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Fireside Chats

  • Greazer has a nemesis effect against other targets sharing the same nemesis icon that his contract has. For example, if the contract is in Ra’s play area, Anubis and Greazer are also nemeses. In the video game, Greazer’s card shows the appropriate icon during gameplay.
  • If the last two characters in a game are Greazer and his Contract, and the Contract character becomes incapacitated, the Villains win. Greazer flips as a response, which means the heroes have to lose before Greazer is incapacitated.
  • One-shots do not trigger Thermobaric Mine.
  • Impeccable Pompadour’s text is adjusted to read: "Whenever this card is dealt damage while at over 0 HP, Greazer deals the source of that damage 2 melee damage."