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Fireside Chats

  • If there are multiple cards interested in a card’s destruction, they all happen (in player decided order) even if the card gets put under another card. For example, if Haka destroys Pterodactyl Thief with Savage Mana in play, Pterodactyl Thief can go under Savage Mana and then the thief’s cards return to the owners’ hands.
  • Suppose Haka has some of Unity’s cards (typically, mechanical golems) under Savage Mana, and then Haka or Unity becomes an Isolated Hero. If Haka uses the power on Savage Mana, the Unity cards are not destroyed. They stay under Savage Mana.
  • If Haka has projection cards under Savage Mana, and he destroys them to use the power, the projection cards go to the villain trash because cards under Savage Mana have no keywords.
  • Suppose Savage Mana has a title (e.g. Imbued Vitality + Stonejaw). When Haka uses the power, the title is destroyed. The same thing can happen with Omni-Cannon.
  • Cards under other cards (like Omni-Cannon) are considered in play (but have no text) unless the card on top says otherwise. For Omni-Cannon in particular, those cards are in play but they did not enter play (because of magic). When they get put under Omni-Cannon, “when a card enters play” triggers do not apply. Cards under other cards count for the hero they belong to when considering “the hero with the most cards in play” because they still belong to the deck they came from. For example, if a Raptor Bot is under Savage Mana, the Raptor Bot is included in Unity's count of cards in play.
  • Infinitor’s advanced rule says “At the end of the villain turn, play cards from the top of the villain deck until at least H + 1 manifestation cards are in play.” If there are so many manifestation cards under Savage Mana or out of game from Unforgiving Wasteland, that may not be possible. Once there are no Manifestations in Infinitor’s villain deck or trash, stop.
  • If NightMist has 1 card in hand while Amulet of the Elder Gods is in play and she would be dealt damage, she can discard the 1 card for no effect. Ground Pound works the same way.
  • When playing Rampage, the players may not mix up the damage dealing to non-hero targets and hero targets. It’s first 5 to all non-hero targets, then 2 to all hero targets.
  • If Xtreme Prime Wardens Haka uses his power and is then incapacitated, the effect of his power goes away entirely.
  • If Xtreme Prime Wardens Haka chooses himself as the target, the entire effect goes away immediately. Damage cannot be redirected from Haka to Haka. He does not gain HP when damaged.
  • Xtreme Prime Wardens Haka can choose incapacitated hero character cards for his innate power.

Spiff's Clarifications

Haka of Shielding

  • Some powers or cards have effects which reduce the next damage a target takes by some amount. For example, Wraith’s “stealth” ability will reduce the next damage she receives by 2. if She were to activate “Stealth” on her turn but take no damage that round, and then use “Stealth” again the next round, she would now reduce the next damage she received by 4. However, this damage reduction is only effective against the very next instance of damage she takes, regardless of how much damage that is. so if the next instance of damage she took was just one point, it would be reduced and the remainder of her stockpiled damage reduction would go away. she would not get to keep the remaining 3 points of damage reduction to use later. Haka of Battle and Rampage


  • This card deals each non-hero target 5 melee damage and each hero target 2 melee damage. you have to apply the damage in that order, first to all non-hero targets then to all hero targets. you can’t mix it up. Fireside chats

Savage Mana and character cards

  • When Haka deals the killing blow to a villain character card, does it go under “Savage mana”? Usually no, with an exception:
    • When most villain character cards are destroyed, the game ends, so there’s no point in putting them under “Savage Mana”.
    • When mini-bosses like “The Operative” and the members of “The Ennead” are defeated, they are incapacitated, not destroyed, and so aren’t moved under “Savage Mana”.
    • When “Omnitron” is destroyed, its character card says to “remove Omnitron’s villain character card from play”, so it isn’t moved under “Savage Mana” even if there are still devices in play.
    • “The Chairman” can be destroyed without the game ending immediately if “the Operative” is in play. in this case, the Chairman’s villain character card would be put under “Savage Mana”.

Savage Mana damage

  • Haka’s “Savage Mana” card can deal toxic damage equal to 2 times the number of cards beneath it. any damage increases that may be in effect will increase the total damage dealt, not the amount per card. for example, If an effect increases damage by 1, it will increase the total amount of damage by 1, not increase the multiplier to be 3 times the number of cards beneath it.

Savage Mana destroyed/removed from play

  • What happens to the cards under “Savage Mana” if “Savage Mana” is destroyed or removed from play? Regardless of how “Savage Mana” is removed from play (destroyed, put back into the player’s hand, haka is incapacitated, etc.) the cards under “Savage Mana” are moved to their proper trash piles. If “Savage Mana” is somehow put back into play, the cards which used to be under it will not be moved back there.

Savage Mana effect on card text

  • What happens to the cards placed under “Savage Mana”? Do the abilities on those cards still trigger like normal, or are they in some kind of special limbo? The answer is that the game text on cards under “Savage Mana” is no longer in play, therefore any abilities they had will not trigger. for example, Unity’s “Bee Bot” deals damage and may destroy an ongoing or environment card when destroyed. This WOULD trigger IF “Bee Bot” WERE destroyed by Haka and put under “Savage Mana”, but it will not trigger a second time when Haka uses the cards under “Savage Mana” to deal damage. Note however, that a card’s type does not go away while under “Savage Mana”. This means, for example, that a villain card remains a villain card, and an effect which triggers when a villain card is destroyed will trigger once when the villain card is put under “Savage Mana” and then again when it is destroyed a second time to deal damage. FOR example, the operative’s ability to deal damage whenever a villain card is destroyed would be triggered when a villain card was destroyed and put beneath “Savage Mana” and then again when it was used by “Savage Mana” to deal damage (because the card is still a villain card), but the Matriarch’s ABILITY which deals damage whenever a fowl card IS DESTROYED would only be triggered the first time the card is destroyed (because the card loses the “fowl” game text once it’s under “Savage Mana”).

Savage Mana + Ammo Drop(Bunker card)

  • 1. Does Bunker draw a card due to “Ammo Drop” when villain cards are placed beneath “Savage Mana”? 2. Does Bunker draw a card due to “Ammo Drop” when a villain card beneath “Savage Mana” is destroyed to deal damage? The answer is “yes” on both counts. Villain Cards are always Villain Cards (see above), so in this unusual case, a villain card can actually be destroyed twice, allowing Bunker to draw a card each time.

Savage Mana and cards taken from incapacitated heroes

  • If Haka has hero cards under “Savage Mana” (a possibility) and that hero becomes incapacitated, does Haka get to keep their cards? Nope. As stated in the rulebook, when a hero is incapacitated, all of their cards are removed from the game, including ones which are under another card, as in this case. Cards under La Capitan and Hero Death