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Fireside Chats

  • Infinitor’s advanced rule says “At the end of the villain turn, play cards from the top of the villain deck until at least H + 1 manifestation cards are in play.” If there are so many manifestation cards under Savage Mana or out of game from Unforgiving Wasteland, that may not be possible. Once there are no Manifestations in Infinitor’s villain deck or trash, stop.
  • The wording on Heroic Infinitor's card is adjusted to clarify that when a Manifestation would enter play, Infinitor will regain 4 HP. Other cards (such as Hairtrigger Reflexes) can then react, but cannot prevent the HP gain. If the Manifestation is then fully in play and has not been shot or otherwise destroyed, Infinitor destroys the Manifestation. The new wording is: “Whenever a manifestation would enter play, Infinitor gains 4 HP. When it enters play, it is destroyed.”
  • Advanced Infinitor: When “cards are played from the top of the villain deck until at least {H + 1} Manifestation cards are in play,” but Infinitor cannot play cards, then no cards are played. The whole effect is cancelled.
  • Ocular Swarm does not react to other manifestations being destroyed if the Ocular Swarm has already been destroyed. For example, suppose an Ocular Swarm is in play and Heroic Infinitor flips. He destroys the Ocular Swarm, which reveals the top card of the villain deck - a Lambent Reaper. The Lambent Reaper enters play, and is destroyed (by Heroic Infinitor’s text). The Ocular Swarm does not react because that text has already left play.

Heroic Infinitor

  • Heroic Infinitor says “Infinitor deals each non-villain target 2 energy damage. Any target dealt damage this way deals itself 2 irreducible psychic damage.” The first round of damage occurs, then the second round occurs afterward.
  • Heroic Infinitor is only a hero target on his front side, but is a villain target on his flipped side.
  • Heroic Infinitor is NOT a villain target on his front side.
  • On his front side, the only way to win is by not having any manifestations in play.
  • On his flipped side, the only way to win is to defeat Infinitor (as normal).
  • Heroic Infinitor is not a hero character card. He is a hero target, but his card is a villain character card. He is a non-villain target, but he’s not a non-hero target.
  • Sub-Zero Atmosphere affects Heroic Infinitor’s character card. It moves Heroic Infinitor’s “Deal 1 Manifestation 2 melee damage” to the start of the villain turn.
  • If Heroic Infinitor gets removed from the game by the Unforgiving Wasteland, this is considered a win. Infinitor getting removed from the game can’t be a loss due to a lack of “lose the game” text.