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  • Suppose Hair-trigger Reflexes is in play and The Matriarch plays a Fowl card. Expatriette may choose to deal damage to the Fowl card before the top card of the villain deck is played. Note: this is not yet fixed in the video game, but will be in a later update.
  • Hairtrigger Reflexes + Forced Deployment (or Darken the Sky) cannot cause an infinite loop. All of the minions are first selected and removed from the trash, and played. New minions entering the trash during Forced Deployment’s effect are not returned.


  • The powers granted by Infection are not affected by Applied Numerology. It only works on powers in hero play areas.
  • When multiple tokens are flipped at once (e.g. Mystical Outburst), Harpy Hex deals damage for each token.
  • The power granted by Comic Weapon can be affected by Applied Numerology.

Spiff's Clarifications

Expatriette’s Hairtrigger Reflexes vs. Fowl cards

  • Expatriette’s “Hairtrigger Reflexes” says, “whenever a non-hero target enters play, Expatriette may deal that target 1 projectile damage.” this seems to mean that with “Hairtrigger Reflexes”, Expatriette could essentially keep the Matriarch’s fowl cards from ever fully entering play, thereby stopping the Matriarch from ever activating her ability which triggers upon the destruction of a fowl card, as well as stopping the fowl cards from activating their text which calls for another villain card to be played when a fowl card is played from the villain deck. However, that is not the correct order of resolution. when a fowl card enters play after being played from the villain deck, another villain card will be played. then “Hairtrigger Reflexes” can destroy the fowl card, which will activate the Matriarch’s ability which causes the hero with the highest hp to either destroy one of their equipment or ongoing cards or take some damage. Future printings of the fowl cards have moved the text about how you play the top card of the villain deck if a fowl card is played from the villain deck from the fowl cards themselves to the Matriarch’s villain character card, to make it even clearer that destroying the fowl card will not stop another card from being played. Hairtrigger Reflexes VS Fowl

Horrid Cacophony

  • The original version of this card doesn’t explicitly state this, but it should: the source of damage from this card is the Matriarch herself. Later printings of the card have fixed this. What's Dealing the Damage

Mask of the Matriarch

  • The first paragraph on this card reads “the first time each turn a villain card other than a fowl card enters play, play the top card of the villain deck”. All cards “enter play” when they are played, so any non-fowl card will trigger this ability, even one-shots.