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Iron Legacy

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Aliases: Paul Parsons
Age: 47
Height: 6’ 2”
Weight: 200lbs (
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
Power Source: Genetic
Group Affiliation: The Freedom Four, The Freedom Five
Occupation: Adventurer, Full-Time Hero )
First Appearance: Justice Comics #1
Hero Complexity: 1
Hero Set: Enhanced Edition
Hero Nemesis: Baron Blade


Aliases: Paul Parsons
Age: 65
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 220 lbs.
Hair Color: Greying Light Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
Power Source: Genetic
Group Affiliation: None
Occupation: Global Tyrant
First Appearance: America’s Finest Legacy #201
Villain Difficulty: 4
Villain Set: Shattered Timelines
Villain Nemesis: The Freedom Six: Tachyon, Absolute Zero, Tempest, Wraith, Unity, and Bunker



HP: 32
Innate Power:
Galvanize - Until the start of your next turn, increase the damage dealt by hero targets by 1.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Hero may use a Power now.
  • One Player may Draw a card now.
  • Reduce damage dealt by Environment Cards by 2 until the start of your next turn.

Young Legacy

Hero Variant
See Beacon for more information

HP: 30
Innate Power:
Atomic Glare - Legacy deals 1 target 3 energy damage.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • Select a Hero. That Hero may use a Power now.
  • Select a Player. That player may Draw a card now.
  • Until the start of your next turn, increase damage dealt by Heroes by 1.

America's Greatest Legacy

Hero Variant

HP: 30
Innate Power:
Gaung-Ho - 1 Hero regains 1 HP and may use a Power now.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Player may Draw 1 card now.
  • One Hero may use 1 Power now.
  • Discard the top card of 1 Deck.

Freedom Five: Legacy

Hero Variant

HP: 32
Innate Power:
Overwatch - You may either move an Environment card in Play to the bottom of the Environment deck, or one Player may play a card.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Player may Play a card, even if they would otherwise be prevented.
  • One Hero may use a Power, even if they would otherwise be prevented.
  • One Player may Draw a card, even if they would otherwise be prevented.

America's Cleverest Legacy

Semi-Official Hero Variant

HP: 32
Innate Power:
Solve the Puzzle! - Discard the top card of a Deck. You may either Play or Destroy a Non-character card that shares a Keyword with the discarded card.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Hero may Draw a card.
  • Discard the top card of the Villain Deck
  • Reveal the top 3 cards of the Villain deck. Put them back in same order.

Iron Legacy


HP: 32
Title: Ironclad Tyrant / Motivated by Desperation

Sentinel Tactics: Legacy

HP: 6
Actions: 2
Defense: 3
Movement: 2
Innate Powers:
Flying - Ongoing Ability - Legacy has Mobility.
"THOKK!" - Action Ability




Legacy America's Finest Standard Front.png

In 1759, Joseph William Parsons was born in Boston. By 1772, he would be apprenticed to master silversmith and revolutionary, Paul Revere. Joseph’s father had been a local hero for his efforts in the French and Indian war, but he did not survive said war. The newly widowed Mrs. Parsons became despondent in her grieving, retreating from society. Overwhelmed by the loss of her husband and by the responsibilities of being such a young, single mother, she eventually took her own life. By that time Joseph was already living with Paul Revere, who had fought alongside Joseph’s father and returned from the war with a promise to care for young Joseph.

Time went by, and at the age of 13, Joseph was clearly his father’s son. A youth spent in hard work had molded him into a strapping young man. He was determined, quick to smile, and even quicker to lend a helping hand whenever and wherever needed. He enjoyed working in the shop with Mr. Revere, learning the trade of the silversmith in between his studies. Rising tensions with the British were on everyone’s mind, and Paul Revere became a member of the Sons of Liberty. Joseph was more interested in learning and working than in being a revolutionary, but he still followed his mentor’s actions, staying aware of the political state of the colonies.

While on one of his frequent trips to the harbor, 16-year-old Joseph experienced a bizarre phenomenon. As he walked along the Charles River, the sudden reverberation buzzing along his skull almost drove him to his knees. Gasping, he fought the nausea and shook his head to clear the ringing in his ears and the tears from his eyes. Joseph looked around, trying to discern what was happening to him. Through the evening’s fog, he could see a dim light bobbing across the dark water. As he focused on it, the buzzing in his head increased, but instead of hurting him, the sensation galvanized him into action. Climbing a nearby watch tower, he fought the effect of the increasing droning to stare out across the river. The light was a lantern on a boat - several boats actually. Boats carrying British soldiers! Upon identifying the this as a potential threat, the vibrations in Joseph’s head ceased with a snap, leaving him breathless in realization. The British troops, previously stationed in Boston as a result of the Boston Tea Party, were crossing the Charles River and heading towards Lexington. Even more pressing, Joesph was the only one who knew about this. He raced to the Old North Church to inform Robert Newman of the troop movement. Together, they mounted the stairs to the steeple, holding two lanterns high. Paul Revere saw the signal and set off on his famous midnight ride warning the patriots along the way that the British were coming.

Joseph never told anyone about the buzzing which had assaulted him that night, warning him of the impending danger. However, the feeling did return many times throughout the rest of his life. He never ignored its warnings, and managed to avoid much danger and prevent many accidents and disasters as a result. In appreciation for Joseph’s help on that fateful night, Paul Revere crafted a simple but stout silver ring for Joseph, engraved with the phrase, “Furthering your Father’s Legacy.”

After establishing his own silversmith shop in Pennsylvania, Joseph married, and a year later Paul Nathaniel Parsons was born, named after Joseph’s adopted father and mentor. By the age of 12, young Paul began to exhibit an uncanny sense of danger, but also was more keen-eyed and fleet of foot than any of his peers. Joseph realized that his son had not only inherited his senses, but also was more capable than the average boy, and began training him, not just in the ways of silversmithing, but in the ways of liberty, of justice, and of defending the common man.

Eventually, Paul grew up and led his fellow man in progress and the pursuit of freedom and justice. His son, Paul, inherited his abilities, furthering them with the addition of strength uncommon in all but the stoutest of men. The line of Paul Parsons continued on, each more powerful than the last, each passing on the “Legacy Ring.” In the late 1800s, the Parsons moved to the Chicago area, and in the early 1900s the first member of the family line developed flight. That Paul Parsons took on the mantle of “Legacy” and became the world’s first superhero.

A Paul Parsons has fought in every major war, with the notable exception of the Vietnam War. Though Legacy has always been an American hero and patriotism runs strongly in the Parsons family, this has not deterred Legacy from appearing to defend liberty and justice all over the world.

The current Legacy, born April 18th, 1973 in Chicago Illinois, is the founding member of the Freedom Five, and has spent the bulk of his heroic career leading the team and thwarting the machinations of the villainous Baron Blade, among other threats to freedom and the common man, everywhere. At home, Paul Parsons the 8th's daughter has just turned 18, and Pauline Felicia Parsons has developed new powers of her own.

Legacy America's Greatest Standard Front.png

America's Greatest Legacy

Variant: Originally revealed during Shattered Timelines Kickstarter as the $150k stretch reward.

Paul Parsons, the 7th, was a great American hero. Before his fall at the hands of Baron Blade, he fought in World War II, led a platoon of soldiers, and single-handedly destroyed Fyodor Ramonat's war-zeppelins. Because of the war, he did not get married or have children until much later in life, though his son grew to be known as America's Finest Legacy, taking the place of his father in the lineage of Legacies.

Now, with all of the temporal chaos, Paul Parsons has stepped through time to fight alongside the heroes of today. He gets to not only see his son as the great hero this generation knows him to be, but also meets his grand-daughter, giving him more to fight for than ever before.

But he has yet to see the downfall of the Legacy line. Will he survive it? Will anyone? Only time will tell.

Freedom Five Legacy

Variant: Originally revealed during the OblivAeon Kickstarter as the $1 Million stretch reward.

As team leader, Paul Parsons has seen his team go through a lot. They’ve grown, become closer, seen the worst of time and the worst of space, and somehow survived it all.

Legacy is proud of the Freedom Five, and for what they bring to America, the rest of the world, and the Multiverse.

Legacy America's Cleverest Standard Front.png

America's Cleverest Legacy

Variant: Semi-Official - Revealed during the ARG Event but was never going to be officially printed. Fan's made the Incap side and had a group buy from card printing sites like Artscow.

Iron Legacy

Villain Deck

Alternate Future from main timeline; Iron Legacy Variant

In this timeline, Legacy and Baron Blade have long fought each other, the heroic Paul Parsons constantly thwarting the villainous plans of the dastardly Baron Blade. Legacy's daughter, Pauline Felicia Parsons, grew up knowing that her father was a hero, that he fought crime, and that his life was in constant danger. The weight of the Parsons family line was clear: where evil reared its ugly head, there would always be a Legacy there to stop it.

When she reached 18 years old, Felicia was given a Legacy costume by her parents, and her father began training her in earnest. Her whole life had been dedicated to the pursuit of justice and preparing herself for the inevitable combat against evil, and she took to this new training like a champion. The years of crime-fighting with the Freedom Five were hard work, but some of the best years of her life.

Years later, Felicia Parsons was the best prepared to accept her father's death at the hands of Baron Blade.

The countless heroes who had fought alongside Legacy were stunned. No one could accept that it could happen. But Felicia calmly organized a lovely funeral for her father, and then smoothly stepped into his place in the Freedom Five - she had prepared her whole life for this, and she was ready to wear this mantle. No one saw the few tears she shed in silence for her father.

As awful as the death of Legacy was, an alternate timeline experienced an even more terrible event.

In that same fateful battle, the mad Baron cornered and murdered the young Felicia Parsons, America's Newest Legacy, which left Paul Parsons America's Final Legacy. Legacy did not handle this well at all. He flew into a blind fury, tearing Baron Blade and the Wagner Mars Base apart.

Enraged and grief-stricken, Legacy disappeared. At Pauline Felicia Parson's funeral, little was said. The collected anguish of the mourners was far too great. Paul Parsons had not been heard from and did not attend the funeral, though some claimed to see a figure land in the graveyard later that night.

When Paul Parsons reappeared, it was in a very different form than before. The same strength and power was evident, but the man formerly called America's Finest Legacy was overcome with despair both for his family and for the future of mankind. His choice was clear: after him, there would be no Legacy. The world must be purged of all evil while he could still fight.

Paul Parson patrolled the world, silencing those who stood in his way swiftly and brutally. No longer the confident leader of the Freedom Five, he took to wearing armor and to destroying any suspected evildoers without pause or question. All of the strength and fortitude of the hero Legacy was now channeled into an unbending global dictatorship. Called Iron Legacy by his former allies, he reshaped the world into one which shook beneath his iron fist.

The heroes of the world came together to attempt to talk sense into the man who inspired so many of them, but any who attempted to stop him were dealt with swiftly. The toll was staggering. The world's foremost hero was now the greatest threat to freedom and liberty, all in the name of justice.

Now, with the timelines in disarray and so many worlds and realities intersecting, Iron Legacy has a chance to spread his rule even further. Will the heroes be able to stop him? Can they even bring themselves to fight? Iron Legacy has no such compunctions. His will is iron. Justice will be done. Do not stand in his way.

Iron Legacy Original Standard Front.png

Sentinel Tactics: Legacy

Sentinel Tactics Character panel

Legacy Wants to Remind You!

This information is from Sentinel Tactics, one of two branching alternate timelines after the OblivAeon Event!

In a surprise press conference, Maia Montgomery, C.E.O. of Montgomery Industries, revealed that she was also the hero known as The Wraith! She was then joined in the press conference by Paul Parsons in his full Legacy costume. Even more shockingly, the two jointly announced the Freedom Five's move to be a private group, severing their ties with the government.

Sentinel RPG

Tachyon Speeds By to Remind You!

This information is from the upcoming Sentinels Comics RPG, one of two branching alternate timelines after the OblivAeon Event!

In the RPG, Legacy hangs up his cape. The first Legacy to retire rather than die in combat, he lets his daughter take over the mantle of Legacy. He changes his superhero name to Heritage, and begins mentoring young new superheroes.

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Art References

  • Most of Iron Legacy's cards are thematic inversions of Legacy's:
    • "Final Evolution" - "Next Evolution."
    • "Superhuman Redirection" - "Superhuman Durability."
    • "Armored Fortitude" - "Fortitude."
    • "Rule From the Front" - "Lead From the Front"
    • "Iron Fist Strike" - "Back Fist Strike."
    • "Beat Down" - "Take Down."
    • "Former Allies" - "Bolster Allies."
    • "Flying Assault" - "Flying Smash."
    • "Demoralizing Presence" - "Inspiring Presence."
  • The scene pictured on "Galvanized" is mentioned in Iron Legacy's character profile.
  • Legacy is locked in combat with the Proletariat on "Lead From the Front."
  • The man that Legacy is punching on "Motivational Charge" is Citizen Anvil.
  • The Bizarro Reference on "Thokk!" is likely Dark Hero out of The Dreamer's deck
  • The scenes on the Incapacitated side of both versions of America's Greatest Legacy's character card show the death of the hero at the hands of Baron Blade. This was the villain's first major comics appearance.



  • In the main timeline of SOTM, Legacy is eventually killed by Baron Blade, after which Young Legacy assumes his role as a member of the Freedom Five. In an alternate timeline, Young Legacy dies instead, prompting Legacy to become Iron Legacy.
  • Counting "Young Legacy", there have been four Legacies. Current (America's Finest) Legacy, his daughter (America's Newest), his father (America's Greatest), and his grandfather, who was the first Parsons to take up the Legacy mantle. * Please note that these are not the only Parsons family members to have superpowers; they are simply the first ones to use the "Legacy" moniker.
  • Iron Legacy has the lowest HP of any solitary villain who can be defeated by dealing damage to him. (Despite this, he is generally not what you could call an easy fight.)
  • Iron Legacy is the nemesis of all the Freedom Five...except Legacy. (More specifically, he is the nemesis of the Freedom Six, an alternate-future version of the team in which Legacy has, obviously, left the team or been expelled from it, with Tempest replacing him and Unity upgraded from an intern to a full member.)
  • Powers for various Legacy family members per Letters Page for Legacy The Letter Page Episode 1 (Thanks to WalkingTarget who wrote this up)
    • Joseph Parsons - Revolutionary War - Danger Sense
    • Paul Parsons I - War of 1812 - Exceptional Athletic Condition
    • Paul Parsons II ("Lucky Paul Parsons") - No war/conflict - Super Speed (not Tachyon-level, but capable of moving noticeably faster than he should be able to)
    • Paul Parsons III - Mexican–American War - Super Strength
    • Paul Parsons IV - Civil War - Single Attack Negation (like, taking a cannonball to the chest, but has a recovery/recharge time before he can use it again)
    • Paul Parsons V (family moved to Chicago) - Spanish–American War - Vitality ("especially robust", recover from disease faster, age slower, hold breath for 10s of minutes, etc.)
    • Paul Parsons VI (first to go by the Legacy name) - World War I - Flight
    • Paul Parsons VII (America's Greatest Legacy, "Grandpa" Legacy) - World War II and Korean Conflict - Keen Eyesight
    • Paul Parsons VIII (America's Finest Legacy, founder of the Freedom Four/Five) - No wartime service (too young for Vietnam), certainly major conflicts as a Superhero - Bulletproof Skin (better against many small wounds as opposed to the Single Attack Negation they already had)
    • Pauline Felicia Parsons (America's Newest Legacy, Beacon in the Tactics timeline) - No wartime service - Laser Eyes/"Atomic Glare"
  • Mr. Fixer was originally a Blaxploitation character created in the '60s called Black Fist. He typically showed up as the "B" story in the back pages of Legacy's main comic book, Justice Comics, but they rarely interacted with one another.
  • Paul Parsons VIII and Pauline both have no siblings, but that's not true for previous generations. In such cases, only the first born of every generation gets the powers. Some of the non-powered siblings would be jealous, but it was more common for them to be relieved that they didn't have the responsibilities that came with the gift (Letters Page Interlude 3).


  • Paul Parsons' (Legacy's alter-ego) name is alliterative, i.e. his first and last name both begin with the same letter. Alliteration was a common device in the early Superman comics, most notably with the characters of Lois Lane, Lana Lang, and Lex Luthor. Clark Kent, the alter ego of Superman, did not technically share in this pattern, though his first and last names both started with a hard c/k sound. Peter Parker, the alter-ego of Spider-Man, also shares in this tradition; fittingly, Legacy borrows his danger sense from Peter Parker's spider-sense.
  • It should be noted that Paulina Parsons, Legacy's daughter, and Baron Blade, his nemesis, both follow the alliterative naming pattern.
    • Stan Lee has said that the reason he used alliterative names for so many early Marvel superheroes (e.g., Peter Parker, Reed Richards, Bruce Banner, Susan Storm, Matt Murdock) was because they made it easier for him to remember. (I've seen this in a video interview, probably attached to one of the X-Men or Sam Raimi Spider-Man films.)
  • The sunrise-sillhouted group shot on "Bolster Allies" may be a reference to the opening title animation of the "Justice League" animated series.
  • Legacy is fighting a doppleganger of himself with an inverted color scheme on "Thokk!" This is a reference to Bizarro, the backwards duplicate of Superman.
  • Legacy's "Danger Sense" is a clear homage to Spider-Man's "spider-sense." The "sense lines" that emerge from Legacy's head on the card are identical to the ones that emerge from Spider-Man's head when he senses danger.
  • Legacy's costume, powers, and demeanor are all clear references to Superman, the DC Comics superhero that started the superhero genre.
  • Appropriately enough, Legacy is the founding member of the Freedom Five much in the same way that Superman is the founder of the Justice League.
  • The lasers that Paulina Parsons is shooting from her eyes on "Next Evolution" are similar to those used by Superman.
  • The art on Greatest Legacy's incapacitated side appears to be an homage to this picture of Captain America when he was shot to "death" during Marvel's Civil War storyline.
  • As a corrupted, despotic version of a Superman analogue, Iron Legacy is similar to the oppressive Superman of the Justice Lords, an alternate version of the Justice League who protect the world through oppression. He is also similar to Regime Superman, another alternate Superman hailing from the Injustice video game and comic series; this version of the character went mad with grief after the Joker tricked him into killing Lois Lane, and subsequently established a dictatorship over the world to ensure that such a tragedy could never happen again.
  • The scene on "Vigilance" is likely a reference to Superman: Red Son by Mark Millar, which featured a Superman raised in communist Russia who became a dictator.

Incapacitated Images

Variant Pack New Artwork

The All Heroes Variant Pack released with OblivAeon contains new artwork for the heroes and their variant cards.

Legacy Hero Deck

Incapacitated - A battered Legacy being held by his daughter.


"Thokk!" (x3)
Legacy deals 1 Target 3 Melee Damage. Draw a card.
Art: Legacy uppercutting Dark Hero;
Flavor-text: "Sometimes, all it takes is a little brute force!" - Legacy, America's Finest Legacy #81
Back-Fist Strike (x2)
Legacy deals 1 Target 4 Melee Damage.
Art: Legacy giving a back-fist to a thug;
Flavor-text: The best offense is knowing what's right behind you. - Unattributed
Bolster Allies (x3)
Each player draws a card.
Art: Legacy in the forefront with his fist up with silhouettes of Fanatic, Haka, Ra, Tackyon, Visionary, and Bunker in the background;
Flavor-text: "We fight this day... for freedom!" - Legacy, Freedom Five Annual #8
Flying Smash (x2)
Legacy deals up to 3 Targets 3 Melee Damage each.
Art: Legacy flying threw the Mobile Defense Platform and making a hole;
Flavor-text: "As you can see, we are untouch-... what was that?" - Baron Blade, Moonfall #9


Danger Sense (x3)
Legacy is immune to Damage from Environment cards.
Art: Legacy barely avoiding flames behind Part of his cape has been destroyed;
Flavor-text: "Too close! Too close for comfort!" - Legacy, Justice Comics #98
Heroic Interception (x3)
When this card enters play, Legacy deals himself 3 Melee Damage. Hero Targets other than Legacy are immune to Damage. At the start of your turn, destroy this card.
Art: Legacy stopping a missle from hitting the White House;
Flavor-text: "No sacrifice too great." - Young Legacy, Freedom Five Annual #12
Next Evolution (x3)
Power: Legacy is immune to the Damage type of your choice until the start of your next turn.
Art: Young Legacy shooting eye beams much to the shock of Legacy;
Flavor-text: Like her father, Pauline Felicia Parsons inherited all of the Legacy powers, and also developed some new abilities... - Narrator
Take Down (x2)
Villain cards cannot be played. At the end of your turn, the Villain Target with the highest HP deals Legacy 2 Energy Damage. At the start of your turn, destroy this card.
Art: Legacy slamming Baron Blade against the wall;
Flavor-text: "Your injustices end here!" - Legacy, America's Finest Legacy #128

Ongoing, Limited

Fortitude (x3)
Reduce Damage dealt to Legacy by 1.
Art: Legacy taking bullets to the chest that are bouncing off;
Flavor-text: Legacy took times like these to ponder what dinner might involve tonight. - Narrator
Inspiring Presence (x3)
When this card enters play, each Hero Target regains 1 HP. Increase Damage dealt by Hero Targets by 1.
Art: Legacy with sunlight behind him holding the US Flag;
Flavor-text: "... for freedom, for liberty, for justice... for America!" - Legacy, Legacy Independance Day Spectacular #2
Lead from the Front (x3)
Whenever a Hero Target would be dealt Damage by a Villain card, you may redirect that Damage to Legacy.
Art: Legacy fighting with Proletriat and his multiple clones;
Flavor-text: "I'd much rather follow a leader than follow orders." - Bunker, Freedom Five #501
Motivational Charge (x3)
Power: Legacy deals 1 Target 2 Melee Damage. Each Hero Target regains 1 HP.
Art: Legacy punching Citizen Anvil while Absolute Zero and Wraith watch;
Flavor-text: "Yeah! Take that!" - The Wraith, Freedom Five #209
Superhuman Durability (x2)
Whenever Legacy would be dealt 5 or more Damage from a single source, reduce that Damage by 3.
Art: Legacy blocking an energy blast from Grand Warlord Voss;
Flavor-text: "You will never defeat freedom or the human spirit!" - Legacy, Justice Comics #602
Surge of Strength (x3)
Increase Damage dealt by Legacy by 1.
Art: Legacy stopping an out of control Monorail;
Flavor-text: "Excuse me, I have a train to catch." - Paul Parsons, A Day in the Life: Legacy

Equipment, Limited

The Legacy Ring (x2)
You may use an additional power during your power phase.
Art: The Legacy Ring with "Further" from the inscription showing;
Flavor-text: "Furthering your father's legacy." - The Legacy Ring, The Legacy Ring's Inscription

Iron Legacy Villain Deck


Beat Down (x2)
Iron Legacy deals the H-icon.png minus 2 Hero Targets with the lowest HP H-icon.png minus 2 Melee Damage each. Targets dealt Damage this way cannot deal Damage until the start of the next Villain turn.
Art: IL dragging Tempest, with The Wraith in the background;
Flavor text: "You are not the leader I fought alongside. I will not hold back anymore." - The Wraith, Freedom Six One-Shot
Flying Assault (x3)
Iron Legacy deals the H-icon.png minus 1 Hero Targets with the highest HP H-icon.png minus 1 Projectile Damage each. Destroy 2 Equipment cards.
Art: IL landing on Bunker;
Flavor text: "Enough! Your flimsy shell cannot protect you from justice!" - Iron Legacy, The Final Legacy #3
Former Allies (x3)
Each Player discards 1 card. Play the top card of the Villain deck.
Art: Smashed picture of The Wraith, Haka, Legacy, Tempest, Absolute Zero, Tyler Vance, and Tachyon;
Flavor text: "Friends are merely weaknesses waiting to be exploited." - Legacy, The Fall of Legacy One-Shot
Iron-Fist Strike (x3)
Iron Legacy deals the Hero Target with the highest HP H-icon.png plus 1 Melee Damage. Destroy 2 Hero Ongoing cards.
Art: IL attacking Mainstay, of the Sentinels;
Flavor text: "There is no room for mercy. Your punishment shall be swift." - Iron Legacy, Freedom Five Annual #25
Iron Justice (x2)
Iron Legacy deals the Hero Target with the highest HP H-icon.png Melee Damage. The Player with the most cards in hand discards H-icon.png cards.
Art: IL lifting an unknown character, with Wraith crawling underfoot;
Flavor text: "Brute Force is all you savages understand!" - Iron Legacy, The Final Legacy #4
Rule from the Front (x2)
Iron Legacy deals each non-Villain Target H-icon.png minus 1 Melee Damage. Each Player must either discard 2 cards or destroy 1 of their cards.
Art: IL squeezing Mr. Fixer's throat, being attacked by Argent Adept and Expatriette;
Flavor text: "Legacy, stand down! This won't solve anything!" - Expatriette, The Final Legacy #5


Armored Fortitude (x2)
Reduce Damage dealt to Iron Legacy by 1. At the start of the Villain turn, Iron Legacy regains H-icon.png HP.
Art: Haka attacking Iron Legacy (IL), unsuccessfully;
Flavor text: "I hit him as hard as I could, and he did not flinch. I do not know this man." - Haka, The Final Legacy #2
Demoralizing Presence (x2)
Increase Damage dealt by Iron Legacy by 1. At the end of the Villain turn, each Hero Target deals themselves 1 Psychic Damage.
Art: IL watching a prison yard, with three unknown prisoners: one glowing orange, one green with glowing eyes, one hairy and muscular;
Flavor text: "The bleakest of times is the work of one of time's greatest heroes." - Omnitron-X, Justice Comics #641
Final Evolution
When this card enters play, Iron Legacy deals each non-Villain Target 1 Toxic Damage. Whenever a Hero uses a Power, Iron Legacy regains 2 HP.
Art: Baron Blade stabbing Young Legacy to death; Legacy's fist in foreground;
Flavor text: "What now, hero?! What has your legacy wrought?!" - Baron Blade, The Fall of Legacy One-Shot
Galvanized (x2)
Increase Damage dealt by Iron Legacy by 1. This card is indestructible.
Art: IL throwing the Legacy Ring into Young Legacy's grave;
Flavor text: "There is no longer a legacy to further. So be it." - Legacy, The Fall of Legacy One-Shot
Superhuman Redirection (x2)
The first time Iron Legacy would be dealt 5 or more Damage from a single source each turn, redirect that Damage to the Hero Target with the highest HP.
Art: IL redirecting a lightning strike from Tempest (right-armed version) to Fanatic;
Flavor text: "Your tricks are useless. Nothing can prevent justice!" - Iron Legacy, Freedom Five Annual #25
The first time a Player plays a Hero card each turn, Iron Legacy deals that Player's Hero 2 Projectile Damage.
Art: IL flying, with mustached man and child hiding;
Flavor text: "He patrols the skies. This world is not a safe place." - Tachyon, Freedom Six One-Shot

Sentinel Tactics: Legacy Power Cards

Danger Sense
Ongoing: When defending, treat one die in the attacker's roll as blocked without assigning a blocking die.
Flavor-Text: "Nice try, scrap pile. There may be a lot of you, but numbers alone will not win the day!" - Legacy, America's Finest Legacy #48
Action: You or an ally in Legacy's line of sight gains either two Attack+1 tokens, two Defense+1 tokens, or one of each.
Flavor-Text: "We'll hit them where they're strongest and still prevail! Follow me!" - Legacy, The Wraith #9
Heroic Interception
Ongoing: Once per attack, if an ally within Legacy's line of sight would be attack during an enemy's turn, Legacy may trade places with that ally. If he does, Legacy is now the defender against that attack.
Flavor-Text: "If there is a chance someone might get hurt, that man will not hesitate to get in the way." - Tempest, The Inhuman Tempest #16
Inspiring Presence
Ongoing: Surge: You and each ally in Legacy's line of sight each gain Attack+1 token.
Flavor-Text: "The price of freedom may be high, but it's a price we're willing to pay!" - Legacy, Freedom Five Annual #1
Motivational Charge
Action: Whenever this attack resolves, Legacy and each ally regain 1 health.


Flavor-Text: "Even when we get knocked down, we stay in the fight. That's what it means to be a hero." - Legacy, America's Finest Legacy #12
Surge of Strength
Ongoing: Surge: Gain two Attack+1 tokens.
Flavor-Text: "Metallic facsimiles might look like us, but they are missing our greatest asset - our spirit!" - Legacy, Freedom Five Annual #3


Fireside Chats

Legacy (Hero)

  • The wording on Superhuman Durability says “whenever Legacy would be dealt 5 or more damage” but does not get evaluated at the same time as other “would be dealt damage” effects. Instead, it gets evaluated with increase/reduce effects. This card, and any card that has a condition on the amount of damage and itself modifies the damage amount, are a special case.
  • When “I’m That Guy” copies “Heroic Interception” it results in all hero targets being immune to damage.

Iron Legacy (Villian

  • Rule from the Front requires you to either discard 2 cards or destroy 1 card. The only way you won’t do one of these things is if you have no cards in hand and no non-indestructible/character cards. For example, if you have a card to destroy and fewer than 2 cards in hand, you cannot choose to discard.
  • If Fixed Point is in play and Rule from the Front is played, you must choose to discard cards because you cannot destroy any of your cards.

Spiff's SotM Rules and Clarifications

Legacy (Hero)


  • Note that Legacy himself will not usually benefit from his own “Galvanize” innate power. This is because of timing – Legacy will usually activate “galvanize” during his power phase, which is after having played any damaging one-shots, and “Galvanize” will last only until the start of legacy’s next start-of-turn phase, which is before he’ll be able to play cards or use powers. Of course, if some power or effect allows Legacy to deal damage while “Galvanize” is in effect, he will be able to benefit from the damage boost like anyone else.

Lead From the Front

  • This card reads “whenever a hero target would be dealt damage by a villain card, you may redirect that damage to Legacy”. What happens when a villain card does damage to every hero target? Does the damage get added up and then the total is redirected to Legacy, or does it get redirected one at a time? It gets redirected one at a time in the order of the player’s choosing. This could be important if, for example, Legacy had “Fortitude” in play which reduces damage dealt to legacy by 1. With both “Lead From the Front” and “Fortitude” in play, if each hero took 1 damage (for example), each would be redirected to Legacy and reduced to zero individually so that in the end, no hero would end up taking damage. Also, keep in mind that “Lead From the Front” says that you “may” redirect damage to legacy. You don’t have to do it every time damage occurs.

Superhuman Durability

  • This card reads “whenever Legacy would be dealt 5 or more damage from a single source, reduce that damage by 3”. each instance of damage is a separate source, so if a single target (a villain, for example) dealt three different instances of damage to a character in a single round, each instance would be evaluated by “Superhuman Durability” separately. The fact that all three came from the same ‘source’ (the villain) isn’t relevant.

Iron Legacy (villain)

Final Evolution

  • This card has an effect which triggers when it enters play (it deals damage). This effect will trigger even if the point at which it enters play is during setup, when you’re laying out the starting (H) ongoing cards. Answers to Debated Questions