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  • The Card art of Pterodactyl Thief shows it stealing Expatriettes RPG Launcher. On her card, RPG Launcher, she is seen riding the Pterodactyl to attack the T-Rex


  • The flavor text of "Enraged T-Rex" indicates that Insula Primalis has a citizenry - As this is the place where Citizen Dawn discovered in her bio, this makes sense.

To Other Works

  • The "clever girl" quote on the Velociraptor Pack's flavor text is a reference to the movie Jurassic Park (1993), where the character Muldoon gets attacked by Raptors (See this video clip)
  • Insula Primalis is a clear homage to the dinosaur filled Savage Land of Marvel lore. It may also be a reference to the numerous dinosaur isles that showed up in silver age DC comics.