are brought out in whatever order the players choose. Further, if “Forced Deployment” is in play at the start of Voss’ turn and there are over 10 minions in the trash, it doesn’t mean the game is automatically over. this is because you check start-of-turn effects in the order the cards came into play. Grand Warlord Voss’ villain card was in play before “Forced Deployment”, so you’d check Voss’ start-of-turn effect to see if there are over 10 minions in play. If not, the game continues. when you get to “Forced Deployment”, it will be destroyed and the minions will come into play. if there are still 10 or more minions in play by the next time you check Voss’ start-of-turn effects, the game will be over, but you’ll still have a full round to try to deal with the horde of game-ending minions before then. See also “Forced Deployment + End of Days” in Fanatic rules clarifications. Minions are put back into play in the order they are in Voss’ villain trash, top (first) to bottom (last). Forced Deployment, Forced Order?

Oversized card errata

  • Grand Warlord Voss’ oversized card is missing the keyword “Thorathian”. Voss is considered both a villain and a Thorathian, which is printed correctly on his normal-sized card.