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Aata Wakawarewa has gone by many names throughout his life. Most roughly translate to descriptions of his great prowess in battle. Aata, the Bold. Aata, the Fierce. Aata, the Mask of Death. Aata’s indomitable fury took on an almost legendary air - his feats so great that many believe him a myth. His proudest name, however, was Ariki, the chief of his tribe.

Aata led his tribe for many years. He bore them through drought and famine. He brought honor to them in times of peace and times of war. He held strong against foreign invaders, protecting his people’s traditions from outsiders. For years, he was honored by his people as the greatest leader the Maori had ever seen.

However, Aata’s great power is what eventually laid him low, bringing his reign to an end. One morning, after the night of a great battle, his Tā Moko, the facial tattoos identifying him as a Maori warrior, faded completely. Though they knew not what Aata could have done to displease their gods so thoroughly, they took it as a sign that their once great chief had been cursed. Aata’s own right hand man, Ruru, stepped up to challenge him in order to cleanse their village of his taint. Outwitting the giant warrior, still stunned from his tribe turning against him, Ruru dealt Aata a killing blow. Ruru dragged his former friend’s body into the desert, slit his throat, and left him to the dogs.

But this was not to be the end for Aata Wakawarewa. He awoke the next morning with his body restored and stronger than before. To the shock and dismay of his tribe, Aata reappeared at the edge of his village where he called out the new chief, Ruru, and easily struck him down in unarmed combat. He looked out to his people expectantly, thinking they would honor his victory and accept him as their chief again. Instead, Aata was given some new names. Aata, the Damned. Aata, the Other. Aata, the Salted Earth. They spat on him, shouting curses and driving him from the village.

Exiled and without a people, he spent decades wandering. No village would take him - new stories had been told. No longer was Aata the great legend, but a demon. And so he fought for survival, facing the perils of the wilderness alone. Each wound mysteriously made him stronger and, after a time, he was more powerful than even the man of the legends told so long ago.

One day, he finally stopped wandering. His tribe no longer existed to take him back, and his redemption would have to come from his own eyes. But as a warrior and a defender of the people and their traditions, all he knew was battle. Aata finally gave himself a name, Haka, after the war chant of the Maori people, and he carries that name into battle as he fights for honor, not just for himself, or for his people, but for the world itself.

Prime Wardens: Haka

Variant: Originally revealed from Wrath of the Cosmos preorder event for 100 copies preordered.'

A stalwart companion and a fierce defender, Haka was quick to take up the mantle of Prime Warden. He saw the team as a chance to help protect even more people. Haka has seen more than his fair share of years and experienced more loss than most could comprehend, but among his powerful allies, he finds a sort of peace in fighting to save the world.


Haka lived a life of joy. He found the joy in the simplest things in life, and took great pleasure in protecting those around him. He taught the young and cared for the old. He was Guardian and Mentor of humankind - all people were his people, and he fought for the good of all.

Akash'Bhuta threatened not just his friends, but the existence of humans on Earth, so Haka naturally joined the fight against her most eagerly. A great challenge was always appreciated, and Haka could really let loose against mountainous form of the destructive Nature Spirit.

Having a team of allies helped Haka face greater challenges, and the Prime Wardens could do more to protect their world - and reality - than Haka could on his own. He found joy in his allies and friends, but more than just joy, he found pride. Both pride in his comrades, and in himself.

Eternal Haka

Variant: Originally revealed during Shattered Timelines Kickstarter as the $125k stretch reward.

In a future well over a thousand years from now, the world is covered in monsters and vile beasts of myth and legend. However, even the monsters know not to disturb the dwelling of the large human who has outlived all the others. He keeps to himself, mostly reading and meditating, remembering fallen friends and better times. All times, really - Aata Wakarewarewa has taken up the mantle of guardian of all history, and he keeps it safe, in his home, in his head, and in his heart.

Every so often, a monster will get hungry enough to attempt to storm the ancient warden's abode, but even when this attracts dozens of other monsters, the outcome is always the same. The Hakas of old ring out strong and the giant man crushes those who threaten the stories of his friends throughout time.

Another being has entered this time, however. Another human. The monsters made quite the ruckus attempting to get to him. Aata fears for this new-comer, but also worries that leaving his home for long will result in the loss of the stories he holds dearest. Still, with the opening of these temporal rifts, there might be a chance for Aata to once again don the mantle of Haka and create better stories for some of his less fortunate allies.

XTREME Prime Wardens: Haka

Variant: Originally revealed during the OblivAeon Kickstarter as the $450k stretch reward.

Sentinel Tactics: Haka

Announced as part of Prime War

Legacyicon.png Legacy Wants to Remind You! This following information is from Sentinel Tactics, one of two branching alternate timelines after the OblivAeon Event!