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Villain: Infinitor


Crazed Artifice (x3)
Reveal the top H cards of the villain deck. Put any manifestation cards revealed into play. Discard any one-shots revealed this way. If no manifestation cards were revealed this way, play the top card of the villain deck.
Art: Infinitor walking towards a shattered manifestation; 2 pieces of it have grinning faces, one is formed into a head of a grinning clown.
Flavor text: "He-he-helloooo, friends... Are you ready to have some fun?" - Infinitor, Conflux #1
Insanity (x2)
Play the top card of the villain deck. If that card is a manifestation card, repeat the entire game text of this card.
Art: A closeup of Infinitor removing his mask.
Flavor text: "This mask! It is not to hide my face. No! No. It is to keep the voices inside! So loud... " - Infinitor, Conflux #1
Machinations of a Madman (x2)
Reveal the top card of the vilain deck. If it is a one-shot, discard it and Infinitor deals each target 1 psychic damage. If it is a manifestation card, put it into play. Play the top card of the villain deck.
Art: Infinitor floating in space surrounded by a green aura.
Flavor text: "You see?! You see?! All the wheres are here! All the nows are now!" - Infinitor, Conflux #6
Whispers of Oblivion (x3)
Infinitor deals each target 1 psychic damage. If at least one target is destroyed this way, restore all manifestation cards to their maximum hp. Play the top card of the villain deck.
Art: Infinitor clutching his head in pain as Captain Cosmic consoles him.
Flavor text: "Brother. Don't listen to them. Come back to me. Stop this." - Captain Cosmic, Conflux #6


Crushing Cage [4] (x3)
When this card enters play, put it in front of the hero character card belonging to the player with the most cards in hand. That player cannot play cards. At the start of that hero's turn, this card deals that hero and then itself 1 psychic and 1 energy damage.
Art: Tempest inside a cage.
Flavor text: "You must hurry! I do not have much time before I am crushed by this tangible illusion!" - Tempest, Prime Wardens #7
Lambent Reaper [4] (x3)
At the end of the villain turn, this card deals the hero target with the lowest hp 2 energy damage and 2 psychic damage.
Art: A manifestation wielding a large scythe chasing a tiny-sized Sky-Scrapper.
Flavor text: "You are not real. You can still hurt me. This is not what I wanted today." - Sky-Scrapper, Cosmic Concurrence #23
Ocular Swarm [4] (x3)
Whenever this card or any other manifestation card is destroyed, reveal the top card of the villain deck. If the revealed card is a manifestation, put it into play. if not, discard it and this card deals each hero target 1 energy damage.
Art: The Wraith being cornered by 3 eyeballs with wings; one has it's mouth open, revealing a needle-like set of teeth.
Flavor text: "The eyes...they can still see me! They're still watching... " - The Wraith, Freedom Five #621
Recalescent Hellion [4] (x3)
At the end of the villain turn, this card deals the 2 hero targets with the highest hp 3 fire damage each.
Art: A partially complete demon-like manifestation with wings and a tail breathing out fire.
Flavor text: "What manner of twisted creature is this?! A being of light, flame, and madness!" - Fanatic, Prime Wardens #8
Twisted Miscreation [4] (3)
Whenever this card would be dealt damage, reduce that damage to 1. At the end of the villain turn, this card deals the hero target with the highest hp H energy damage.
Art: A manifestation with multiple limbs and segments of torso, a head with no features except for an open mouth attached to an elongated neck.
Flavor text: "The abomination hunts. It is not enough to survive; we must destroy it." - The Naturalist, Cosmic Concurrence #21



Aliases: Nigel Lowsley

Age: 33

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 175lbs
Hair: Black

Eye: Green

Birthplace: Huntingdon, England

Power Source: Cosmic Energy, The Ego Half of the Oblivion Shard
Occupation: Constable, Reformed Madman (Heroic Infinitor)

First Appearance: Conflux #1 , Cosmic Concurrence #30 for Heroic Infinitor

Nemesis: Captain Cosmic


Meta: Infinitor

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  • Infinitor’s “Unstable Despoiler” side shows him wrapping himself up in a straight-jacket construct. This seems to imply that he still maintains some vestige of sanity and is trying to stop himself. The art on “Whispers to Oblivion,” which shows Infinitor clutching his head in pain as Captain Cosmic, his brother, consoles him, adds to this contention.


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To Other Works

  • As a villain who creates monstrous energy constructs to destroy his foes, Infinitor is very similar to the DC villain Sinestro. As a madman with cosmic powers, he is similar to Superboy Prime.
  • The energy which fuels Captain Cosmic’s powers is yellow, while the respective energy of his arch enemy, Infinitor, is green. This is a reversal of the color schemes of the heroic Green Lantern and the evil Sinestro, the latter of whom wields the yellow light of fear.
  • Infinitor’s mask is very similar to Doctor Doom’s. Additionally, both characters garb themselves in green.


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Fireside Chats

  • Infinitor’s advanced rule says “At the end of the villain turn, play cards from the top of the villain deck until at least H + 1 manifestation cards are in play.” If there are so many manifestation cards under Savage Mana or out of game from Unforgiving Wasteland, that may not be possible. Once there are no Manifestations in Infinitor’s villain deck or trash, stop.
  • The wording on Heroic Infinitor's card is adjusted to clarify that when a Manifestation would enter play, Infinitor will regain 4 HP. Other cards (such as Hairtrigger Reflexes) can then react, but cannot prevent the HP gain. If the Manifestation is then fully in play and has not been shot or otherwise destroyed, Infinitor destroys the Manifestation. The new wording is: “Whenever a manifestation would enter play, Infinitor gains 4 HP. When it enters play, it is destroyed.”
  • Advanced Infinitor: When “cards are played from the top of the villain deck until at least {H + 1} Manifestation cards are in play,” but Infinitor cannot play cards, then no cards are played. The whole effect is cancelled.
  • Ocular Swarm does not react to other manifestations being destroyed if the Ocular Swarm has already been destroyed. For example, suppose an Ocular Swarm is in play and Heroic Infinitor flips. He destroys the Ocular Swarm, which reveals the top card of the villain deck - a Lambent Reaper. The Lambent Reaper enters play, and is destroyed (by Heroic Infinitor’s text). The Ocular Swarm does not react because that text has already left play.

Heroic Infinitor

  • Heroic Infinitor says “Infinitor deals each non-villain target 2 energy damage. Any target dealt damage this way deals itself 2 irreducible psychic damage.” The first round of damage occurs, then the second round occurs afterward.
  • Heroic Infinitor is only a hero target on his front side, but is a villain target on his flipped side.
  • Heroic Infinitor is NOT a villain target on his front side.
  • On his front side, the only way to win is by not having any manifestations in play.
  • On his flipped side, the only way to win is to defeat Infinitor (as normal).
  • Heroic Infinitor is not a hero character card. He is a hero target, but his card is a villain character card. He is a non-villain target, but he’s not a non-hero target.
  • Sub-Zero Atmosphere affects Heroic Infinitor’s character card. It moves Heroic Infinitor’s “Deal 1 Manifestation 2 melee damage” to the start of the villain turn.
  • If Heroic Infinitor gets removed from the game by the Unforgiving Wasteland, this is considered a win. Infinitor getting removed from the game can’t be a loss due to a lack of “lose the game” text.

Comic Books: Infinitor

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The events that led to Hugh Lowsley gaining cosmic powers were far less kind to his older brother Nigel. Nigel awoke from being overwhelmed by the power of the crystal from beyond their galaxy, but he could barely perceive the world around him. His vision swam, his blood boiled in his veins, and his ears rung with the screams of otherworldly voices. Reaching out instinctively, Nigel drew unknown power from a nearby source and somehow flew straight up into the night sky, pulsing with a sickly green energy.

Nigel drifted among the stars for years. He did not question how he was able to survive in the vacuum of space, nor how he did not need to eat or sleep. He had no time for such petty questions. He existed only to hear the voices. At first, it was only the screams that he heard, but given time, those screams became as gentle music when compared to the horrifying whispers. The screams were mere madness, but the whispers… they were something even worse.

After time immeasurable, Nigel was no more. All that remained was Infinitor, the apotheosis of the infinite madness of the cosmos. Infinitor was being drawn— or was he driven? It was hard to tell. Either way, he was inexorably compelled to return to the planet Earth. There, he would use his powers to create manifestations of his internal demons and reveal to the naïve humans the true nature of existence. All at the behest of those insufferable whispers…

Variant: Originally received in the final Over-sized Villain Card pack

As the man who was once Nigel Lowsley fought both the echoes of madness in his own head and the heroes of Earth, a sliver of his former self fought to regain control. The small, beaten-down part recognized the chaos in his actions, the destruction in his future, and the face of his brother. And that face gave him strength.

After Infinitor's defeat at the hand of the Prime Wardens, Hugh Lowsley - aka Captain Cosmic - was able to get through to his brother, helping him fight back against the whispers of OblivAeon.

Now Infinitor fights against his own manifestations of madness. He hopes to turn back the tide of insanity, and the heroes must help him before his power takes over and dooms them all!

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