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Idealist Adamant Standard Front.png

The Adamant Sentinels

Variant: Originally received from Villains of the Multiverse preorder event.

Training together as part of the Hero Project in Fort Adamant, The Sentinels have honed their skills and become an even stronger team. The last few years have been difficult, but those hardships have brought them together. Nick, Jackson, Miranda, and Eugene are the heroes of the future!

The Void Guard: Idealist

Deck: Originally revealed as part of the Mini Expansion The Void Guard, during the OblivAeon Kickstarter as the $500k stretch reward

The team known as the Southwest Sentinels were in trouble. Chokepoint had blindsided them in their headquarters in Fort Adamant. It was a rough fight. The fact that the heroes were getting no military support in this fight, and that no alarms had been set off by Chokepoint’s entirely unstealthy arrival was not immediately concerning to them, but the Southwest Sentinels began to realize things were not quite what they had assumed.

They fled through the military installation, narrowly dodging the attacks from Chokepoint. As they entered the lower levels, Chokepoint tore through a wall before them, and then was incapacitated by a blast of power. The wall she had just destroyed housed a secret room the heroes had never seen before. In that room were four large glowing crystals, each radiating a different spectrum of energy.

Behind them, Chokepoint groaned and began struggling to her feet. She would be back at full power in no time - the heroes had a choice to make. And they choose survival.

Now, Doctor Medico, Mainstay, The Idealist, and Writhe harness the power of Oblivion Shards and fight against the end of all things. They hold back the Void when no one else can.

Idealist Void Guard Foil Front.png
Idealist Void Guard Super Sentai Foil Front.png

The Void Guard: Super Sentai Idealist

Variant: Variant for the Void Guard Idealist deck, Originally revealed during the OblivAeon Kickstarter as the $750k stretch reward.

Though they were far before her time, young Miranda Fischer always loved classic “Super Sentai” Japanese television shows. The ridiculous outfits, the terrible dialogue, the giant robots - she genuinely loved it all. So, with a vast upgrade to her power, her teammates knew it would not be long before she developed a new costume for herself…

Her “robot” striker packs a powerful punch, even if it all stems from the power of The Idealist’s mind, focused through the shard she wields. As mentally powerful as she is, her Oblivion Shard directs and amplifies her power to formidable levels, allowing her to manifest even more ridiculous mental projections!