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Sentinels of the Multiverse: Guise

Incapacitated - Guise is being crushed by a wall of text and has an air bubble comment about it


Best Card Ever! (x2) : Draw 2 Cards! Guise deals 1 target 2 melee damage! Guise regains 1 HP! If you throw your hands in the air and yell, "Woo!" you may play a card.
Art: Guise wearing a crown sitting in a Throne surrounded by riches and with a butler;
Flavor-text: "It's amazing what you can get away with if you know the right people." - Guise, The Best Book #1
Gimmicky Character (x3)
Discard the top card of every deck. Guise regains HP equal to the number of target cards discarded. You may play a card. What's wrong with shark-jumping, anyway?
Art: Guise jumping the shark;
Flavor-text: "It doesn't count if it's a real shark, right?" - Guise, Mystery Comics #292
I Can Do That, Too! (x3)
Guise uses a power printed on an active hero character card in play. If that power has the name of a hero in it, treat that name as if it were Guise instead.
Art: Guise imitating Mr. Fixer;
Flavor-text: "No, you're not 'getting the hang of it'. And stop asking about wax." - Mr. Fixer, Rook City Renegades #19
Look What I Found! (x3)
Guise deals 1 target 3 melee damage. Is that target still around? You should do more damage next time. If that target is still in play, increase the next damage dealt by Guise by 1.
Art: Guise taking One-Shot keyword and hitting Wager Master;
Flavor-text: "Amazing what you'll find just lying around! Laying around? Does anyone proofread these?" - Guise, The Best Book #5
Retcon (x3)
Destroy 1 ongoing or environment card. Awesome! I'm a great hero. You may draw a card or play a card.
Art: Guise inserted into artwork of Grappling Hook behind Wraith;
Flavor-text: "Good point, my friend and fellow hero The Wraith! We are a good team!" - Guise, The Best Book #1
Say Cheese! (x3)
Guise deals 1 target 1 cold damage. Then, if that target is still in play and has 5 or fewer HP, you may play 1 card.
Art: Guise taking a selfie with Argentium;
Flavor-text: "Who doesn't like a good selfie?! Come on, Man! Strike a pose!" - Guise, Vengeance #4
Where did I Leave That... (x3)
Draw 2 cards. Did you get what you were looking for? If so, good. If not, you may discard the 2 cards you just drew to put a card from your trash in your hand.
Art: Guise searching his bag for an item talking to Cueball;
Flavor-text: "Hold on, hold on! Seriously! I swear I had a pool cue in here!" - Guise, The Best Book #3

Ongoing, Limited

Blatant Reference (x2)
Look how cool I am! Just like that actor, whatshisname. At the end of each hero turn, you may discard 1 card. If you do, Guise deals 1 target 1 projectile damage. At the start of your turn, destroy this card.
Art: Guise dressed as Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction;
Flavor-Text: "Say 'What again', again!" - Guise, Rook City Renegades #20
Gritty Reboot (x2)
I'm hard-boiled, but not like an egg. Like a detective. Whenever Guise is dealt damage, you may draw a card. At the start of your turn, destroy this card.
Art: Guise in a trench coat standing in front of a gravestone for Mrs. Guise;
Flavor-Text: "You don't get it pal. Bad things have happened to me. It's not just lazy writing." - Guise, Rook City Renegades #19
Guise the Barbarian (x2)
I am mighty and fearsome, like the fabled alpaca! Increase damage dealt by Guise by 2. At the start of your turn, destroy this card.
Art: Guise dressed as Conan the Barbarian holding a large axe;
Flavor-Text: "Crush your enemies, drive them before you, and laminate their women!" - Guise, Prime Wardens #31
Lemme See That... (x3)
Play this card by an equipment card. That card affects Guise as if the hero name on that card were Guise and "You" on that card means Guise's player. At the start of your turn, play air guitar and destroy this card.
Art: Guise playing Guitar using Telamon's Lyra with a Argent Adept looking displeased;
Flavor-Text: "That is a priceless artifact of great power. It's not for playing 'Freebird'." - Argent Adept, Prime Wardens #31
Selling Out (x2)
Gotta have all the best swag. At the end of the environment turn, you may discard 1 card. You may play up to 3 cards that share a keyword with the discarded card. At the start of your turn, destroy this card.
Art: Guise in outer space wearing a pirate hat, a play, power, draw t-shirt, and showing a zombified arm;
Flavor-Text: "Heck, yeah! Zombie pirate ninja fanboy in space!" - Guise, The Best Book #6
Super Ultra Kawaii!! (x2)
I'm not just a hero, I'm a magical love prince! At the end of each Hero turn, if you have more than H cards in your hand, you may play a card. At the start of your turn, destroy this card.
Art: A chibi version of Guise jumping at a manga art style Baron Blade;
Flavor-Text: "Oh that Guise! He is so amaz-- wait, what? What is going on here?!" - Baron Blade, Freedom Five Annual #24
Total Beefcake (x2)
Who would want to hurt such a beauty? The first time Guise would be dealt damage each turn, redirect that damage to the non-hero target with the lowest HP. At the start of your turn, destroy this card.
Art: Guise in a chain mail bikini;
Flavor-Text: "Oh, hi. I didn't see you there. Could you get my back for me?" - Guise, Prime Wardens #31
Uh, Yeah, I'm That Guy! (x3)
When this card enters play, give another player a high-five. If you do, treat this card as if it had the game text of every ongoing card in that player's play area, replacing their hero's name with Guise. At the start of your turn, destroy this card.
Art: Guise looking like America's Finest Legacy handing an autograph to a child which is signed with Guise crossed out and Legacy replacing it;
Flavor-Text: "Why Yes, Citizen! You've just been saved by America's Finest Legacy!" - Guise Freedom Five Annual #24
X-treeeeeeeeme!!! (x2)
It's hard to tell if I'm the most awesome, or the most extreme. Probably both. Damage dealt by Guise is irreducible and cannot be redirected.
Art: Guise buffed out wielding massive guns;
Flavor-Text: "I'm a soldier. I've been trained for everything. Mostly pouch-related things." - Guise, Rook City Renegades #20

Guiseicon.png Complexitytwo.png

Aliases: Joseph King

Height: 5'10", usually

Weight: 170lbs, usually

Hair: None, usually
Eye: Yellow

Birthplace: Megalopolis

Power Source: Cosmic Matter, Awareness of 4th walls

Occupation: Reporter, Adventurer
First Appearance: The Best Book #1

Group: None

Nemesis: Argentium

Nemesis: Cueball
Nemesis: Green Grosser

Mini Expansion

Meta: Guise


Main Episode: Episode 40

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  • The blatant reference on "Blatant Reference" is a blatant reference to the film... uh... er... hang on... it's, ah... "Pulp"... something... ah, crap.
  • The art of "Gimmicky Character" shows Guise riding a shark and embodying all thing awesome and manly. This is a double reference, or entendre, if you will, to the phrase "jumping the shark", which indicates when a series has run out of ideas, and the cover of Deadpool Killustrated #1. Please note that where Deadpool is riding a whale on that particular cover, Guise's card has him riding a shark, thus cementing his far greater levels of mojo for all eternity. [citation needed]
  • What trope could "Gritty Reboot" be referencing? Truly a mystery for the ages.
  • What trope could "Retcon" be referencing? See above.
  • "Total Beefcake". Control yourselves, ladies.
  • "Look What I Found" shows the coolest mofo ever smacking some midget alien with the "One-Shot" caption box. Please note that this is in no way a reference to the game "Marvel vs Capcom 3" and in no way pays homage to Deadpool's hyper-combo which had him smack an enemy with his super meter. Not at all. It's a completely original idea. Shut up.
  • "Where Did I Leave That..." shows Guise digging into an impossibly deep bag for something. Mondays, right? Also, this is a reference to the "hammerspace" trope.
  • The artwork of "X-Treeeeeeeeme!!!" depicts Guise with super-huge muscles and long, oddly shaped guns. These are signatures of the infamously bad comic book artist Rob Liefeld, who was inexplicably popular in the 1990's. He was also the creator of that loser Deadpool. Hah! BURN!
  • The artwork of "Uh, Yeah, I'm That Guy!" shows Guise impersonating Legacy. This is a reference to the DC character Ambush Bug, whose origin is meant to be a parody of Superman. I'm way better at being Legacy and besides my origin story is awesome so I didn't need to parody anyone.


  • Guise was first mentioned on Argentium as his additional effect rider. He was released as a Mini Expansion alongside the preorder event for Wrath of the Cosmos to the sound of heroic trumpet blasts and beautiful women swooning uncontrollably!
  • On the Official Forums, Christopher mentioned that Guise has been seen in art for a very very long time. It has spawned the meme of indicating that new characters in the artwork are really Guise. It has also grown to indicating certain people (Such as Ronway) is actually Guise and so on. An easy method for finding him is to ask yourself, who's the best looking person on this card?
  • On the incapacitated side of Scholar of the Infinite, we see Scholar faced with a choice of saving himself or using the philosopher's stone to save Guise, his mentee. He chooses to save Guise, and does so by pushing the philosopher's stone into Guise's body.[1] I will avenge him!
  • The Shark in "Gimmicky Character" and "Inconceivable Obstruction" in Kismet's deck are the same one as the issue Mystery Comics #292 is referenced on both cards. I'm going to count that one as jumping the shark
    • Geocaching is the best but sadly I couldn't find what I was looking for in the Ruins of Atlantis. Thankfully Kismet summoned this shark for me to get out since my breathing apparatus had broken and I needed a way to get back to the shore. Ra seemed a little shocked but I'm sure he'll be fine. Wahooooo!!!! [2] A reference for you in case you doubt me Guiseicon.png
  • From [3] we find out that the Freedom Five try not to think about Guise. That's because I'm always there in their hearts


  • No villain has ever been truly defeated without Guise's aid
  • Every game of SotM includes Guise directly or indirectly
  • If you ever lose a game of SotM playing as Guise clearly you didn't play my cards properly. I thought I told you not to make me look bad!
  • Please don't cry! Just get me some Fudge Ripple ice cream and we will get them next time
  • Someone talk to the admins about why these items are unconfirmed

To Other Works

  • Guise's ability to break the Fourth Wall makes him a kinda, sorta clear reference to some guy named Deadpool, whoever that is. Have you ever heard of him? I sure haven't.
  • Guise could also be a reference to Morph from Marvel Comics (but not the one from the X-men cartoons). Morph is a shape-shifter and often breaks the fourth wall. He's totally un-sexy though. But, c'mon, when you compare yourself to this guy...
  • According to Christopher, the inspiration for Guise was Ambush Bug[4]. Christopher is being modest, though. I was more "divinely revealed" then "inspired." Such a humble guy.
  • Guise, much like Ambush Bug, doesn't seem able to take off his costume. Besides, you know what the difference is between Ambush Bug and me? I make this look GOOD.
  • On "Where Did I Leave That...", Guise's bag is a reference to the "Subspace Suitcase", owned by Ramona Flowers in Scott Pilgrim vs The World.


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Fireside Chats

  • You guys are so fiddly! All you need to know is that I'm AWESOME!
  • Giving a high-five is NOT optional.
  • Guise's first incapacitated ability does nothing if a player discards something with only Mechanical Golem, Construct, or similar keywords.
  • For Guise's third incapacitated ability, if there are (H) environment cards, and then destroying one of them somehow causes two more environment cards to come out, thereby causing there to be (H)+1 environment cards in play, another one gets destroyed.
  • If Guise plays "Tool Box" from his hand, it goes to Mr. Fixer's play area and Mr. Fixer draws the cards, not Guise.
  • If Guise has another hero's cards in his hand, and he is incapacitated, the cards move to the other hero's trash.
  • If Ermine has "Subtle Diversion" out, and Guise deals her damage that cannot be redirected, it uses up "Subtle Diversion"'s effect for that turn.
  • Suppose Guise borrows Jack Handle with Lemme See That and then uses I Can Do That Too with Adamant Mainstay's Haymaker. The "next damage dealt to that target is irreducible" effect applies to each target hit this way by Guise. The damage reduction effect of Adamant Idealist’s power would apply the same way if he used that.
  • Guise can activate gazelle, crocodile, and rhinoceros effects on cards in other play areas, but not on one-shots that he didn't play
  • Suppose Guise has access to both Applied Numerology and Astral Premonition. If Guise reveals 3 cards, the third card would go back to where it was: the top of the deck. It's the toppiest. If Guise puts 2 on top of the deck, then none go on the bottom. If Guise attempt to put 2 on the bottom of the deck, there’s only 1 card left at that point, so there’s no change in the effect. If Guise puts 0 on the top or bottom of the deck, the extra card goes back to where it was (the top of the deck). This applies to similarly worded cards: if there are leftover cards, they go back on top of the deck.
  • It's Gift-mas Time!
    • With Santa Guise's first power, the player does not get to see which card is going face-down in their play area. In the digital version, they can look at their deck but it will include the face-down cards, so they cannot determine which ones are their presents.
    • With Santa Guise's second power, the other player chooses the order of their own cards. The "Choose For Me" button uses the order they entered play.
    • For Santa Guise's second incapacitated ability "One Hero uses a Power, then turns one Hero non-Character Card in play face-down", they are not allowed to select a hero non-character card in play that is already face-down.
    • For Santa Guise's third incapacitated ability, "Flip 1 face-down Card, treating it as put into play", he can select Wager Master's or Agent of Gloom's face-down cards.
    • When Santa Guise uses his second power, he can choose a hero who has no face-down cards in their play area.
    • Some cards in the digital version can give hints as to the nature of the face-down "present" cards (e.g. "Technological Advancement" tells you how many components/equipment are in the deck). Also, "Technological Advancement" lets you "search your deck" which on the tabletop would allow you to know for sure what your presents are, but we don't do this in the digital version. The digital version just works slightly differently than the tabletop game in this case.
    • Suppose a limited card is flipped face-up by Santa Guise, and another copy is already in play. Normally, the newly flipped face-up card goes to the trash. However, if it is indestructible (e.g. due to Fixed Point) then it flips back over again.
    • When Santa Guise moves "Shinobi Assassin" from the top of the hero deck to the hero's play area (remaining face-down), nothing special happens. But when it is flipped and played, then it goes to the environment play area.
  • "Lemme See That..."
    • "Lemme See That..." says "'you' on that card means Guise's player". However, "I Can Do That, Too!" and "Uh, Yeah, I'm That Guy!" don't say that. They should behave the same way. Their text in the digital version is updated accordingly.
    • When Guise uses "Lemme See That..." on "Scrap Metal" so that he gets one of Unity's bots in his hand, when he plays that bot, it goes to Unity's play area. More generally, when a card is played from a hand, it goes to its owner's play area, unless something specifically says otherwise.
    • If Guise uses an instrument to activate a song, all the decisions and effects from the song belong to Guise. For example, with "Cedistic Dissonant", Guise decides which card to destroy, and he discards and draws cards.
    • If Guise uses "Lemme See That..." on one of Omnitron-X's Plating cards, when Omnitron-X uses "Reactive Plating Subroutine", that plating card still counts.
    • When Spite makes players return cards to their hands, an equipment card that Guise has taken with "Lemme See That..." goes to Guise's hand.
    • If Guise uses "Jack Handle", and then plays "Look What I Found!", if any targets hit by the effect are still in play, Guise gets a single +1 to his next damage.
    • Suppose Guise has "Dual Crowbars" and then uses "I Can Do That, Too!" on Sky-Scraper's Huge card. After the first "round" of damage (to non-hero targets), "Dual Crowbars" causes Guise to deal as much damage as was dealt to the first non-hero target to one more target. Then, after the second "round" of damage (to hero targets), "Dual Crowbars" causes Guise to deal as much damage as was dealt to the first hero to one more target. (This is also how "Dual Crowbars" interacts with "Jack Handle".)
    • Guise can play "Lemme See That..." on an Ongoing card that has become Equipment due to "Caspit's Playground".
    • If "Caspit's Playground" is destroyed, "Lemme See That..." stops working, but remains where it is.
    • If Guise plays Lemme See That next to Sweet Rhonda and at the end of his turn destroys Lemme See That to get the card play from destroying one of his ongoings, Mainstay gets the card play. Guise no longer has control of Sweet Rhonda, but a card was destroyed so someone gets to play a card.
    • If Guise plays Lemme See That next to Void Belter and it allows him to destroy one of his cards, Void Belter counts as one of his cards as an option to destroy. Guise ALSO has control of Void Belter, but that doesn’t take control of Void Belter away from Mainstay.
  • "Uh, Yeah, I'm That Guy!"
    • When "Uh, Yeah, I'm That Guy!" copies a card with "when this card enters play" effects, it works as follows. If the other card is already in play, and "Uh, Yeah, I'm That Guy!" is played, the "when this card enters play" effects occur again. For example, with "Inspiring Presence", all hero targets regain 1 HP. If "Uh, Yeah, I'm That Guy!" is already in play and then the other card enters play, the "when this card enters play" effects do not occur twice, because "Uh, Yeah, I'm That Guy!" is not entering play anew.
    • "Uh, Yeah, I'm That Guy!" only copies the game text of the ongoing card, not the keywords and title of the ongoing card.
    • When "Uh, Yeah, I'm That Guy!" copies "Heroic Interception" it results in all hero targets being immune to damage.
    • "Uh Yeah I'm That Guy" can copy the text of ongoings that are next to other cards, but those effects do nothing because "Uh, Yeah, I'm That Guy!" is not next to another card.
    • When "Uh, Yeah, I'm That Guy!" copies Sky-Scraper's ongoing card that says "Switch to Sky-Scraper's Huge Character Card", which becomes "Switch to Guise's Huge Character Card," nothing happens.
    • When Bunker has a Mode card, and Guise plays "Uh, Yeah, I'm That Guy!", it executes the "When this Card enters play, Destroy all other Mode Cards". That destroys Bunker's Mode card, and therefore "Uh, Yeah, I'm That Guy!" doesn't really end up copying it. This also happens with Mr. Fixer's Style cards.
    • If Guise has "Uh, Yeah, I'm That Guy!" in play, and then uses "I Can Do That, Too!" on the Argent Adept, the Perform texts on AA's songs should also be on "Uh, Yeah, I'm That Guy!". While this is technically correct, it's unnecessary and so is not implemented in the digital version.
    • "Uh, Yeah, I'm That Guy!" copies all the Ongoing cards next to cards in a hero's play area. It does not copy the hero's ongoing cards that are elsewhere. For example, suppose "Embolden" is next to Chrono-Ranger, and you high-five Chrono-Ranger. "Uh, Yeah, I'm That Guy!" has the text of "Embolden" (which doesn't do anything, anyway). It does not have the text of Bounties in play elsewhere.
    • If "Uh, Yeah, I'm That Guy!" copies the text of "Infection", and all heroes are infected (including Guise), then it would trigger a discard of "Uh, Yeah, I'm That Guy!" and play the top card of the villain deck, as per the first line of "Infection". "Uh, Yeah, I'm That Guy!" goes to Guise's trash. Barring ultimate shenanigans (which Guise is always shooting for, unfortunately) cards try to go to their specific trash - it is very rare and usually specifically pointed out if a card should go to a trash other than the one they are associated with.
    • When Guise copies cards from The Sentinels, he replaces "The Sentinels" with "Guise" as well as each individual hero's name. He's greedy.
    • If a Form card is in play and Guise plays "Uh, Yeah, I'm That Guy!", the Form card will be destroyed since "Uh, Yeah, I'm That Guy!" gains the text: "When this Card enters play, Destroy any other Form Cards." This works the same as Mr. Fixer's Style cards.
    • If Uh Yeah, I'm That Guy! copies 2 Friendly Fires from Setback's play area, Guise can still only activate the Friendly Fire effect once.
    • When a hero uses text on a card in another play area, there is no implicit replacement of hero names in that text. The effect occurs as written. This is a change in previous behaviour, notably with Guise, The Argent Adept, and The Naturalist. Example: if Guise activates a perform text on Scherzo of Frost and Flame, The Argent Adept deals the damage. If Guise copies Scherzo of Frost and Flame with Uh Yeah, I'm That Guy! and activates the perform text on Uh Yeah, I'm That Guy! then Guise deals the damage. The Argent Adept can also activate the perform text on Uh Yeah, I'm That Guy! and Guise deals the damage.
    • The order of copied card text on Uh Yeah, I’m That Guy is player choice. For example, if Guise copies Stuntman, he can have several "when this card is destroyed" effects written on the card. The order they occur is up to Guise.
    • When a card is in the process of being destroyed, it cannot deal damage other than damage that is specifically tagged as “deal this damage when this card is being destroyed.” For example, suppose Guise has Uh Yeah copying Mainstay with Shard Strength and Preemptive Payback. At the start of Guise's turn, he goes to deal himself toxic damage (due to Shard Strength) and decides to destroy Uh Yeah (due to Preemptive Payback). The "when this card is destroyed" text of both cards occur on Uh Yeah. The toxic damage no longer occurs, because Uh Yeah has been destroyed.
  • "I Can Do That, Too!"
    • If Guise cannot use powers, he cannot use "I Can Do That, Too!" to use another hero's power.
    • If Guise uses "I Can Do That, Too!" twice in the same turn, he cannot use the same other hero's power twice.
    • If Guise uses "I Can Do That, Too!" on a hero's power--say, Mr. Fixer--Mr. Fixer is allowed to use that same power in the same turn.
    • When Guise uses "I Can Do That, Too!" to cause an ongoing effect (such as "Galvanize"), Guise is responsible for that effect, not the original hero. This can matter for cards like "Isolated Hero".
    • If a hero has extra powers, for example from Plague Rat's flipped side, those are not selectable for "I Can Do That, Too!" because they are not printed on an active hero character card in play.
    • If Guise uses "Lemme See That..." to take "Jack Handle", and then uses "I Can Do That, Too!" to use the power "Squall", then for each target hit by the power, "Jack Handle" takes effect. For example, if there are 4 targets in play, Guise will deal 1 damage 4 times each to the 4 targets (16 times in total). Gross.
    • If it's a limited # of targets like "Thermal Shockwave", the same applies. If it hits 3 targets, then "Jack Handle" fires 3 times.
    • "I Can Do That, Too!" does not allow Guise to discard a card with "Guise" in the title when using Eternal Haka's innate power, because the text "Haka" in the power is not referring to Haka's name. But that's hilarious.
    • If Guise uses "I Can Do That, Too!" on Dark Watch Setback, then the effects stack. It works like two instances of Stealth from The Wraith.
    • When Guise copies Mainstay's power "Reduce Damage dealt to all your Hero Targets" it results in reducing damage dealt to Guise.
    • If Guise uses Extremist Sky-Scraper's Tiny or Huge powers, he performs all the text as usual except the "switch to your normal character card"
    • If Guise uses Super Sentai Idealist’s power to put Void Guard The Idealist’s cards underneath his character card and then becomes incapacitated, the cards stay underneath his character card.
  • Completionists do it better!
    • When Completionist Guise uses the power on the card he puts underneath him, he can use Applied Numerology on it, if it has a numeral.
    • When Guise uses abilities that let him flip Control Tokens, he flips The Harpy's tokens. If Called to Judgement lets another hero use Dark Watch Harpy's power, nothing happens, unless The Harpy is in play and has tokens. In that case, the tokens that are in play are the ones that get flipped. If The Harpy or Dark Watch Harpy is the Representative of Earth and is not otherwise in the game, then she does not have tokens.
    • If Completionist Guise replaces his own character card using his power, then he has another power, and the cards he’s got under him are irrelevant. If Guise is incapacitated after doing so, then he’s incapacitated as whatever Guise he was at the time of death, and has a bunch of irrelevant cards under his incapacitated card.
    • If Guise has already used a hero’s power with I Can Do That Too this turn and then uses Completionist Guise’s power on that hero, he cannot use their power a second time.
    • Completionist Guise can target an incapacitated hero with his power. If he does so, the incoming variant enters the game incapacitated.
    • Variants that incapacitated Completionist Guise removes from the game are not considered in the box; they're gone. You may wonder: can they be selected to be played in OblivAeon mode when replacing a hero, or as the Representative of Earth? What cards? I don’t know what cards you’re talking about - they don’t exist anymore. What you are contractually obligated to do whenever something says “remove [a card] from the game” is tear it up and burn the remains.
    • The “collection” in the text of incapacitated Completionist Guise’s third incapacitated ability refers to the cards under Completionist Guise.
    • If Completionist Guise is incapacitated and has character cards from The Sentinels under him, he only removes one of them to allow the Sentinels to take a full turn.
    • The cards under Completionist Guise are not considered in play. They’ve been bagged and boarded, and thus cannot be affected in any way, other than Guise getting them out to read while wearing gloves in a hermetically-sealed room. (Meaning, a room sealed by the villain Hermetic.) They cannot be destroyed by cards like End of Days, Cedistic Dissonant, or Freedom Six Tempest. They do not count as anyone’s card’s in play - they’re a fancy collection of collectibles. They belong in a museum!
    • If Completionist Guise switches to a variant with a lower max HP than the hero's current HP, their HP drops accordingly. If he switches to a variant with higher max HP than the current value, their HP does not change, but they are no longer at their maximum HP. If Completionist Guise replaces the Representative of Earth, their HP gets set to 10, regardless of what the HP of the previous Representative of Earth was.
    • Suppose Completionist Guise is using both Applied Numerology and XPW Captain Cosmic's power, and increases the number of targets he hits. Each construct deals BOTH targets the energy damage.
    • If Completionist Guise uses Super Sentai Idealist's power and attempts to destroy a character under him, nothing happens.
    • If Completionist Guise replaces an incapacitated hero, he gets to use the power from the other side.
    • If Completionist Guise replaces himself, he doesn't get to use the "deal 2 psychic damage" part of the power. That text doesn't exist anymore. He's a different Guise now.
    • When Completionist Guise replaces Sky-Scraper, the new Sky-Scraper's size matches the old one's size.

Spiff's Clarifications

Lemme See That...

  • This card reads, "Play this Card by an Equipment Card. That Card affects Guise as if the Hero name on that Card were Guise and 'you' on that Card means Guise's Player. At the start of your turn, play air guitar and Destroy this Card". When "Lemme See That..." is in play next to an equipment card, Guise is essentially replacing the original owner of the equipment. the original owner of the equipment card does not get to use the equipment while "Lemme See That..." is in play.[1]
  • You guys totally knew this already though right? While I can make anything look good I do not want to be trying to share the Bunker suit with another person in it. That is some serious B.O. in there.


Comic Books: Guise

Small note: Items that are in bullets are from the Podcasts, so their form may not make sense, or feel like they are missing a part - its probably on another tab

Spoilers May Be Ahead - SCU and Miststorm Universe Tabs may contain spoilers for future products.

Guise Original Standard Front.png

Joseph King was a tabloid photographer billionaire recording artist and underwear model who made a meager living selling pictures of celebrities to the Megalopolis Examiner everyone adored. One day, while walking to the gas station to buy a lottery ticket working with his favorite charity "Toupees for Bald Eagles", Joe heard a shout. He looked up in time to see the underside of a piano growing closer at an alarming rate a radical fighter jet sky-writing his name. "This is going to hurt..." was the last thing Joe thought.

The hero team known as the Freedom Five and the cosmic entity known as the Wager Master had recently fought on the very sidewalk Joe was now splattered across. Joe's organic matter was now mixed with particles of improbability, which bonded and reformed into BLAH BLAH BLAH, could this be any more boring?! Just think of a badass training montage and put me in there.

Hey there, faithful reader! Yeah, you. The one reading this right now. I'm Guise, and I'm talking to you. What is so hard to understand about this?

Anyway, now that you know my totally sweet backstory, let's talk about what we're going to do. We're going to fight EEEEEEEVIL! Because I'm a hero!

You get your friends together, and you pick your heroes, and BE SURE TO PICK ME! I can't help if I don't get cards on the table. But, and you can trust me on this one, I am awesome.

Heh, these villains aren't going to know what hit them. That is, as long as you do YOUR part and PLAY MY CARDS! I mean, how could you not?

I'm the best.

From the card in the Blister Pack

Guise is a strange AWESOME hero who breaks the fourth wall. WINS AT EVERYTHING! Joseph King, the Tabloid Photographer Actor Slash Model was on his way to the gas station to buy a lottery ticket Accept a Trophy for "Best Hair" when he was crushed by a falling Piano on the same street where the cosmic entity known as Wager Master had fought earlier that when Joe's organic matter mixed with particles of improbability granting Joe Geeze, what a yawnfest! Look, I'm the best. You can trust me.

Guise Santa Standard Front.png

Variant: Originally released during the 2015 Holiday Season

Santa Guise is coming to town! He's decking the halls AND decking villains right and left! He has presents for all of his friends, but you can only unwrap them when he says it's OK, so you'd better be on his "Nice" list! And beware: if Guise is incapacitated, the dreaded Green Grosser will enact his latest plot, ushering in his War on Christmas!

When the dastardly Green Grosser declared War on Christmas, Guise knew he had to become the champion that no one knew they needed. Guise himself was not enough - he had to be more. More powerful. More heroic. More jolly. Taking the mantle of his greatest hero, Joseph King became Santa Guise!

Now, Santa Guise is all that stands in the way of the team of ne're-do-wells who wage war as each holiday. But is his holiday cheer enough to save Christmas Day?!

Guise Completionist Foil Front.png

Variant: Originally revealed during the OblivAeon Kickstarter as the $150k stretch reward.

Guise knows how important it is to keep everything pristine. Sleeved cards, bagged and boarded comics, action figures still in their original packaging - heaven forbid anyone ever actually play with them!

Completionist Guise has everything, but will he ever share? Not likely. Those are HIS. Get your own.

Legacy Wants to Remind You!

This information is from the Miststorm Universe, one of two branching timelines. Products in this timeline are: Sentinel Tactics (and expansions). Prime War (and expansions)

  • He never really ever came back to Earth from his experiences on Dok'Thorath. His power went through the roof and he took part in a bunch of space battles, but his power levels never, err, leveled-off and his cosmic awareness keeps going and he's just disconnected from events back here. It's not really clear where this is going to wind up. He's also continued to get even more ridiculous and that's not showing any signs of stopping either.
Tachyon Speeds By to Remind You!

This information is from the Sentinel Comics Universe, one of two branching universes. Products in this timeline are: Sentinel Comics RPG.

  • He's not on that "increasingly ridiculous" path, and he's definitely more grounded here. In this reality he uses his connection to the ley lines to send his form back to Earth and he participates in the final battle with OblivAeon. His awareness of the world through the ley lines sobers him up a bit and he "comes down" from that initial surge of power. He's still got ramped-up transformation/transmutation powers (he can copy colors and materials now so it's not always blatantly obvious that it's just Guise twisted into whatever shape), and he's still a bit silly, but he's definitely a Hero now, which is new for him.

Strategy: Guise

H-icon.png Guise Strategy - This is a guide for the best hero ever! (That's me, Guise, incase it wasn't obvious. Any typos or issues with this guide are all the fault of User:Sonvar Guiseicon.png)

Guise Shenanigans - Just some of the interesting interactions for Guise with other heroes. Not listed in any particular order.