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  • The blatant reference on "Blatant Reference" is a blatant reference to the film... uh... er... hang on... it's, ah... "Pulp"... something... ah, crap.
  • The art of "Gimmicky Character" shows Guise riding a shark and embodying all thing awesome and manly. This is a double reference, or entendre, if you will, to the phrase "jumping the shark", which indicates when a series has run out of ideas, and the cover of Deadpool Killustrated #1. Please note that where Deadpool is riding a whale on that particular cover, Guise's card has him riding a shark, thus cementing his far greater levels of mojo for all eternity. [citation needed]
  • What trope could "Gritty Reboot" be referencing? Truly a mystery for the ages.
  • What trope could "Retcon" be referencing? See above.
  • "Total Beefcake". Control yourselves, ladies.
  • "Look What I Found" shows the coolest mofo ever smacking some midget alien with the "One-Shot" caption box. Please note that this is in no way a reference to the game "Marvel vs Capcom 3" and in no way pays homage to Deadpool's hyper-combo which had him smack an enemy with his super meter. Not at all. It's a completely original idea. Shut up.
  • "Where Did I Leave That..." shows Guise digging into an impossibly deep bag for something. Mondays, right? Also, this is a reference to the "hammerspace" trope.
  • The artwork of "X-Treeeeeeeeme!!!" depicts Guise with super-huge muscles and long, oddly shaped guns. These are signatures of the infamously bad comic book artist Rob Liefeld, who was inexplicably popular in the 1990's. He was also the creator of that loser Deadpool. Hah! BURN!
  • The artwork of "Uh, Yeah, I'm That Guy!" shows Guise impersonating Legacy. This is a reference to the DC character Ambush Bug, whose origin is meant to be a parody of Superman. I'm way better at being Legacy and besides my origin story is awesome so I didn't need to parody anyone.


  • Guise was first mentioned on Argentium as his additional effect rider. He was released as a Mini Expansion alongside the preorder event for Wrath of the Cosmos to the sound of heroic trumpet blasts and beautiful women swooning uncontrollably!
  • On the Official Forums, Christopher mentioned that Guise has been seen in art for a very very long time. It has spawned the meme of indicating that new characters in the artwork are really Guise. It has also grown to indicating certain people (Such as Ronway) is actually Guise and so on. An easy method for finding him is to ask yourself, who's the best looking person on this card?
  • On the incapacitated side of Scholar of the Infinite, we see Scholar faced with a choice of saving himself or using the philosopher's stone to save Guise, his mentee. He chooses to save Guise, and does so by pushing the philosopher's stone into Guise's body.[1] I will avenge him!
  • The Shark in "Gimmicky Character" and "Inconceivable Obstruction" in Kismet's deck are the same one as the issue Mystery Comics #292 is referenced on both cards. I'm going to count that one as jumping the shark
    • Geocaching is the best but sadly I couldn't find what I was looking for in the Ruins of Atlantis. Thankfully Kismet summoned this shark for me to get out since my breathing apparatus had broken and I needed a way to get back to the shore. Ra seemed a little shocked but I'm sure he'll be fine. Wahooooo!!!! [2] A reference for you in case you doubt me Guiseicon.png
  • From [3] we find out that the Freedom Five try not to think about Guise. That's because I'm always there in their hearts


  • No villain has ever been truly defeated without Guise's aid
  • Every game of SotM includes Guise directly or indirectly
  • If you ever lose a game of SotM playing as Guise clearly you didn't play my cards properly. I thought I told you not to make me look bad!
  • Please don't cry! Just get me some Fudge Ripple ice cream and we will get them next time
  • Someone talk to the admins about why these items are unconfirmed

To Other Works

  • Guise's ability to break the Fourth Wall makes him a kinda, sorta clear reference to some guy named Deadpool, whoever that is. Have you ever heard of him? I sure haven't.
  • Guise could also be a reference to Morph from Marvel Comics (but not the one from the X-men cartoons). Morph is a shape-shifter and often breaks the fourth wall. He's totally un-sexy though. But, c'mon, when you compare yourself to this guy...
  • According to Christopher, the inspiration for Guise was Ambush Bug[4]. Christopher is being modest, though. I was more "divinely revealed" then "inspired." Such a humble guy.
  • Guise, much like Ambush Bug, doesn't seem able to take off his costume. Besides, you know what the difference is between Ambush Bug and me? I make this look GOOD.
  • On "Where Did I Leave That...", Guise's bag is a reference to the "Subspace Suitcase", owned by Ramona Flowers in Scott Pilgrim vs The World.