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Sentinel Tactics: Hippocalypse

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Minor Character: The Hippo


Name: The Hippo
HP: 14
Title: Nemesis
Found in: Friction
Nemesis: Haka

Meta: Hippocalypse

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  • The Hippo used to play for Rook City's professional baseball team, the Rook City Renegades (Letters Page 10).
  • Hippo is probably their most insecure character - a dorky kid named Edward Wagner (surname pronounced the German way, like the Mars Base - he's part of the same family - his great aunt was some bigshot scientist) who now goes by Eddie Wagner (pronounced the Americanized way where the first syllable is the same as the word "wag") because he was picked on for his name as a kid. He geeked out on animals, specifically, and always wanted to go to the zoo. Once, when viewing the hippos and commenting on how cute they were he was informed by a person that actually they're very dangerous (one of the most dangerous in Africa). He internalized this knowledge of "hippos = vicious, dangerous animals". Years pass and he becomes a professional baseball player (a member of the Rook City Renegades, a team known for their thuggish behavior as they're all felons) - a relief outfielder and isn't particularly good. They're sponsored by Pike Industries, though, and part of the training involves the corporate water bottle, supplements, and steroids. They encourage not taking too many to not be too obvious about it, but he winds up taking all of them to give him an edge. This makes him very obviously on something and so he's caught pretty much immediately and is kicked out. The Organization scoops him up as hired muscle as an occasional enforcer (although he does his own jobs too). He wants more steroids to keep his edge in his new profession too, and the yardstick he uses to measure his own strength is Haka. He's not specifically out to punch Haka like Ambuscade might, but one of these days, if he gets strong enough, he'll be able to beat him in one of the occasional fights they wind up in (he doesn't). (Letters Page Interlude 7

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  • As a large, burly villain who dresses like a large, burly animal, the Hippo is a clear homage to the Rhino, a Spider-Man villain.


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Comic Books: Hippocalypse

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Edward Wagner, part of the family that funded the Wagner Mars Base, was a dorky, insecure kid. He was picked on by bullies as a kid for his name, and found refuge at the zoo. There he learned about the viciousness of Hippos, a fact that would stick with him until his later years.

Eventually, he becomes a professional baseball player, on the Rook City Renegades as a backup outfielder.. Now, the Rook City Renegades are not a good bunch. To a man they are convicted criminals, and due to the Chairman's influence they have a steady cocktail of experimental drugs and steroids. They keep it on the downlow, but Eddie Wagner wanted to be bigger and stronger. After being kicked out for doping, the Organization picks him up as an Enforcer, though he continues to do his own jobs on the side. He continues to use steroids and experimental drugs, always measuring himself against Haka - is he strong enough yet to take the big Maoi warrior down?

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DELAYED: Character from the now delayed indefinitely For Profit expansion for Sentinel Tactics

The career of the man known as The Hippo was a long list of failures. It seemed to him that every time he donned the hippo suit and tried to rob a bank or punch his way into an armored truck, it happened to be at the same time as a hero was nearby. He had been punched through a wall by Haka more times than he could count, which probably had as much to do with the concussions as his innate lack of math skills. However, he recently had a bit of a lucky break! His scientist great-aunt died, leaving him her nuclear research laboratory. Not really having any clue as to what to do with the lab, he offered it all to a major research corporation, on the condition that they made a special, nuclear-powered suit for him. Now, stronger than ever before and able to emit semi-controlled bursts of radioactivity, Hippocalypse joins the ranks of For Profit, needing money to keep his suit going. Plus, of course, who doesn't like a nice fur coat?

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