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  • Infinitor’s “Unstable Despoiler” side shows him wrapping himself up in a straight-jacket construct. This seems to imply that he still maintains some vestige of sanity and is trying to stop himself. The art on “Whispers to Oblivion,” which shows Infinitor clutching his head in pain as Captain Cosmic, his brother, consoles him, adds to this contention.


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To Other Works

  • As a villain who creates monstrous energy constructs to destroy his foes, Infinitor is very similar to the DC villain Sinestro. As a madman with cosmic powers, he is similar to Superboy Prime.
  • The energy which fuels Captain Cosmic’s powers is yellow, while the respective energy of his arch enemy, Infinitor, is green. This is a reversal of the color schemes of the heroic Green Lantern and the evil Sinestro, the latter of whom wields the yellow light of fear.
  • Infinitor’s mask is very similar to Doctor Doom’s. Additionally, both characters garb themselves in green.