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  • Compared to other villains, The Matriarch has made the fewest appearances in the card art of other decks. Outside of her own deck, she has only appeared on Parse's "Reveal the Flaws" and the Celestial Tribunal's "Character Witness." Notably, she is never seen fighting the heroes, though some are seen being attacked by birds which could have been under her control.
  • "Darken the Sky" had a digital error on its original printing, giving the picture and flavor text-bubble a pixelated look. The Rook City / Infernal Relics reprint box corrected this flaw.


  • The Matriarch is one of the only characters to receive an overhaul of their deck in future printings. During the Infernal Relics/Rook City combo set, The Matriarch's Fowl Cards had their 'Play another Fowl' kicker text moved to the Matriarchs character card, changing the interaction with some Heroes ability to kill the fowls before that card text activated.
  • There will never be a hero named "The Matriarch". * However, Christopher has said that there will be other villains that turn into hero decks, so she may receive a name change. Christopher on the Forums
  • The Mask of the Matriarch was previously owned by a powerful magic user of some type. When Lillian put it on, some of the personality of the previous magic user overtook her own personality. Gen Con 2016 Q&A
  • Lillian is naturally magically sensitive, which is why she got attuned to the Mask. As the Matriarch, she is not really in control. As The Harpy and Pinion, she has more control. Gen Con 2016 Q&A


To Other Works

  • The Matriarch's cohorts, Huginn and Muninn, are named after the mythological ravens that served Odin, the Norse father god. Their names mean "thought" and "memory" respectively. However, the Norse Gods are NOT represented in The Multiverse >G Forum Post
  • Most of the scenes depicted on the Matriarch's cards are references to the film The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock.

Questions Answered on The Letters Page

  • Notes from Letters Page 15
      • First question has a long lead-in about how cool it was to meet them at Gen Con last year and that she (variaknight) was the one in Matriarch cosplay. I include this because the guys talk about how much they love seeing Sentinels Cosplay. This is right around 38:00 in the podcast.
      • The Mask was owned previously owned by a powerful magic user and their personality rubbed off on it. Does that personality override Lillian's when she wears it/is it more responsible for the villainous acts or is it more Lillian? Who was the previous owner and was this intentional? The Mask is an ancient item that creates an automatic attunement to birds and grants an ability to control them. There's a side-character in Sentinel Comics who doesn't really show up in the card game, but is still a player in the setting - Ignazio Gallo, an Italian mage who likes playing around with magical artifacts. He doesn't create them, but he likes chaos and "messing with things" and so generally puts some kind of curse or downside on the artifacts he comes across. In the 1920s he found a lighter that didn't need fuel - he added a bug so that on every thousandth use it would burst into a giant flame (this is the cause of the Great Fire of Santander, Spain in 1941 that burned down most of the city). There was a necklace with a blue jewel that would ensure the safe arrival of any sea voyage when a passenger was wearing it - until he made it so that the thousandth vessel would sink. He altered the mask so that after it was used to control the thousandth bird, they would turn on the wearer and tear them to pieces. It's not so much his personality as just an incitement for chaos - the lighter, after he messed with it, would cause the person to want to burn things. The Mask pushes the person to use them more chaotically.
      • Is Nightmist training her to be another paranormal investigator? Is there a lot of poring over the Tome of Elder Magic or more of a "learning to control wild magic" situation? Not really aiming at "paranormal investigator", more just needing "good" magicians. Nightmist herself isn't really an "investigator" by this point in her story - she has premonitions that something big is coming and they'll need all of the magical help they can get.
      • Dark Watch Harpy's incapacitated art looks similar to the room on Nightmist's "Master of Magic" card; are they the same room? What's the significance? That's Nightmist's home/magical study in both cards. Good "magical" place (not as good as a swamp, though).
      • How do the rest of Dark Watch react to Nightmist bringing in a former villain? This would have been more of a problem with the Freedom Five or even the Prime Wardens - members of Dark Watch already had questionable pasts, Expatriette was pretty much a straight up murderer before becoming a hero. Setback didn't really have a bad history, but is the most accepting of people and giving second chances. Mr. Fixer recognizes "who you are, not who you were", but has his own darkness going on by this point anyway to worry about.
      • Matriarch doesn't appear on many cards outside of her own deck, and Tachyon's the only hero who appears in her deck - does she almost never attack the heroes? As mentioned earlier, the Matriarch is only a villain once. This is why it's easier for heroes to accept her later - years have passed and she did her time (or a good chunk of it). She kind of breaks the mold of villains in the card game who, for the most part, are major villains. She's more of a major character and her villainous act was a big part of her overall arc and they wanted to show that in the game.
      • What's the relationship like between her and Tachyon throughout the story? Is Tachyon proud of her once she chooses the heroic path? Still wary of the change? They ever meet up for family time? Meredith and Lillian weren't particularly close even before getting powers - the age difference made it difficult (almost more of an aunt/niece dynamic than cousins). Major parts of this relationship were shown in the visits that Tachyon made to her in prison. Starts with (continued) resentment towards her super-successful cousin, softening over the years and by the time she's the Harpy, Tachyon is proud of her for turning her life around.
      • Her group affiliation as a villain is listed as the Undead Poets Society - who were the others? Did they also feel a pull to artifacts? That was a joke for Adam and Christopher. These were just her circle of high school friends who met in coffee shop to tell their bad poetry to one another. They're not a "villain group" like the Citizens of the Sun or anything.
      • When did they know that Lillian was destined to make the villain-to-hero transition? Was it always planned or did they create the character as one and only later decided to add the change? She was always intended to become a hero, but how/when that happened wasn't in place at first. All of the new OblivAeon heroes who used to be villains had that capacity built into their stories. Of that set, she's the one who's a hero for the longest.
      • Are the birds real birds or magical birds created by the Mask? Real birds. If it makes you feel better, there's a serious crow problem in Rook City.
      • How did Tachyon feel about her redemption? No longer any real animosity, but originally very concerned after the prison break - relieved that she wasn't going bad again. They don't really hang out as they still run in different circles.
      • Does she get over her goth phase or is she still melodramatic? She's still somewhat melodramatic, but is largely over the goth phase as an affectation (with the whole "magic" thing it makes a bit more sense). As a side note, the guys have apparently never discussed if her hair is naturally that way or not. Christopher always assumed that she had black hair and when she first put on the mask all of it turned white except for that one lock - Adam accepts this explanation. They didn't think that she dyed it that way.
      • Most of the birds in her deck are corvids, but then there's vultures. Are the corvids just her personal preferences (see her last name and general goth aesthetic choices), easier to use because of their innate intelligence, or somehow more in tune with the Mask's power? She, personally, has a bit more of an affinity to crows and whatnot, but it's also that they're clever and "grimdark" - the vultures fit into this latter part. She can control birds in general, but Rook City has a lot of these types of birds on hand already. As Pinion she uses a hawk and owl.
      • What are Huginn and Muninn? Just particularly large and smart birds? Familiars tied to the Mask? Actually Odin's ravens? They're just particularly large and smart birds - she kind of forms a particular bond with them, though (mention of them as related to her Hero deck, the RPG, and the two sides of her power - avian vs. arcane).