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Haka Hero Deck

Incapacitated - Haka trying to hold off a massive rock


Elbow Smash (x3)
Haka deals 1 Target 3 Melee Damage.
Art: Haka elbowing the Hippo who is behind him in the gut;
Flavor-text: "You are not nearly as fearsome as your namesake." - Haka, Battle Unending #8
Haka of Battle (x3)
Draw 2 cards, then discard 1 or more cards. Increase the next Damage dealt by Haka by 1 for each card discarded this way.
Art: Haka about to take on a magma man;
Flavor-text: "Ka mate! Ka mate! Ka ora! Ka ora! Hae-haea! Ha!" - Haka, The Savage Haka #7
Haka of Restoration (x3)
Draw 2 cards, then discard 1 or more cards. Haka regains HP equal to the number of cards discarded this way.
Art: Haka with his left hand in the air and green energy flowing into him;
Flavor-text: "A upane! Ka upane! A upane! Ka upane! Whit! Te ra! Hi!" - Haka, The Savage Haka #15
Haka of Shielding (x3)
Draw 2 cards, then discard 1 or more cards. Reduce the next Damage dealt to Haka by 2 for each card discarded this way.
Art: Haka with a ballon in one hand and a sandwich in the other. He looks confused as an explosion caused by Ambuscade occurs behind him;
Flavor-text: "kia whakangawar! Au i a hau! I au-e! Hei!" - Haka, Freedom Five Annual #11
Rampage (x3)
Haka deals each non-Hero Target 5 Melee Damage and each Hero Target 2 Melee Damage.
Art: Haka punching at Omnitron and smashing multiple S-83 Assault drones;
Flavor-text: "Ko niutirenis haururu laleish! Ala lala!" - Haka, Singularity #5
Vitality Surge (x3)
Haka regains 2 HP. Draw a card.
Art: Haka emerging from lava pit;
Flavor-text: "Au au aue a!" - Haka, The Savage Haka #19


Dominion (x3)
Whenever an Environment card is destroyed, you may draw a card.
Art: Haka on a cliff looking over the country side;
Flavor-text: The land of his people is as vital as the blood in his veins. - Unattributed
Enduring Intercession (x3)
Redirect any Damage that would be dealt to a Hero Target by an Environment card to Haka.
Power: Destroy this card.
Art: Haka holding back a rock wall that has water coming out of it;
Flavor-text: "You have to get out of here!" - Haka, A Day in the Life: Haka
Ground Pound (x2)
When this card enters play, discard 2 cards or destroy this card. Non-Hero cards cannot deal Damage. At the start of your turn, destroy this card.
Art: Haka smashing both fists into the ground;
Flavor-text: "Ha ha! Bring it on!" - Haka, The Savage Haka #27

Ongoing, Limited

Punish the Weak (x3)
Whenever Haka would Damage the non-Hero Target with the lowest HP, increase that Damage by 1. Whenever Haka would Damage any other Target, reduce that Damage by 1.
Power: Destroy this card.
Art: Haka holding one Gene-Bound Soldier in his hand and being attacked by two others;
Flavor-text: "Hua! There is something to be said for easy targets." - Haka, The Savage Haka #41
Savage Mana (x2)
Whenever Haka destroys a Target, you may put that card beneath this card.
Power: Destroy all cards beneath this card. Haka deals 1 Target X Toxic Damage, where X = the number of cards destroyed this way times 2.
Art: Haka looking up into the air as birds fly around and above;
Flavor-text: "The essence of defeated opponents serves well to strengthen a warrior." - Ambuscade, The Deadliest Game #2
Tā moko (x3)
Reduce Damage dealt to Haka by 1.
Art: Close up of Haka's face showing the markings on his face;
Flavor-text: These markings I wear on my face? I did them myself. With a sharp stick and snake venom. And you're going to punch me?" - Haka, The Savage Haka #1

Equipment, Limited

Mere (x3)
Power: Haka deals 1 Target 2 Melee Damage. Draw a card.
Art: Haka holding Mere is one hand;
Flavor-text: "This club is as much me as my fist or my leg. Let me show you!" - Haka, Battle Unending #3
Taiaha (x3)
Power: Haka deals up to 2 Targets 3 Melee Damage each.
Art: Haka holding Taiaha is one hand;
Flavor-text: "Using the Taiaha is all about balance. It also helps to be stronger than everyone else." - Haka, Battle Unending #5